How To Boost Website Dwell Time – A Marketer’s Choice

How To Boost Website Dwell Time - A Marketer's Choice

A website is an integral part of every online business. Several critical factors are involved in keeping it top-notch to achieve the company’s objectives. Website dwell time is one factor that acts as an important yardstick for measuring a website’s success.

You will find a thousand blogs giving you ideas on boosting your website dwell time but going through so much content is not worth it. We have included only the essential steps through which you can achieve the reason why you are reading this blog.

Let’s get started!

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7 WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Your Store Sales

7 WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Your Store Sales

Trying to find the best WooCommerce plugins to increase your store sales?

We all know WordPress is a great platform for building small to large-sized online merchants using the eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce.

However, WooCommerce itself is not able to provide the significant features that you may need to improve your eCommerce store’s shopping experience.

That is where the role of WooCommerce plugins and extensions comes into play!

The good news is that there are over 6000 WooCommerce plugins available in the WordPress plugins repository. Nevertheless, there is one slight problem, how would you know which plugins to add to your list in order to maximize your business’s potential?

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How to Optimize a Website for Maximum Conversion

How to Optimize a Website for Maximum Conversion

As a business owner, you want your website to be engaging and glitch-free. You want it to attract visitors and convert them into customers or clients. But how do you get there? How can you have maximum website conversions?

There’s no easy answer, but there are some steps you can take to improve your website’s conversion rate.

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Google’s Core Web Vitals & How to Improve Page Speed Test

Google's Core Web Vitals & How to Improve Page Speed Test

Google’s Core Web Vitals are metrics that evaluate a website’s performance. It involves a range of user-facing functions on a website. One of which is page speed. 

It is crucial to know how to improve page speed. Usually, by compressing images, introducing browser cache, minifying HTML, and implementing APP, the Page Speed Test can be improved. 

In this post, we will discuss what Google’s Core Web Vitals are, How to Improve Google’s Core Web Vitals, How to increase Page Speed, and much more!

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Your 50-Step Checklist for SEO Content Success

Your 50-Step Checklist for SEO Content Success

SEO wouldn’t exist without content. Yes, we build links, but what we need to do is… wait for itwords!

And here comes the problem:

SEO content creation is super challenging and time-consuming.

In 2020, 82% of marketers had to change their content strategy due to the pandemic. 76% still have teams of less than three to deal with the whole process, from content idea generation and planning to content writing and distribution. Let alone the need to create SEO-friendly and top-notch content every second day when we’re struggling for better visibility and conversion.

While 75% of marketers consider SEO the most efficient content marketing tactic, 39% still face the challenge of producing content that attracts more traffic and generates more quality leads.

As a result, content marketers and SEO specialists look for extra opportunities to optimize their work that could help reach better results with SEO content. Plus, it would help to have some specific instruments and actionable tactics to become more productive and efficient.

This article provides a step-by-step checklist for specialists to refer to when working with SEO content to make this job more manageable. It reveals clear instructions to follow on every stage of content idea generation, creation, optimization, and promotion, for a content audit to ensure we miss nothing.

Let’s dive right in.

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5 Best SEO-Friendly Website Builders in 2022

5 Best SEO-friendly Website Builders in 2022

Your website needs to be SEO-friendly, there are no ifs and buts in that. And for the best results, you need to make sure your website builder is SEO-friendly too. 

After all, if the base isn’t right, there would not be much left for you to optimize later on.

So here are the 5 best SEO-friendly website builders for 2022:

  1. WordPress – Best overall SEO website builder
  2. Wix – Best SEO website builder with in-built functionalities
  3. Squarespace – Best SEO website builders for design-centric sites
  4. Weebly – SEO website builder for small-scale pet projects
  5. Shopify – Best eCommerce SEO website builder
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