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What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics & How Can You Solve It?

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics & How Can You Solve It?

Everyone wants to know what bounce rate in Google analytics entails. It is well known that a low bounce rate is preferable to a high bounce rate. The statistics look at you every time you access your Google Analytics account, you might start to wonder what is wrong when you see that number start to rise.

The issue is that those figures might be deceptive. Let us be realistic. How high can a bounce rate be? There is so much involved in bounce rate, which requires much more than having foundational knowledge. Peradventure, you have an issue with your bounce rate, how do you resolve it?

This article will demonstrate how to calculate and evaluate your bounce rate accurately. That way, you will be able to determine whether it is genuinely too high or if it is right. Furthermore, we will explore how you can measure and analyze your bounce rate. As a bonus, you will learn techniques to reduce your bounce rate.

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7 Actionable Steps To An Insightful Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis

Performing a content gap analysis to optimize website content strategically is essential if you want to increase authority and visibility in the digital space. A content gap analysis also helps identify potential ideas for a strong content strategy that provides value and insight to site visitors.

I know firsthand how essential a content gap analysis is in ensuring viability in today’s highly competitive digital space. It does not matter what industry you are in or who your ideal site visitors are. 

In this article, we’ll go through 7 actional steps to getting an insightful content gap analysis and how each step contributes towards creating a better, more engaging content strategy for your site. After, you’ll have a comprehensive list to follow to make sure your content gap analysis shows insight and ideas for your next batch of digital content.

Let’s get started. 

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Main SEO KPIs You Should Track In 2023

Main SEO KPIs You Should Track In 2023

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to every digital marketing strategy, and as all current indications lead, it is taking an even more central stage. Organic searches now contribute to about 53% of web traffic. With this percentage, the importance of SEO to digital marketing can’t be overemphasized. This is why having an efficient SEO strategy is crucial, as it will allow you to boost your revenue.

So, your SEO strategy must be optimal if you hope to increase your revenue over time. The big question is how do you know that your SEO strategy is an optimal one.

How do you follow success?

The endgame is for you to have an impressive placement in the SERP (at least the first 5 websites on the first page).

Which metric do you measure to ensure that you land on that first page? 

Short answer is SEO KPIs or key performance indicators. These are the answers to tracking the success of your SEO strategy. You have invested your resources, time, and money in your SEO, and with these KPIs, you can determine the success of your investment. Through these key performance indicators, you can identify areas where you need to track your SEO efforts and make adjustments.

You can track many KPI metrics, but which are the main ones? This is the treat we have for you in this post. Read on and find out the main SEO KPIs you should track in 2023.

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