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Building Quality Backlinks: Off-Page SEO Tactics for Healthcare E-commerce Success

Building Quality Backlinks: Off-Page SEO Tactics for Healthcare E-commerce Success Blog Banner

In the competitive world of healthcare e-commerce, having an exceptional website is no longer enough. To truly stand out and drive targeted traffic, you must master the art of off-page SEO, specifically building quality backlinks.

Backlinks act as digital votes of confidence, signaling to search engines that your website is valuable and trustworthy. The more high-quality backlinks you acquire, the higher your chances of ranking well in search results and attracting potential customers.

However, not all backlinks are created equal. Low-quality or spammy backlinks can actually harm your online visibility. The key lies in strategically building a diverse portfolio of authoritative, relevant, and natural backlinks.

This guide unveils proven off-page SEO tactics tailored for healthcare e-commerce success. From leveraging industry partnerships to creating compelling content, you’ll learn how to build a solid backlink profile that resonates with search engines and your target audience.

Unlock the power of quality backlinks and propel your healthcare e-commerce business to new heights.

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SEO Game Changer: How Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages Can Skyrocket Your Rankings?

Increase Traffic with Pillar & Cluster Content Blog Banner

Topic cluster and pillar pages technique is a modern evolution of successful SEO strategies.

Why do I call this a ‘successful’ technique?

It’s because many enthusiasts have seen significant growth after implementing the content cluster technique in their SEO yard.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the concept of content pillars as a powerful SEO strategy.

To bolster this approach, we’ll also explore various methods and tools, including AI SEO, Google EEATs, and internal linking.

Additionally, we’ll examine how implementing content pillars can influence your Core Web Vitals for optimal website performance.

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Generative Engine Optimization: Is this the Death of SEO?

Generative Engine Optimization: Is This the Death of SEO Blog Banner

For the longest time, Google has held the crown as the go-to search engine for every query that people might have. 

Google’s overarching popularity gave birth to search engine optimization, a process by which web owners can compete and rank their pages for a given search query.

But with the advent of generative AI and the rise of large language models, will generative engines (GE), like ChatGPT or Gemini, replace search engines as the primary mode of information?

In a 19-page research study, six researchers from various universities (Princeton University, Georgia Tech, IIT Delhi, and Allen Institute of AI) believe so. 

SEO arguably transformed the marketing world during the reign of search engines. However, as AI-oriented generative engines rapidly increase in popularity, the researchers believe “Generative Engine Optimization” is the new modern paradigm in marketing. 

According to them, GEO aims to boost the visibility of content creators in generative engine responses.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at generative engine optimization. Flesh out its advantages and disadvantages, differentiate GEO vs SEO, explore how you can implement GEO, and, ultimately, answer the golden question: is GEO the death of SEO?

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Why Is Your SEO Not Working? (19 Reasons + 19 Solutions)

Why is Your SEO Not Working? (19 Reasons + 19 Solutions) Blog Banner Image

Marketers and businesses alike have highlighted SEO as an effective tool to drive traffic and conversions to a website. 

In hopes of basking in this lucrative opportunity, you may have hired an SEO company or decided to wing SEO yourself.

But after months of dedication, you hardly see any improvement in your monthly traffic or SERP ranking. 

So, you ask yourself, “Why is my SEO not working?” 

Worse, you might have gone to the ultimate conclusion that “SEO doesn’t work for me” or “SEO offers zero value to my company.” 

It’s frustrating, I get it. More often than not, SEO not working is a product of multiple factors. 

Some issues may stem from internal factors that you have complete control over. Others may result from external challenges that you have to withstand to thrive. 

However, there are cases when internal complications, like having unrealistic expectations or dealing with budget constraints, become the bottleneck to your site’s SEO.

In this article, we’ll go over the 19 reasons why your SEO may not be working and provide solutions to turn your situation around. 

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SEO Made Simple: A Comprehensive Primer for Entrepreneurs

SEO Made Simple: A Comprehensive Primer for Entrepreneurs Banner Image

“SEO” and “simple” used in a single sentence might seem oxymoronic, isn’t it?

With tons of components and technicality involved, the concept of search engine optimization in itself is not at all simple. 

Perhaps it’s the reason why many entrepreneurs feel confused and reluctant to do SEO. According to statistics:

  • Only 69% of businesses actively engage in SEO
  • 19% do not use SEO for their business
  • Meanwhile, 12% are still unsure of SEO.

That’s precisely why we created this SEO Made Simple primer for entrepreneurs. To help those who are still on the fence about pursuing SEO for their businesses make a conscious decision.

If you’re one of those business owners, then this comprehensive SEO guide is for you.

We’re not here to sell you anything. Our goal is simply to educate. 

To that end, we’ll look at the facts, explore why SEO is important, understand how the SEO engine works, and uncover the essential tools you need if you ever decide to give SEO a shot.

Are you ready?

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Search Engine Positioning: A Definitive Guide

Search Engine Positioning Banner Image by Linkody

The moment you engage in SEO, you resign yourself to a never-ending competition of snagging the top spot on Google SERPs. After all, what’s the point of creating tons of web pages and busting out a plethora of content if nobody gets to see them?

It’s no secret that the higher a web page’s SERP position, the more web traffic and, potentially, conversions, it receives. Driven by this perspective, search engine positioning is your best weapon to ensure SERP dominance.

I’m guessing right now your head is flooded with some lingering questions, like: 

  • What does search engine positioning really mean? 
  • Is it a different concept from good old search engine optimization? 
  • Are there any benefits to it?
  • How can we rank #1 on Google’s SERPs using SEP strategies?

Stay tuned because Linkody aims to answer all of these questions in this definitive guide on search engine positioning.

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