8 Ways to Automate PR – & how PR Tracker is all you need

pr trackerWorking with journalists, other agencies and creating high-quality articles can be quite demanding. If only there would be a way (or two) to automate PR and take the weight off your shoulders.

A PR Tracker one might wonder?

Drumm-roll, please!

Now there’s a PR tracker that can automate 8 of your daily tasks that took most of your time.

Keep reading & think what you will do with all the free time.

As a PR person, you might not even know what is a PR tracker (or as we call it – backlink checker) and why you should get one.

Let me break it down for you.

Why every PR person needs a PR tracker

Whenever another site, journalist or an agency mentions your page – a pr tracker crawls the web and finds the mention.

Useful, huh?

In short, a pr tracker tool can do all the heavy lifting for you and automate a lot of your hard work.

One of these tools is Linkody itself and in this post, we will review all the things this piece of software can do for a PR agent.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site


1. Linkody helps you build better relationships with journalists

Journalists would love you if you reach out to them in a timely manner exactly when they publish news regarding you or your clients.

It shows your positive and caring attitude.

Now you can drop a Thank You exactly when the article is published as Linkody notifies you with an email when a new backlink appears.

You can straight away mail journalists thanking them for the coverage.

See what Bill Sebald thinks of this feature (Review of Linkody (Daily Link Discovery)). The tool picks up links daily which even the big crawlers like Google Alerts miss.

Also, it’s quite cheap for what it does.

It’s especially helpful if a journalist whom you’ve not pitched covers you. You can instantly build relationships.

2. Discover bloggers and journalists who are already interested in the brand

As I mentioned earlier Linkody helps to find mentions from a journalist who wrote about you but you haven’t pitched. This means that they are already interested in the brand. Similarly, especially when you have an affiliate program, there may be bloggers who promote the program.

It feels nice when someone thanks you for the mention & you remember this person, right?

With Linkody you can do that every time there is a backlink.

But for all that to work, you need a pr checker.

3. Find out if links get deleted

One thing with Linkody is that if it says that there is a backlink, there is one.

Conversely, if it says that the backlink has changed or been deleted, you will receive instant email reports of what went wrong with the links:

You get instant notifications of what went wrong with the links:

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

  • If it’s a 404 error, you’re notified of that.
  • A redirect – you know that.
  • If the link has been no followed, you get to know that too.

SEO fact: A no follow link doesn’t help in rankings.

If there’s been a mistake you can instantly mail the journalist or the media outlet and inform them of the error.

4. Find out what your competition is doing

You can monitor your own links but you can also see what’s going on elsewhere.

If your competition has been building high authority backlinks – you can see that, right before your eyes. Linkody gives you an opportunity to reach out to the same people.

Moreover, Linkody gives you an opportunity to reach out to these websites and, hopefully, get a mention as well.

5. Correct articles before it reaches your audience

Whenever a new link goes live, with the immediate notifications you know where the article was published.

If there is a mistake on the post you can ask for the corrections before your audience has had time to notice it.

6. Use the search tool to filter links with keywords

The search option in Linkody can help you find out which media outlet covered which news.

This helps you to organize different media outlets according to the news they prefer to cover:

  • ABC outlet covers charity events;
  • XYZ loves wild parties, etc.

In this way you contact only the sites that are interested in your news – No Spam and a lot Higher Conversion Rate.

Moreover, you can go a step further and build different landing pages for the traffic that’s coming from these outlets.

It’s called behavioral targeting and content personalization.

7.  Easily build media coverage reports

Remember, those excel sheets where you have all your mentions?

Delete them – that’s no longer needed.

A web-based tool is all you nee.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

Moreover, it shows you different metrics:

  • Backlink related metrics;
  • Shares, likes, tweets – basically all the social media metrics;
  • How qualitative is the source who gave you a backlink, etc.

With Linkody’s dynamic interface that’s updated automatically.

8. Understand which links matter more

Not all backlinks are created equally.

Links with high domain authority, page rank, do follow status etc. are a lot more important.

In the Linkody’s extended view section you can see how “qualitative” the mention is.

That way, you can save time mailing sites that actually matter.

Ready to automate PR?

It’s a lot of manual work that can be easily automated and setting up Linkody is a piece of cake.

Takes a minute.

& then it does all the heavy lifting – all the job that would naturally take hours for you, each day.

Here‘s a quick guide to start using Linkody and here you can sign-up (on-boarding is straight forward).

This is how you can handle media coverage like a real PR pro.

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