New Backlinks Quality Check Metric in Linkody: Social Shares

Linkody just got enhanced with a new set of key metrics to help you asses your backlinks’ value even better. A new column displays the number of social shares for each of your backlinks. This number is the sum of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn shares.

social shares


social metricsIf you hover the mouse over one of the numbers, you will see how these social shares are distributed per social network.


sort by social shares

A new ‘social shares’ sorting option has been added to the sort menu so you can easily see which of your backlinks has been shared the most.



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Finally, you will find these social metrics, along with all the other metrics, in the CSV export. In the CSV export, the Facebook social metric is broken down into the number of shares, likes, and comments.



Social signals as a backlink quality check

The number of social shares is an essential metric for assessing the quality of a backlink. It is a quick way to differentiate good links from spam.

A high number of social shares proves:

  1. The content is good, interesting and its quality validated by its readers.
  2. The website is optimized for social sharing.
  3. The page generates traffic.

=> This means the website is probably good for linkbuilding.

Search engines are giving increasing weight to social signals as a ranking factor, new studies gives evidence to that. But independently of the intrinsic SEO value a backlink has, a high number of shares makes it also valuable for the traffic it can redirect to your own site.

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