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Getting Started with Linkody

startup-593327_640This quick guide will explain how to get started with Linkody in under 5 minutes.

Linkody is an easy-to-use and affordable backlink tracker, in real-time. It is most suitable for SEO Experts, Business Owners, Webmasters or Digital Agencies who need 24/7 monitoring of valuable backlinks & their status. Continue reading

How to Create A Unique Selling Proposition [Examples Included]

Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

Creating a unique selling proposition is the key to build a sustainable business online and, especially, a blog.

With every passing year, the online competition gets increasingly intense.

According to OptinMonster, there are approximately 600 million blogs in the world today, with 60 million getting added every month. With the sheer number of blog articles in existence, it’s possible that most bloggers have already covered the majority of topics within each industry. 

Sure, you may get some traffic, some comments, or some people may even subscribe to your email list. But it’s taken you years to get to this level. A few questions might linger your thoughts like:

  • How can I elevate my business above the fold?
  • What do I need to build a sustainable online business?

Three words: Unique selling proposition.

But how exactly do you create a USP? Stay tuned because in this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to make a unique sellin proposition.

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How To Disavow Bad Backlinks

how to remove bad backlinks from a websiteIn this article we will talk about how to remove bad backlinks from a website and give some practical tips for using Linkody’s Disavow Tool and Google Search Console.

If you have been actively tackling SEO and linkbuilding for your website, there is a chance that you have unnatural links pointing to your site. Because of Google’s Penguin algorithm, these can be a real pain. They can even get you a manual unnatural links penalty.

This article shows the “easy fixes” for the issues above. Continue reading