10 Ways to Scale Ecommerce Paid Campaigns

10 Ways to Scale Ecommerce Paid Campaigns

The power of an ecommerce paid campaign is such that it can turn a small mom-and-pop operation into a major success story. Virtually all ecommerce sites are turning to paid search for better visibility and growth and also to create opportunities to compete with big names such as Amazon and Walmart.

Most ecommerce brands have paid search as their primary source of sales and promotional options. When you look at the report prepared by Unbounce, you will realize that this is a good move by ecommerce brands. The report states that a customer who clicks paid ads and enters a retailer’s website is more likely to buy when compared to those who enter the website by clicking natural links.

Once you have set up and kick-started your ecommerce website, you should not think twice about taking the necessary steps to enhance its potential to achieve repeatable growth. If you don’t, no one can save your business from going downhill. Your customers might end up leaving midway without completely understanding your brand’s potential. This will affect the growth of your business significantly and it would get knocked out of the market even before opening its account.

It’s obviously important to know the best ecommerce strategies that will help your business grow. However, before that, you should ensure that you have built a strong base. You should know what goes into making a good website. Along with building and maintaining a good website, you should also ensure that the quality of your product and customer service is top-notch.

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Does Web Design Helps with Conversion Rate


Who wants to dominate the online world?


When building a website, your primary goal is to generate an exclusive revenue stream. And for that, you need a flawless harmony between responsive web design and high-quality content.

According to PRNewswire, 94% of people start by noticing the aesthetics of a website or application before they decide whether to continue or move on.

Now, that fact has intrigued you. Let’s take a dive to understand the impact of web design and user journey on website conversion rate, what factors of web design influence conversion rate, how to take them into consideration, and develop strategies to create a unique brand value. 

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How to Use Instagram Live Streaming to Promote Your Business

Instagram Live Insights

Looking at the trending video marketing strategies, live streaming will be right at the top. The pandemic brought live streaming to the fore.

With live streaming, it became easier for businesses to connect with the audience at a more personal level. Live streaming became the biggest social media hit.

The top social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., soon realized the huge potential of live streaming.

They adapted to the new trend and soon tweaked their algorithms to encourage users to live stream more and more.

This massive tool called ‘Live Streaming’ is patronized by the biggest social media platforms. Of all the social media platforms begging for your attention, why should you choose Instagram?

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The Pros & Cons of Using AI Content Generator for SEO

AI Content Generator

Content that ranks in search engines is the lifeline of any online business. To keep up with the demands of content creation, artificial intelligence (AI) content has been gaining popularity among writers, business owners, marketers, and influencers who want to publish their content on the web. 

The best AI content generator tools and software have come a long way in the last few years, with some being able to emulate natural human language and style with minimal inputs. No wonder people want to continue using AI tools to speed up content creation and editing. However, should you rely on AI content for search engine optimization (SEO)? 

In this blog, we’ll provide the definition of AI content and an in-depth view of the pros and cons of AI for content generation. We will also discuss how it can affect your website’s SEO rankings. 

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7 Actionable Steps To An Insightful Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis

Performing a content gap analysis to optimize website content strategically is essential if you want to increase authority and visibility in the digital space. A content gap analysis also helps identify potential ideas for a strong content strategy that provides value and insight to site visitors.

I know firsthand how essential a content gap analysis is in ensuring viability in today’s highly competitive digital space. It does not matter what industry you are in or who your ideal site visitors are. 

In this article, we’ll go through 7 actional steps to getting an insightful content gap analysis and how each step contributes towards creating a better, more engaging content strategy for your site. After, you’ll have a comprehensive list to follow to make sure your content gap analysis shows insight and ideas for your next batch of digital content.

Let’s get started. 

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Understanding Google Passages

Understanding Google Passages

The years 2021 and 2022 so far saw significant changes to the Google algorithm, which naturally would impact the digital market as it did.

Google released notable updates for 2022, like deduplicating snippets of the featured content, providing more opportunities to marketers’ rankings, and a “Passage indexing” upgrade (a Passage Ranking Update) for user queries on search engines.

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