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Losing Clients – Top Reasons SEO Agencies Get Fired [& How to Avoid Them]

Be the one who knows how to avoid losing clients. The moment when your Agency is getting fired!   We all know that losing marketing clients  is the worst thing that can happen to the business.  That is why you need to be the one who knows how to avoid losing clients. 

So, this article is like a cure for ill:

  • You will learn what are the most common reasons for an agency to get fired,
  • How to avoid losing clients,
  • And how to improve your agency’s client satisfaction.

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How to Send Cold Business Introduction Emails [with examples]

business introduction emailsThe first time I sent a bunch of cold business introduction emails, it was a complete disaster.

My email didn’t just land in the spam box. It annoyed my contact so much that he emailed back asking me to never bother him again.

Since then, I’ve sent out hundreds of cold business introduction emails. Some of these landed in the spam folder. Most didn’t earn any replies. But quite a few of them ended up as leads and eventually, new clients.

This is the cold hard truth about running an agency: you will have to write cold emails to win deals.

I’ll show you everything I’ve learned about writing deal-winning introductory emails in this post.

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