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5 Reasons Your Market Intelligence Program Isn’t Working Out

5 Reasons Your Market Intelligence Program Isn't Working Out

Organizations have to up their market intelligence game to stay ahead of the curve in today’s distributed marketing world.

Simply watching your competitors’ moves is no longer enough. You need a systematic approach to understand your competition, your product fit in the market, and the ever-changing industry landscape.

Market intelligence aims to gain valuable insights on growing your business and give you a competitive advantage. But monitoring your competition—and the entire market—is no easy task. 

If you feel your market intelligence program isn’t working like it should, we’ve got you. Read on as we highlight the five potential reasons your market intelligence program is failing and what you can do to improve.

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How Bots Can Help You Do Business on Instagram

How Bots Can Help You Do Business on Instagram

Instagram bots are computer programs that automate certain tasks on social media platforms. For example, a bot might be used to automatically like and comment on photos in a user’s feed, or follow and unfollow other users.

Bots can be helpful for businesses that want to grow their presence on Instagram, as they can automate some of the tasks that are necessary to build a following. For example, a bot can help to like and comment on photos automatically, or follow and unfollow other users.

However, it’s essential to use bots responsibly, as they can also be used to spam users and create fake engagement. If you’re considering using a bot for your business, be sure to research the different options and choose one that will be safe and effective.

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Starting an Online Business in 2020 – Everything you Need to Know

starting an online business

Starting an online business, well… every year, more and more people decide to ditch the rat race and start looking for better opportunities.

Working online has been the center of attention when it comes to making fortunes quickly, working less and improving one’s health.

All while getting rid of the alarm clock and your boss at the same time.

But how is it possible that some high school dropouts are so successful by starting an online business on fidget spinners make more money than specialized doctors?

The answer is simple.

They learned the art of starting an online business.

You probably heard the term before and you like the concept as an idea. People working from home, the beach, or a fancy co-working space that reminds of an eastern retreat.

But are you willing to put your head down and work hard to drastically improve your life?

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Start your online business now.

We have compiled a detailed guide on starting an online business that will help you create and run an online business in 2020, covering each and every aspect of the process.

Ready to dig in?

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Lead Generation Funnel Creation – Guide to Getting Leads Online

How to get leads

Looking for ways to build lead generation funnel?

You came to the right “post”. This the ultimate article to create your lead generation funnel and automate the whole lead gen process.

Gone are the days when computers would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. In this era of globalization, almost everything, ranging from schooling to business & dating has embarked on an online trend.

Indeed, hosting a website is no longer the issue these days; the issue is how visible you are online. This has led to a proliferation of website design and development services. And all of them need leads. For this reason, lead generation is a crucial service that is demanded by all those who have an online presence.

This has led to a proliferation of website design and development services. And all of them need leads. For this reason, lead generation is a crucial service that is demanded by all those who have an online presence.

Today, we are going to shed some light on how you can get more customers for your online business with lead generation funnel.

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Shopify POD Ultimate Guide

phone screen showing shopify email
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Shopify’s eCommerce platform has become one of the leading companies in the B2C eCommerce space. That isn’t surprising, as the company keeps growing its revenue year after year, reaching over three billion USD in 2021.

That kind of growth shows that sellers use the platform heavily to explore different business opportunities. One of the popular approaches that many opt for is creating a print-on-demand store. Taking such steps provides business owners with a lot more flexibility.

There’s no need to make substantial initial investments, yet it’s still possible to create a business that can scale over time. This guide will take a close look at what print-on-demand is, its benefits, and the basics to get started.

Without further ado, let’s briefly explain what print-on-demand is.

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How to Start an Instagram Blog from Scratch

Instagram is one of the most popular Micro-blogging platforms with a whopping 500 million daily users worldwide. Imagine creating a community of even 1% of that number and converting your followers into customers.

To get a large following on Instagram requires a dedicated strategy and consistency to ace the game. In this article, we’re going to take you through an 8-step guide that will direct you on how to start an Instagram blog from scratch. Let’s jump in!

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