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How to use paid traffic to get conversions and augment your SEO strategies

When it comes to the online world, traffic is everything. Just like a real world corner shop can’t survive without frequent visitors, so does a website need traffic to turn a profit (or at least have some exposure).

The most popular source of traffic is organic search – that is, traffic from search engines that is generated when people search for something they want and your website is among the first results. Next up is traffic from other websites and social networks, which can vary in quality and is much less targeted than organic search.

While natural traffic is great, there are a few drawbacks to it – it’s hard to get initially, it’s hard to keep a steady flow of it, it’s not really as targeted as most webmasters would want and of course, it’s unpredictable – one minute it’s there, the next Google changes their algorithm or your Facebook post drowns in the influx of new stuff, and then your traffic is just gone. Continue reading

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing – 5 Ways to Make $$$ with Affiliates

Benefits of Affiliate MarketingAs I am a huge fan of this growth strategy we gathered 5 best Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing seems as old as the Internet itself. Even though it actually started gaining traction in mid-00s, long after the dotcom bubble and the reign of flashing banners and pop-ups.

Many seem to think that as the Web becomes more “civilized” and online business is more like its real world counterpart, affiliate marketing will disappear.

We don’t think so we gathered ways how also you can use Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.
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Private Link Networks – how to build them properly and win big time

Private Link NetworksSEO is getting harder and harder these days, with Google penalizing or outright banning techniques that were previously accepted (for a good reason, I would say) – one must be careful. This post covers private link networks and how to stay under Google’s radar.

The basic rules of SEO are mostly the same – create great content, make sure your website is Google-friendly (and Bing will follow), and get as many high quality links as possible.

The bag of tricks to get backlinks might have been exhausted and a lot smaller than few years before.

Building private link networks, if done correctly, is still something that can boost your site’s rankings.

This is how it should be done.

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Keyword research – a few tips and tricks that you can apply right now

One of the most important parts of SEO, as you may already know, is the content. But no matter how good the content, it’s not good enough for search engine optimization until you do some proper keyword research, and spread these keywords throughout your articles and your site.

The reason why keywords are important is that they’re the only thing making search engines come to your site and the most important thing when it comes to deciding your ranking in the SERPs. Therefore, proper keyword research is absolutely vital for a successful SEO strategy, and today we’ll take a look at the process – how to get it done best, which tools to use and what works at the moment. Continue reading

Mobile Website SEO – Why it’s Important & How to Properly Optimize Website in 2018

Mobile Website SEOWhy Mobile Website SEO is important?

Before we bring the numbers it’s actually very simple – our good friend Google favors mobile friendly sites. And as there are some differences between desktop and Mobile Website SEO, to get the organic mobile traffic there are some things you should pay attention to.

To stay ahead of the curve this post is a must read.

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