11 Best eCommerce Tools List in 2017 [to Boost Your eShops Profitability]

Top eCommerce ToolsOnce your e-commerce store is ready you have to start thinking about the ways to stand out. We gathered best eCommerce tools list for you to boost your store’s profitability and get the head start in your niche.

We have put together a heavy some of the most fantastic software pieces in one best eCommerce tools list that will give a serious boost to your business.

From marketing your store to managing inventory and sending out relevant products as per the behavior of the user on-site, we have listed everything you may not have heard of.

If you try these, you should get miles ahead of your competitors.


Most eCommerce sites use the internal search engine powered by Google. But it’s out of date and hasn’t been revamped in years. Google’s custom search is slow, and it has never been addressing the gripes of eCommerce owners.

A poor site structure leads to even shabbier search results and users are forced to hit back to Google, thus abandoning the home site.

Plus Google’s custom search doesn’t work on mobile devices. According to research, mobile users make up a large portion of the web’s incoming traffic and is set to grow.

This is terrible for conversions.

That’s where AddSearch comes into the scene with its instant search and scores of other features.

best eCommerce tools list

Features that you’ll love:

  • Both mobile and PC compatible.
  • WordPress plugin available.
  • iOs and Android apps available to target mobile customers even more.
  • Site owners have control over the search results.

The biggest USP of AddSearch is that the results are instant and it’s the fastest in-site search engine. Even with sites consisting of millions of pages, the tool doesn’t slow down.

The WordPress plugin is free for all sites up to 500 pages. The paid options start at $9 per month.

Here is the example of a custom demo with TechCrunch. Just try to see the speed.


CrateJoy bundles a lot of good things into one. It helps commerce site owners with inventory management, eCommerce shopping carts etc. They are well known for customer service and handle refunds promptly.

subscription service

Features you’ll love:

  • Excellent customer service
  • A boon for those wanting to run physical subscription product companies. Traditionally none of the eCommerce platforms like Shopify are interested in subscription commerce for physical products.
  • They also offer discounted postal charges after an agreement with the US Postal Services thus offering even more to vendors.
  • In physical product subscriptions, if items aren’t ordered before a certain date, the delivery runs over to the next month. This is called the “cut-off” date. It’s so done because for these deliveries the vendors need to be contacted. The products need to be sent to CrateJoy warehouses and then delivered.

Traditional platforms don’t offer any such inventory management services.



Gone are the days when customers had the patience to wait for long hours or even days to get a reply to their query.

If you don’t have a customer support tool and there is only one software piece that you take from the best eCommerce tools list – make it this one.

According to Econsultancy, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for the phone.

Live chat is a must & here are the features of Tagove you’ll love:

  • Tagove has free Live voice call feature.
  • Tagove provides screen sharing and co-browsing feature with your live call without installing any software.
  • This tool has call recording feature that is a great help for customer training and monitoring purposes.
  • To connect with Tagove you don’t need to have technical knowledge or expertise, it provides plugins and extensions so that you can install the software with one click.
  • There is more, Tagove’s integrated speech recognition tool lets you type as fast as you can speak, letting your customer success agents multitask.


The platform where Soldsie operates can be called F-Commerce. It allows one to make sales on Facebook and Instagram, two platforms where success in commerce is debatable.

Automatic invoicing, inventory management etc. are some of its features.

The Soldsie platform plays a gimmick. Customers feel that the product is limited in quantity and hence the surge in sales.

The creators found that retailers, even the brick and mortar ones spent considerable time on Facebook. However, the engagement driven from posting product pics fell into the vacuum millions of such updates after a few likes and shares.

People did visit the stores and that was the only conversion metric. However, with Soldsie, selling took a new form.

The customers sign up with Soldsie which means they have to simply use the Facebook app. To shop, they have to comment with the word “Sold” on the product pics.

Just see the image to see what I mean.

loop it comments


sell on Facebook

Features you’ll love:

  • You can use Soldsie on both Facebook pages and Instagram. Facebook pages seem to drive the lion’s share because of the sheer amount of traffic.
  • The products go viral because of the natural element of limited availability integrated into it.

Till date, the company has achieved 1 million in transactions and the charts are only going up.

For up to the first $700 in sales the platform is free to use. After that Soldsie takes a cut of 3% off product price.


Linkody is a tool that tracks and monitors your back links. You may wonder how it’d help you?

For any eCommerce store, SEO is an undeniable element. It drives a lot of targeted traffic when done properly. Due to the nature of the business, most site owners leave the SEO part to able hands (ahem).

Now, these guys may wreak havoc with the backlink profile of the site.

With tons of sites getting penalties left and right, Linkody could be the panacea to your link monitoring needs.

The best part is you need not manually check how the links are doing. Linkody informs you their health status and also if they are any good.

check backlinks

Features you’ll love:

  • Automatically tracks all new links and sends reports to you. If you check the backlinks monitored on the site, you’d discover a ton of metrics. These metrics reveal the site quality.
  • Easily shows you the no-follow and do follow links
  • Tells you if you have lost a precious link somewhere.

Also, read:

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Social shares for backlinks (new metrics)

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is great for marketers selling digital goods. EDD processes the orders for you, sends emails to the customers and once the payment’s confirmed sends a download link.

EDD is available as a WordPress plugin so you need WordPress.

digital eCommerce

Features you’ll love:

  • Comes with short-code for direct purchase buttons
  • 30-minute installation
  • Supports PayPal

The best part of the tool is that it comes at zero cost. The creators make their money from plugin add-ins.


Vero made it on the best eCommerce tools list because it helps you send automated emails depending on the current stage of conversion of the user.

You can decide the trigger events which will send emails to the customer. Be it shopping cart abandonment or be it the user actually buying something.

You can time the emails according to your convenience.

One of the best features is that the segments created are dynamic in nature. The problem with static lists is that we need to manually update them which is time-consuming.

Say for example if your user is pretty active and logs in 5 times a day. With Vero monitoring the behavior you can send advanced product-related emails to them

On the other hand, if the user never completed the sign-up or checkout Vero would send shopping cart abandonment emails at regular intervals.

email automation for eCommerce

Features you’ll love:

  • Send emails based on almost any user related event
  • The blog is extremely helpful with tons of guides. Many start-ups never bother to blog properly.
  • No coding needed

They not only personalize your emails but theirs too. See an example below.

This email goes out on Day 4 of the customer trial

personalized email

(Source How customers read your Emails?)

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is an affordable analytics solution that is far superior to Google Analytics. If you’re just starting out your store then this is a good tool to be in your kitty.

Heatmaps that show which are the most accessed regions on your web page is just one feature of the tool.

You also get to see visitor recordings and understand how users interact with the site.

better than Google analytics

Features you’ll love:

  • 5-minute installation
  • See visitor maps
  • See mouse movements
  • Real-time visitor map — You get to know where each visitor comes from


AdRoll is a retargeting platform.

If customers didn’t take action in their first visit then the tool shows your ads on the various sites they go to. By action, we mean “buying”. Research shows that 99% of visitors don’t take action on their first visit. This is especially true for eCommerce sites.

99 percent visitors leave

(Read Understand Online Buyer Behavior: First Time v/s returning)

Such retargeting can play a big role in conversions. I can say that because the same research shows that 75% of people leave with buying intent.


Features you’ll love:

  • AdRoll gives you access to over 30 inventory sources — which means that you have a wide variety of sites to choose from
  • Create segments easily
  • Track returning visitors
  • Offers better options than Google AdSense

Till date, these guys have worked with over 15000 clients.

Magiq dynamic Personalization Software

Behavioral targeting is a set of methods used by marketers and advertisers to track user behavior and present offers tailored to the personality of the user.

Network Advertising Initiative conducted a survey to see how targeted advertisements affected revenues. It was seen that ads targeting user behavior converted at 3% higher.

In 2007, when Pepsi launched Aquafina, it was with behaviorally oriented ads and the conversions were three times higher than normal ads. (Source)

There are tons of behavioral targeting tools out there. But they all focus on customer’s current behavior on the site. It’s here where Magiq personalization software comes into play. Magiq tracks and records the past and present behavior of the user.

It builds a long-term user profile.

Personalization is the future – best eCommerce tools list knows it, do you?

A hotel reservation service would use Magiq to build customer databases based on whether the users are new or returning. It would take into account the IP address, the keywords used for search etc.

Based on this data they can personalize the newsletters sent or the homepage.

For an insurance company, Magiq found out four stages of engagement by users.

Thus they were able to create homepage versions that were triggered by these segments. Conversion rates went up as high as 15% after the changes.

behavioral targeting

Features you’ll love:

  • Dynamic behavioral targeting and personalization
  • Privacy protection by disclosing to users that data is being tracked
  • Tag free deployment


LoopIt is a conversation engine that brings in more conversions. It uses the existing network of social contacts amongst buyers to encourage more sales.

The way LoopIt works is that it allows you to add a button to the product. And then the tool redirects people to their friends on Facebook as soon as they click on the button. They can ask their friends about suggestions on the purchase.

The customers can also poll their Email contacts.

social sharing and selling

Features you’ll love:

  • More people see the product now.
  • Increases social sharing

It works mainly for fashion retailers and people now have an extended range of stylists advising them.



Finally, if you are targeting the European market with your online store and are still in the process of choosing an eCommerce platform, we recommend SEOshop. Big brands like Philips and Dance4life are using them. And online stores managed by SEOshop are already optimized for search engines. Check out their extensive list of features, with among others:

  • Reliable hosting with 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Free updates
  • Client support by specialists
  • App Store with 60+ plug-and-play apps
  • Theme Store with 100+ beautiful designs

Any favourites from the best eCommerce tools list?

Do let us know what you think in the comments and if the best eCommerce tools list was a game changer for you too?

If your team has put together something worth sharing, do not hesitate to drop the URL in the comment section bellow.

Feel free to add any software you like in the comment section bellow – let’s make the best eCommerce tools list even better.

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  • Discover your backlink profile
  • Spy on your competitors
  • Get alerted of new or lost backlinks

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