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Creating a Unique Selling Proposition – Tutorial [Examples Included]

Creating a Unique Selling PropositionCreating a unique selling proposition is the key to build a sustainable business online and especially blog.

Competition is intense online.

According to Technorati, about 900,000 blog posts are created every day. Every subject in every topic is covered intensively by hundreds of bloggers.

Sure, you may get some traffic, some comments, or some people may even subscribe to your email list. But it’s taken you years to get to this level. How much longer should you wait before you’re able to build a sustainable business online? Continue reading

How To Remove Bad Backlinks From a Website With Linkody’s Disavow Tool

how to remove bad backlinks from a websiteIn this article we will talk about how to remove bad backlinks from a website and give some practical tips for using Linkody’s Disavow Tool and Google Search Console.

If you have been actively tackling SEO and linkbuilding for your website, there is a chance that you have unnatural links pointing to your site. Because of Google’s Penguin algorithm, these can be a real pain. They can even get you a manual unnatural links penalty.

This article shows the “easy fixes” for the issues above. Continue reading

Startling Google SEO Penalties Case Studies [+Google Penalty Recovery Guide]


Google Penalty

Manual penalties, algorithmic penalties, unnatural links penalties, payday loan penalties, it seems that Google is obsessed with dishing out penalties.

It’s tough these days.

But no worries, this article is here to save the day – it reviews SEO penalty case studies, covers Google SEO penalty differences, and Google penalty recovery tips & tricks.
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Meaning of Conversions and Secrets to E-Commerce Sales

meaning of conversionsWhat is the meaning of conversions you wonder?

You might also like to know few secrets to increase sales and reduce ecommerce bounce rate?

This is the article.

Conversion Marketing is all about converting the traffic that your site generates into emails, $$$ or anything that you have set as a goal for your e-commerce store. That’s the meaning of conversions.

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