Email Reports: Get Notified About Changes in Backlink Status


In under 5 minutes, you’ll learn how Linkody notifies you when you gain or lose backlinks, when there’s a problem with one of your backlinks, or when a competitor has gained new links.

Types of reports & frequency

You will receive email reports from Linkody notifying you about all the recent changes to your domains or your competitors’ domains. There are 3 types of reports:

  • Lost Links report
  • New links report
  • Competitors new links report

By clicking on Settings in your Linkody account, you will see the  default email report preferences:Email report settings

Here, you can change the frequency of all email reports to be either weekly, daily or you can simply disable them.

Note: Make sure to add to your “Contacts” to avoid your reports ending up in the spam folder.

Lost Links report 

This report notifies you about any changes in the status of your backlinks:


The report indicates the changes of status for your links and uses a color code to quickly identify the current status:

  • OK status will be shown green;
  • An error will appear red;
  • A crawl issue (where the source page is currently unavailable) will appear yellow.

It lists up to 10 status changes per domain. Click on “view the changelog” to view all changes or on the domain to view all your links.

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Types of Error

Here are the possible errors which Linkody will detect and their respective meaning:

  • LNF or Link not found – This link does not exist.
  • HTTP error – The webpage is returning an HTTP error, such as a 404 or 500 (Read more about the different errors). The exact error code will be indicated.
  • WLP (Wrong Landing Page) – The link is pointing to a different landing page than the expected one.
  • WR (Wrong Rel) – The link is nofollow although a follow link is expected.
  • WA (Wrong Anchor) – The link anchor text is different from the expected one.
  • IC (Invalid Content) – The source page is not a valid HTML document (Linkody can only analyze HTML documents for now).
  • SU (Site Unreachable) – The site is down or having some issue.
  • LPE (Landing Page Error) – The landing page on your site does not exist (404).

New Links report

This report notifies you when new backlinks pointing to one of your domains are discovered, showing the exact URL from and the Rel attribute, follow or nofollow (learn more about follow VS nofollow here).


Competitors New Links report

This report notifies you about every new competitor’s link found (and if it is follow or not follow).2016-02-19_1813

Re-checking link status on the spot

Another useful feature of Linkody is checking the backlink status on the spot – just hover over the gear icon and select “Re-check status“:


This will instantly monitor whether the status has changed and change it’s status accordingly.

Force backlink status “OK”

Now, let’s say that one of the websites  with Link not found (or any error for that matter)  indeed has a link pointing to your domain – in that case, you can”force it” OK again.

All you need to do is open the link in Linkody and hit “Set to OK“. Linkody will stop checking the page and always report “OK.” You can reverse this action and have Linkody check the link anytime:


Note: The reason for displaying the misleading LNF message might be that the page is using a Javascript to generate its content or the site uses a spider detection mechanism.

If you have any questions, you can also drop us a line at or just use the Chat widget inside your Linkody dashboard.

9 thoughts on “Email Reports: Get Notified About Changes in Backlink Status

  1. Hi and thanks for putting so much efforts to bring a back link analysis tool that is affordable and clear to understand: daily alert new feature. However as I already tweeted to you today, we need to connect more than one Google Analytics accounts as often credentials are specific to every website. Why not keep the connection in your database and look automatically to the one used in new session ?

    1. Hi Mohammed,
      thanks for your suggestion, it makes sense. Until we add that in a next version, what you can do is consolidate all your Google Analytics accounts into one unique account you use specifically for Linkody. From the Google Analytics User Management tab, give permission to read data from all your accounts to this one.

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