A Quick Guide to Building Your Ecommerce Content Strategy

If your business has an advertising and marketing plan, then a content strategy should form part of it. There are many benefits to investing in a content strategy, and the returns far outweigh the costs. In fact, research has shown that content creates approximately three times as many leads as traditional marketing, but costs 62% less to generate.

A strong content marketing strategy allows you to reach potential customers that may have otherwise passed you by. The same study mentioned above found that 70% of people prefer to learn about a brand through articles rather than adverts. By producing content, you can show off your brand in more detail, and draw in customers that would ignore a simple banner ad.

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What are Orphan Pages and How Do You Fix Them?

What are Orphan Pages and How Do You Fix Them?
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Some pages on your website just do not rank well — or at all. Sometimes, those pages do not get any traffic even if they contain valuable and well-made content. If this is the case, you may have orphan pages on your site.

Orphan pages cannot be crawled because bots do not know they exist. Pages that are not crawled fail to get indexed, which means they have no chance of ranking on search results.

If the search engine bots are not aware of their existence, then the users do not either. Users can only access such web pages if they have the link to them. And if users cannot find their way to your content, those pages are left to “float” through cyberspace and not serve their purpose.

So what exactly are orphan pages and how do you deal with them?

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How to Research Competitors on Instagram

How to research competitors on instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for brand and product promotion. It has more than 1 billion active users per month, nearly 2/3 of them aged between 18 to 29. It’s also an emerging app for online shoppers, with around 130 million Instagram users clicking on Instagram Shopping posts. 

If you’re looking at Instagram as an additional advertising and sales platform, you are not alone. Your competitors might also be thinking the same thing. In fact, they might already have a long-standing presence on Instagram. To gain a foothold in this upcoming market, you need to know what your competitors are doing with their Instagram business accounts. 

This article will discuss how to do Instagram competitor research. You’ll discover strategies you can use to identify your competitors and better understand the methods they are applying to grow their business.

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Guide on Google Core Web Vitals

An illustration of a Core Web Vitals test on a laptop screen.

Ever since they were first announced, Core Web Vitals have become a mainstay in SEO discussions. There are ample reasons for this justified interest, as Core Web Vitals now inform Page Experience. SEO-wise, Page Experience produces ranking signals – and the engagement it facilitates produces engagement signals. Even outside of it, a great Page Experience score denotes a great User Experience (UX), which no marketer can afford to overlook.

But what are they, exactly? What’s their exact benefit? How can you measure them, and how can you improve them? Much has changed from their initial announcement to now, so such information may be hard to consolidate. Thus, let us use this guide on Google Core Web Vitals to do so, and hopefully, help you understand them and adhere to them in the process.

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35 SEO KPIs You Should Measure (And Why)?

SEO KPI's you should measure

KPIs are an important part of SEO today. The reason is that a lot of agencies approach SEO differently. KPIs ensure that there is some degree of consistency to the results agencies can achieve through them. 

But the problem is that not many agencies target the right KPIs. And also, the fact that not all KPIs have the same importance. Let’s look at the KPIs that are essential to track in an SEO engagement. 

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