How RankBrain is changing SEO

Users are so dear to Google. If users can find the right information quickly, Google will continue to dominate the search engine industry. That’s why Google is always looking for ways to serve better content.

Panda update was a major evolution in Google’s algorithm. The Penguin update which redefined link building, and the hummingbird all changed the future of SEO as we know it.

A new artificial intelligence algorithm “RankBrain” is here.

I’m going to walk you through this new AI algorithm, what it’s all about, how it works and how you can increase organic traffic – just by understanding what RankBrain wants from your site, and optimizing accordingly.

You’ll get to know whether or not Google is turning its business over to AI machines, and if it’s true, how will this affect your organic search performance? Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide To Building Authority Links Through Guest Blogging

building authority links through guest blogging

How much money do you spend on link building each year?

A recent survey by Moz revealed that about 37% of business owners spend between $10,000 and $50,000 per month on link building. That’s huge!

Why should you spend such a large amount of money when you can leverage guest blogging to get high-quality inbound links from popular blogs out there?

The other week, I was invited to a dinner hosted by a friend. There were people I’ve admired for years who were present.

While having a great time, laughing and discussing some sweet nonsense, I silently asked myself, “How did I become so close to these experts and influencers?”

Trust me, it all began when I connected through a guest post.

The benefits of guest blogging are clear:

  • You gain traction to your new blog.
  • You get quality inbound links to your content pages.
  • You drive hot traffic to your site.

But I didn’t realize that guest blogging will actually position me as the expert that people will look up to for SEO, and link building.

And this benefit isn’t limited to online business, it far surpasses that. After all, while I was enjoying a dinner with people whom I got to know through guest blogging, I’m being introduced to real estate investing and other offline opportunities. What a luck! Continue reading

How To Find A Killer Unique Value Proposition That Differentiates Your Blog?

stand outOnce you’ve been blogging for a while and you realize how hard it is to build a sustainable business online, you hit your head against the wall wondering, “Why didn’t I know about this blogging thing back in 2005?
There weren’t a lot of blogs back then, and I could have literally built a blog in any niche and I would’ve made a ton of money.”
That’s what we all thought about when we first started to blog and found out how hard it is to build a business online.

According to Technorati, about 900,000 blog posts are created every day. Every subject in every topic is covered intensively by hundreds of bloggers.

Sure, you may get some traffic, some comments, or some people may even subscribe to your email list. But it’s taken you years to get to this level. How much longer should you wait before you’re able to build a sustainable business online? Continue reading

How the Google Knowledge Vault Will Change SEO Forever 

Google Knowledge Vault

Google search has evolved quickly since 2011. Updates like Panda and Penguin put a much greater emphasis on originality and overall quality, which forced websites to reevaluate their content strategies.

Google Knowledge Vault is another evolution of the search engine. One that could affect SEO greatly.

Let’s first take a look at a few forms of SEO that still work well and that you can apply right now. Then let’s dwell on Google Knowledge Vault itself and see what its potential impact on SEO may be. Continue reading

Linkody launches the Link Visualizer (new feature)

With our new Link Visualizer, you won’t need to search for your links on the given url. Just click the link in your Monitored Link report and the page opens in a new tab. In this tab, you’ll see your link highlighted and centered.

1st. Click on any link:

Linkody Backend

2nd. The link visualizer opens and shows you the link:

Link Visualizer

Why check your links on site?

When we get a new link, one of the first things we want to do is to spot where the link is on the source page. Linkody provides tons of metrics to assess a link’s value but it’s always good to have a look at the page and see the link in its context.

So just click on any link in your Monitored Links report and check:

  • The overal page design (is it doing your brand any good?)
  • The position of the link
  • The text around the link
  • If it’s the right image (in case of an image link)

In the past, locating a link on some pages could have been difficult. Sometimes you’ll need to scroll through a lot of other links or the html source code must be searched for your url.

Now with the link Visualizer, one click is enough to visualize it in the page. When you click on a link’s url, Linkody opens the Link Visualizer by default.