What is Google Panda 4.1 Is And How Does It Affect Your Website?

Google Panda 4.1

Google Panda has been shaking the SEO world since its first introduction back in 2011. Since then, SEO experts and various sites keeping track of every major and minor changes from Google have confirmed 26 updates and refreshes. The Google Panda 4.1 is the 27th update to be released by Google.

According to some experts, newer versions of Penguin are also expected to be rolled out very soon. Continue reading

A guide to Blogger Outreach

Going it alone may not be the best thing to do when running an online business. Your prospects are all around you and even when a relationship doesn’t directly translate into money, it doesn’t mean that it’s not helpful and or rewarding in many other ways.

According to Pat Flynn

When I think back to all of the most noteworthy moments of my online business career – from my first digital product sale back in 2008, to my first feature article on a top-blogger’s website in 2009, my first speaking gig in 2011, to the launch of my best-selling book on Amazon – beyond the hard work and the patience I had to have, they all have one major thing in common:

For every milestone, I can pinpoint one or more people who played a critical role in the outcome. Without those people, those events may never have happened.Continue reading

How to Build an Audience on YouTube.

YouTube audience

In October 2009 YouTube was serving one billion video views per day. Seven months later it crossed the threshold of two billion view day in May.

YouTube reaches more adults in the U.S (a high income market) than cable television.

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How did these 11 internet marketers get started?

11 internet marketersThis post might come across as something entirely different to what you have been used to seeing here at Linkody.

I had this strange idea— People who are failing, fail at something because they don’t know what is the right thing to do. In their despair they give up all-together.

But that isn’t the right thing to do. Indeed, after reading all the stories below you will find that perseverance is the key to success. Only when you have failed a lot many times will you be able to find the right mix.

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Top Reasons why you Need to Check your Website’s Backlinks

Do you have a website and looking for ways to get more traffic? One of the ways to get better ranking and more traffic is by building backlinks to your website. Contrary to what Google wants us to believe, backlinks haven’t lost any of their might and are still a strong indicator of site quality.

Links from reputed and well-ranked sites will improve the ranking of your site. However, as you look for ways to gain more traffic through backlinks, you need to be aware of certain things. Times have changed and the wrong backlinks can also cause a disaster. This is why it is important to check all your backlinks and also keep track of the new ones.

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