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128 Marketing Growth Strategies – The Most Epic Growth Hacking List

Marketing Growth StrategiesHave you ever searched for All the Marketing Growth Strategies known to human kind in one post?

Me too – so we created one.

We curated the best marketing growth strategies from a selection of 2105 articles and the top 100 growth hackers.

All the hacks you’ll ever need are here!

We have tested some of these marketing growth strategies and if executed properly, they have the power to hack, I mean literally hack your business’s growth.

Before you start, make sure to track your progress. Growth hackers eat, breath and love metrics!

  1. Setup (if you haven’t) Google Analytics to track traffic customer activation data.
  2. Then we will need Kissmetrics or Mixpanel to gather data about conversion funnel.
  3. This is a cool bonus tool called HotJar – if you are early stage, this tool helps to make video recordings of your customer experience on the page to spot bugs.

Pick one of the marketing growth strategies, execute, measure, improve and automate.

Simple as that.

Along the way test your assumptions based on your data and see how wrong (or right) you actually were.

For easy access, we have divided marketing growth strategies into 5 convenient AARRR sections – pirates and growth hackers love ’em!!

If you are not sure what’s AARRR, Dave Mclure will explain.

Pick a hack! Continue reading