High Converting Squeeze Page Tips – 8 tricks to help in your quest for leads

High Converting Squeeze PageGetting the most of your landing page often is really hard and we end up with conversion rate well bellow 2%. This article outlines 8 high converting squeeze page conversion tips & tricks to help you get more out of your current set-up.

They say traffic is everything.

And indeed, for a web property, it is the single most important piece of the puzzle. Without traffic, your content would be useless and you’d have no way of monetizing your blog.

But pure traffic alone isn’t all that useful.

Like a lot of website owners who have been on the front page of Reddit, Hacker News, Imgur or any other major social network can confirm, having a ton of traffic coming to your website is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Getting traffic is only the first part of the equation – using it wisely is the second

Once you have a good traffic source or preferably, several. You need to do something with it. After all, if you’re not monetizing it or at least using it to build an email list your traffic will be one time kind of a thing.

You’re practically squandering it away.

That’s where squeeze pages come in. They’re specifically designed to capture the attention of your readers and have them sign up for an email newsletter, read more or buy your products, click on affiliate links/banners, or take any other action that you might benefit from.

There’s a whole niche in SEO dedicated to squeeze pages, which has quickly gotten huge, after AdWords and Bing Ads made a good landing page a-must for a good ad score.

A high converting squeeze page doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual separate page.

In fact – it is best if it is as integrated with your blog as possible.

It can be a simple form in the sidebar or the homepage of your blog itself, complete with a list of the latest posts. It all depends on how you design it.

High Converting Squeeze Page Conversion Tips

Whether you’re just getting started or want to build high converting squeeze page, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that will help you in your quest for more leads.

1. “Getting Started” pages work very well

No matter what kind of websites you have, chances are high that you can create a list of things that you needed to do to get where you are at the moment.

You can create a special page detailing all the things that a novice reader can find useful. Such as plugins, services, kitchen appliances, computer hardware, anything really.

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If your blog has great content on the niche, at least a few high quality tutorials. Chances are high that people will be motivated to start their own project. And your “Getting Started” page will have a list of everything they need to do to get started.

Of course, this is a great opportunity to use affiliate links. As well as offer your own info products or have an opt-in form for an email newsletter with more unique content.

If you have a blog and don’t have a Getting Started page, you should definitely think about creating one as soon as possible!

2. Have an attractive offer for your readers

It kind of goes without saying, but you should have a great offer for the readers if you want them to sign up for your email list.

eBooks have been the mainstay for years, and they’re still very effective. But something more unique like a podcast or video series or a free app can increase conversions, sometimes significantly.

3. Show a list of popular and/or related articles

You’ve probably seen these all over the Web.

There’s a reason why many bloggers recommend you list with the most popular or latest posts right next to the current article.

It helps keep people on your site.

And the more they stay and read, the higher then chances of them subscribing to your email list, purchasing your product or clicking on your affiliate links and ads.

As of late, recommended articles also helps with search engine rankings. Google ranks sites with high retention rates higher and internal linking is an easy way to score a backlink.

4. Use a sticky sidebar

Sticky sidebars are the perfect tool for any website owner. They turn your sidebar into a mini high converting squeeze page that’s always in front of the reader’s eyes.

A sticky sidebar always stays in a fixed position while the user scrolls through the content. It can be the whole sidebar or just a part of it.

You can have your subscription box or products in front of the user’s eyes all the time.

This is perfect for increasing conversion rates, but don’t abuse it. Overloading it with content can actually backfire.

There are a few plugins that offer this functionality, like SumoMe or MailMuch or the Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin for WordPress. But for the later one you may have to hire a developer or learn some CSS/JavaScript in order to implement more advanced functionality.

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5. Remove all the social sharing buttons and links

You might think that they’re useful for getting more traffic. But various split tests shown by people on SEO forums have demonstrated that they actually hurt conversions AND retention rates!

The main reason is that people get easily distracted. And once the reader has clicked through to Facebook. They tend to never come back.

You’re basically losing your readers to their Facebook messages. And most of the time they never even get to share your website.

6. Use a share to unlock plugin

This is the only exception to the “no social sharing buttons” rule.

These gems are a surprisingly recent development and they work extremely well for a lot of sites.

A share to unlock plugin, like the wonderful OnePress Social Locker. It asically hides your content behind a few social sharing buttons, whether it’s an eBook, a download link or even the post itself.

After a quick share on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus your readers get the reward for their work.

Once the user shares your post/blog on their social account, the plugin unlocks the content. If they are logged in to their social media accounts (and most of the time they are), they won’t even leave your website!

It’s the perfect tool for getting more traffic to your website, especially if your content is viral-friendly. Such as a compilation of useful software or services, a funny post, funny images.

You can even use it in conjunction with a subscription form. Hide the subscription box behind the social unlocker, then get the user’s email.

You will need a pretty enticing offer to pull that off, though!

7. Use an image as the background for the opt-in box

And last but not the least, if you have a subscription form in the sidebar (or anywhere else), give it a great image as a background.

It’s been proven that an image works better than a simple solid color for attracting attention and increasing conversions.

You can use any image related to your niche (a book cover, a car, a software icon, a tool) or even something unrelated but neutral, like grass.

8. Remember to always A/B test

There’s plenty of other tricks that you can implement to create high converting squeeze page.

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One thing that you should remember is to always test, test, test – see what works best on your site and kill the features that doesn’t deliver.

Ready to optimize your squeeze page conversion rate?

We hope these tips help you to create high converting squeeze page.

If there are any tips fellow squeeze page hustlers should know – feel free to share in the comment section.

For further reading, check this FREE eCommerce 101 guide.

Happy high converting squeeze page creation y’all.