Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

As you may be aware, Digital Marketing is approaching newer levels of complexity as days go by, but at the same time it is proven to get more business. Inside a continual improvement point of view you will find a discipline known as Conversion Rate Optimization, known for short as CRO. What is its purpose?

What most people think about Conversion Rate Optimization is that it’s based on guesswork. It isn’t.

It’s a structured system with a systematic approach to gaining more conversions and achieving goals. It is driven by insights and feedback, in fact every step of the CRO process consists of a closed loop.

Conversion Rate Optimization goals differs from one site to other. For some site it could be increasing the number of trial users while for other sites it could be getting more traffic and clicks to advertisements.

CRO also is the art of making the most out of the existing traffic that one has.

First of all it is a series of ways of looking at data so that a person can increase the percentage of visitors who buy the product or take part in a desired action on a landing page or website. You can say to yourself: “This is interesting.” What you may not know is just how important it is when you have an online venture since some small changes lead to dramatically increasing your overall results and profits. In some cases, earnings are doubled or tripled after these activities are performed. I will list some of the most important subjects about CRO next. Continue reading

24 SEO Tools That Make you a Pro

24 SEO tools that make you a Pro

2014 is about to end. As we are beginning a new year, it may be time we start reevaluating what we have been doing so long.

Is SEO still a relevant tactic that you can use in 2015?

Have the various updates from Google killed SEO in totality? One of the best techniques of late was building private blog networks. Right now they are being deindexed left and right.

So what works in 2015?

I think it ultimately boils down to creating content that naturally gets links from other websites. Content that brings your brand to the center stage.

Of course you need to supplement those content marketing efforts with outreach and social media sharing.

But nothing would work without content. Also, you need tools that automate a lot of the manual processes that you do each day and save you time.

Here we have gathered together 24 tools that’d make you a PRO when it comes to SEO.

Let’s begin. Continue reading

The complete guide to online lead generation

Online Lead Generation

Gone are the days when computers would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. In this era of globalization, almost everything, ranging from schooling to business to dating has embarked on an online trend.

Indeed, hosting a website is no longer the issue these days; the issue is how visible you are online. This has led to proliferation of website design and development services. And all of them need leads. For this reason, lead generation is a crucial service that is demanded by all those who have an online presence.

Today, we are going to shed some light on how you can get more customers for your online business. Continue reading

The future of link building


Link Building

Search engine optimization has not become any easier with the passing of time.

It is still the tricky game it has always been. Today it’s becoming increasingly complicated by the prospect of having to keep up with Google’s many changes.

They say it’s risky.

However as Warren Buffett puts it aptly, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

Indeed, SEO is much the same as investing in stocks.

Search Engine Optimization today runs largely on speculation, with many people placing their hopes in the hands of a few professionals that are capable of prognosticating Google updates and changes.

Ever since Google’s Panda and penguin Algorithms came into play, interested parties everywhere have been injecting effort into trying to determine how the rankings of sites are being affected.

The near disastrous effects  of Panda  and Penguin seem to have wizened up a number of marketers and their SEO efforts.

Whatever alterations keep emerging from Google, the basics of search engine optimization remain largely unchanged. However, the biggest transformation has been a shift in focus towards quality content based strategies.

One need only consider link building, an element of online success whose importance hasn’t been dulled by Google’s many changes.

Does that mean that the world of Link building has remained largely untouched by Google’s many shake ups? Not quite; Link building is still important. However there has been a visible change in the way Google not only defines links but the manner in which link building affects rankings.

Let me try to convey those changes to you in a simple manner. Continue reading