53 Best SEO tools 2018 – The Most Epic List You Shouldn’t Miss

best SEO tools 2018Looking for a one-way ticket to SEO Stardom? These 53 best SEO tools 2018 have made more SEO consultants than Udemy.

Here we have gathered 53 SEO site tools that can make you a Pro. The list of tools that every SEO professional must have.

Don’t miss out – this might be you chance to shine.seo site tools

Let’s begin – for a better overview see our Table of Contents. 

Mac SEO Software Tools

These Mac SEO Software Tools are tailored for your Apple and will do magic for your organic traffic.

1. CuteRank (Free Version)

Cute Rank

CuteRank is a FREE keyword rank checker tool (software) designed to batch automatically check keyword positions and track keyword ranking performance on multiple search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Ask, and AOL.

2. SEOPingler (100% Free) 


SEOPingler is a SEO tool that pings the largest search engines with a URL address. Probably, since now you have been waiting for a very long period of time, your site to be pinged. Well, now we have made this new software that will help you to ping your site within a few seconds.

3. Integrity


Links on a web page very quickly become broken (link rot) because we move, delete or change our own pages, and other people that we link to do the same. Using a link checker regularly will improve your website’s user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). OSx native.

4. RankGuru for Mac


RankGuru allows you to easily check how well your website is performing, by automatically retrieving your rankings per keyword, saving you a lot of time.

– Monitor an UNLIMITED number of Websites and Keywords.
– Select which Search Engine you wanna check, per keyword.
– Select up to 6 different refresh rates.
– Import your Website’s keywords from CSV formatted files.


Link Research Tools

The Backbone of SEO is keeping track of your backlinks. Backlinks were and are the most important ranking factor. So, keep it under control.

5. Linkody

linkody - backlink SEO tool

Linkody is one of the best SEO site tools around. It tracks your & your competitors’ backlinks 24/7.

At the start of this article, I talked about Google penalties. Linkody empowers you to avoid all of these penalties. The disavow feature will help you submit all your bad backlinks to Google’s Disavow tool with ease.

With email reports on new links and detailed stats on the quality of each link, this is the one tool that would keep your business alive in this age of tumult.

Also, read Why you need to check your website’s backlinks and The future of link building

6. SEO software for Excel


This tool helps you scrape data easily. Say, you’d want to know which one of your competitor’s posts has got the most likes or tweets. Adding a JSON path scraping code would list the tweets and likes for all the links imported into the tool.

The tool is free and for the skilled SEO is a ninja kit.

7. BuiltWith


BuiltWith offers a database of 7,000+ web technologies and more than 250 million websites to build lists for lead generation. It shows the websites that use hosting, analytics, shopping carts and much more. You have the option of filtering by traffic, location, vertical and more. It also helps you know the platform of your prospects before you contact them. The end result is improved conversations with validated market adoption. BuiltWith also provides advanced country based analytics and technology market share information for all web technologies.

8. SE Ranking

Stats from 13.01.2017 - last 28 days

SE Ranking is a very powerful all-in-one SEO Software with multiple variety of tools. For more information visit their page.

Keyword Tools

Knowing how your customers find you, needless to say – it’s important. These tools will find you the right queries.

9. Serpstat


Serpstat was founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool and has been growing and improving ever since. An in-house software turned into an independent product that is now on its way to becoming a global leader.

In August of 2016 Serpstat turned into an all-in-one SEO platform, and now it offers 5 essential tools used by professional digital marketers worldwide.

10. Wordstream


If you’ve been working with SEO for some time now, you might know about the Google SEO site tools we use to effectively create, manage and or even optimize PPC campaigns. But other than using Google Adwords/Analytics/Editor to effectively manage your campaign, you could use Wordstream instead.

Of course, this SEO site tool has all the standard features you’d expect in a good PPC tool. It has a keyword research tool, an ad group builder, a campaign builder, as well as a segment that makes managing historical data easy.

This tool also has something called ‘’20 minute work week’’, a feature that teaches you how to best manage your campaigns in a week. The feature is ideal when you’ve set up your PPC campaigns; hence you only need to make a few tweaks here and there.

On the other hand, the keyword tool lets you aim at certain niches or groups of related keywords which you can use. You can also group these suggestions according to a common theme you’ve chosen, for simple ad group launches.

Lastly, you only get 3 searches for free, after which you’ll need to upgrade to their paid version, known as Wordstream Advisor.

11. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is really simple to use. Once on their official site, you only need to key in your base term, and of course, choose your language source to get variations of your base keyword. What’s more, you can click on each keyword suggested, to see more variations of the same.

Then you can add all the keyword suggestion to your basket by clicking the plus sign on the left side.

The advantage of Ubersuggest is that it gives thousands of suggestions from real user queries. This means you can use it to get inspiration for your next blog, or even optimize it for SEO purposes. And the good thing is that it’s free.

You can also get a lot of suggestions that can be directly implemented in a PPC advertising campaign.

12. Keyword tool for YouTube


On September this year, Google decided to disband their free youtube keyword tool.

But don’t worry, I have an alternative for you.

This tool is designed for the video nerds!

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, with a potential to drive in thousands of views from your videos, and right into your website.

This tool is very important where content marketing is concerned. It lets you optimize video titles and descriptions for people to find your site easily.

The interface is straightforward, no jargon as you’d expect if you’re a first-timer. So for example, if your site has content about SEO and you made a video for your audience then input SEO into the search engine and the keyword suggestions would bring views to your video.

13. SEMRush


When you need information from a competing website that ranks high on Google, you need something that’s so powerful that it can pull that information from the web, pull historic rankings and save it on their servers forever. is a tool that belongs to SEOQuake, and its main purpose is to give you key analytical information about a competitor website. It can show which keywords the website is ranking for in different countries, which ads it’s running etc.

Again, even with the free version of SEMRUSH, you get information about particular keywords that a website is ranking for, and also their position in the search results for up to 10 keywords.

If you upgrade to the SEO pro level, you even get in-depth information about the same. However, if the keyword you were searching for has very low searches on Google, then the program will return zero results for that particular keyword. That’s the only drawback that I see for the tool.

14. Scrapebox


Scrapebox keyword tool is one of the best SEO tools 2018.

If you have a large list of sites you can import them into Scrapebox and check if any of them runs any malware. Just use the Malware and Phishing filter.

You can search for blogs that accept guest posts in your niche with Scrapebox. Scrapebox will run all queries corresponding to the term guest post and send you a large list. Doing that manually would take you more than a day.

There’s a Scrapebox addon that lets you check for broken links on your site.

There are a lot more options with the tool and you can refer to this guide below:

How to use Scrapebox for link building and not spamming?

Optimization Tools

With the best SEO tools 2018, to rank on Google will be a piece of cake to improve.

15. Schema creator


This is all about structuring your website’s data in such a way that search engines have an easy time understanding your HTML structure.

You see, Google, as well as other search engines, designed a structured data standard known as The problem is that most SEOs and website designers don’t have time to understand the complex nature of standard. But the good thing is that the best SEO tools 2018 like Schema creator to quickly help them build and stay up to date with requirements. That’s what Schema Creator does.

In one case study, Matt Barby refers to using the tool to add enhanced rich snippets to his website. This made the search engine results a little more noticeable and drove more traffic to the site. “When compared to a lot of the other competing results, it’s clear that our SERP snippet is much more clickable”


Image Source

16. Pingdom


No one likes a site that takes forever to load. In fact, if this is the case, most visitors won’t have the patience to wait so they will move on to another site, with the same information but one that loads pages quickly.

The attention span now is 5- 6 seconds and if it takes longer you may lose your visitors forever.

Pingdom helps you to evaluate the speed of your site so you can make the necessary changes needed; hence your site is able to perform faster.

17. Fiddler


If you don’t like another debugging tool because you’re paying $50 or whatever price, then you can simply switch to Fiddler. The best thing is that it’s free to use. The bad thing is that it’s only available for Windows users.

You need to download the. Net framework from their official site. This SEO site tool analyses the interaction between the browser and the web servers. You might be wondering the reason why you cannot use Firefox & Install tamper data instead?

The answer is simple – if you are looking for SEO site tool that won’t freeze your browser (a common problem with most plugins), then Fiddler is your ultimate debugging tool.

Fiddler comes from Telerik, a company that’s known for the variety of debugging and UX testing that it offers.

18. Find Broken URLs


Find broken links, redirects & site crawl tool – check all the links on a website.

Links are critically important to web pages, not only for connecting to other, related pages to help end users find the information they want but in optimizing the pages for SEO. The Find Broken Links, Redirects & Google Sitemap Generator Free Tool allows webmasters and search engine optimizers to check the status of both external links and internal links on an entire website.

19. Free Backlink Checker

linkody - backlink SEO tool

See up to 100 referring domains instantly with Linkody’s LIVE Backlink Checker. You can use this SEO site tool to check 5 unique domains per week.

Track your competitors or check the best websites across different industries – whatever it is, Linkody’s backlink checker can do it fast & for free.

20. Domain Hunter Plus

domain hunter

Domain Hunter Plus is a duplicate link checker and can crawl hundreds of links on a page. This SEO site tool lets an individual know if a domain exists by returning all of the outbound links. For each of the error codes it receives, Domain Hunter Plus displays the data procured from SEOmoz by the number of broken links to that particular page along with the domain. All one needs to do is open the Open Site Explorer report in a new tab right from the DHP interface. If you are interested in purchasing a domain or perhaps in multiple domains, you can select the ones you want and move directly to GoDaddy to
register them. If you just want a report, you can export all of DHP’s results into a file.

This is one of best SEO tools 2018 that can help you with setting up a new site on an expired domain. It keeps the positive link juice that helps the site to rank immediately.

21. Email format

Email format

Email Format helps an individual find the correct structure for millions of companies and organizations on the Internet. With this simple too, one can simply click on the name of the company and then find the email format it uses. It is simple to use and has received numerous positive reviews. This tool can help those who do not have a lot of time to research company structures, and instead, need a compact and simplistic tool at their fingertips.

20. GetListed


GetListed is a tool that has now become Moz Local. It is geared primarily towards businesses and agencies who manage multiple locations or business online.
If you want to add multiple listings and locations to the tool at the same time, this is possible by adding it all in one spreadsheet. The formatting is similar to that of other best SEO tools 2018. If you would like to upload spreadsheets, this works in a similar fashion to using Google’s multiple location spreadsheets.

21. Google SERP Snippet Optimization


It’s a tool designed to help with search engine optimization and works in a similar way to Google’s search engine results; also known as SERP’s. The tool asks you to use the form on the page to enter the title, meta description, and URL of your web page. The tool then generates a virtual search result listing based on your input. Many people find that it has a simple design and a friendly interface. It also has a great description page, so if you run
into questions, they can be easily sorted out on the page.

22. Google Snippet testing

Google Snippet testing

Google Snippet testing tool is another search engine optimization tool that supports the following types: application, events, authors, recipes, reviews, products, music, and more.

This SEO site tool lets an individual check his or her markup. This is to make sure that Google can extract the structured data, such as authorship information, metadata, and rich snippets markup. Reviews claim that it is simple to use, and an asset to those wanting to enhance their search engine optimization portfolio.

23. Bing webmaster tools


Bing Webmaster Tool is designed to help an individual find traffic, discover why people come to their site, improve the site and the areas of the website that should be expanded. The Bing SERP checker can assist you to get listed in Bing search results. Knowing why people come to your site can help you understand what you need to focus on to increase traffic. Bing SERP tool can also assist you to improve your site easily and know the areas that need expansion.

Recently Mozilla Firefox changed the default search engine to Yahoo. Yahoo’s search results are powered by Bing. As such Bing’s search dominance has increased by 20% over North America.

Getting your site listed on Bing Webmaster tools is the first thing you need to do in order to get it ranked on Bing.

24. Copyscape


It can be described as an online platform used to protect your content online. Copyscape is the world’s most popular and most powerful online plagiarism detection solution. The majority of website owners worldwide use it to search for copies of existing content, prevent duplicate content and check the originality of their new content. It has two major services; free plagiarism checker used to search for copies of content on the web, and professional solutions for finding out if the newly generated content is 100% unique.

25. Circle count

Circle count

This platform works by offering Google+ users a plethora of statistics on any given Google+ user. You can find out data on comments, average number of +1’s and follower history. You have the option of using its Google Chrome extension or to take advantage of everything it offers. It provides a guide that a user can refer to in case they are having trouble using the SEO site tool.


26. Content Strategy Generator Tool

Content Strategy Generator Tool

CSGT (Content Strategy Generator Tool) is a Google Docs spreadsheet using import-XML functions to pull different data around the web that can be used for content brainstorming.

The content does not have to be restricted to blogging. The tool can be utilized to research audio, infographics, and videos. Moreover, it can be effectively used to view new keyword opportunities, create your own spin on topics, generate great headlines ideas, spot trends and much more, all in one spot.

27. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

If you have noticed ‘&’ symbols when copying text from Word to, say, WordPress, you know what I am talking about. They are a royal pain.

This is a software tool that cleans up HTML copy pasted from Microsoft Word documents. Filters are applied to get rid of the HTML that automatically comes when pasting documents. It then provides you with a well-formatted result that can be pasted directly into a content editing system or web page.

Due to its nature, it is completely private. The process of conversion is fully automated. No one will get to see your document and there won’t be a copy of the same stored in the tool.

The only time when a copy is made is when you decide to file a bug report and opt to include a copy of your document. At this point, the document, as well as the bug report, will be emailed to the developer.

Finding Potential Link Partners

One of the first things you need to do is to find sites that will potentially link back to you if you link to them. Here’s the list of tools to make it happen.

28. Link Prospector

Link Prospector

Value for money when it comes to curating a list of potential link targets. This could include niche directories, contests, guest blogs, accessible journalists, and so on.

29. Advanced Rank Tracking

Advanced Rank Tracking

Page authority and ranking changes every day, so you want this tool to keep you up to speed with rank tracking instantaneously. If you do link building for clients, this tool can help you generate custom reports for each site, giving them the information they need for resource spending.

30. Followerwonk


Find true influencers in any niche using this tool. It specializes in helping you build your social media presence on the web using strategic links and mentions.

31. HARO


Journalists and blog writers are always looking for experts to interview and write about, so this is a site to find someone with whom you can build a symbiotic relationship. Give them material they can write about, and get organic mentions and links to your site and profile.

32. Screaming Frog

screaming frog

This is a web crawler tool that helps you identify potential link partners and gather information about each one. You can download the basic version for free up to 500 URLS, or pay a fee for unlimited access and more advanced features.

33. Ontolo


Unabashedly a web crawler, this tool does all the link building research you need with just a few search queries. The tool expands the search along predictable lines to give you more in-depth results in less time.

34. Seomator

Seomator is an online SEO Audit tool for improving SEO performance. It crawls a website, analyzes it and provides with a comprehensive report based on SEO, internal links, HTML tags, backlinks, page speed, mobile usability, text statistics, social media, organic presence and content quality. Reports come with a “How-to-Fix” section that tells you where there are errors and tips that will help you to improve your website.

Scrape Site Info Tools

Once you identify link targets, you need a way to get in touch. These tools do precisely that, and usually a lot more!

34. Buzzstream


This has a paid subscription, but the free tools are enough to get you the contact information you need, and it can help you build and organize lists as well as compile search terms. You can also send out messages to establish relationships with prospective link partners.

35. GroupHigh


Quite expensive, but a good investment for large companies, this tool helps you pull down information about thousands of blog sites, including SEO and social networking statistics. Its value is in identifying the best blog sites with whom to partner.

36. SeoQuake


Check if a site has the authority and ranking to be valuable for you in your link building efforts using this free plug-in for Firefox. It provides instant information in-page as you browse a potential link partner.

37. Kerboo


The Link Monitoring tool takes a good, hard look at your link profile and identifies your best-performing links. This can help you determine which link partners you should develop and which ones you should drop.

38. Open Site Explorer

open site explorer

This free tool lets you check backlinks, opportunities for link building, and potential issues with your site as well as other sites by simply putting in the URL on the search window.

Off-page Tracking

Always know what’s going on behind your back. In SEO world it’s important to keep track not only what’s going on your page but also off the page. The best SEO tools 2018 are here to help.

39. Yesware


This tool addresses your tracking concerns when you use email to drum up interest for your site and web pages. This type of off-page SEO is often overlooked by link builders, but the information this tool provides can give you important information about content engagement.

40. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Finding out what and how well the competition is doing is always going to be helpful in determining your own chances of success. This tool helps you monitor your top competitors’ links, as well as their page authority and rank.

41. RankRanger


This inbound marketing tool saves you time by gathering important rank metrics for all the sites you manage on a daily basis. It also gives you the information you need about your competitors to identify the best keywords for anchor text linking.

42. Raven Tools

Raven Tools

This is a suite of tools that integrates several analytics tools used by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Bing in one form. It automates tracking and analysis to save you time and money in making link building decisions.

Content planning

With the best SEO tools 2018 you will be able to generate backlinks while you sleep. Long-term content planning is a must.

43 & 44. Keyword Planner and Trends


The best SEO tools 2018 can help your site rank well on the top search engine. The search engine is the authority in letting you know what’s hip and happening, so you will always post content that is eminently linkable.

45. Camtasia


Studies show that video promotion increases engagement by 600%. This tool can help you create videos that can help increase your link building potential.

46. AuthorityLabs


While this tool is primarily for automating link tracking and SEO monitoring, its real value is in helping you plan content by indicating what posts get the most links.

47. YouTube


There is no guarantee that you will go viral on YouTube if you post videos, but checking out the type of videos that do get a lot of views can help you plan your own video marketing strategy.

48. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Planner

Keywords are still key factors in SEO, which in turn affects link building, so you want to hone in on the best keywords on which to spend your resources. This paid tool (free with a Moz Pro account) analyzes and assesses keywords in terms of how it is likely to rank on search engines.

49. Serpfox


This tool tracks the keyword search ranking of your site on a regular basis, which includes a number of clicks from backlinks, and sends comparative data reports on your preferred schedule. This can give you valuable insight on what type of content is likely to generate more engagement.

50. Kurator


Kurator is a Chrome plugin, that helps you curate, organize and instantly access any link with ease.  Remove clutter from your browser, restore tabs when you need them, save and organize your sessions the way you work.  Kurator will save you time every day!

The best SEO tools 2018 for local businesses

With local pages appearing more and more in the search results it can be a very good time for you to make your business receive some free organic traffic. We have compiled together the best local free SEO tools for your business.

51. Moz Local

Moz Local

Moz Local (Ex. Get Listed) is a free tool that shows a multiple number of things including but not limited to where business listings are present for your company. It will search about your company on the most important platforms like Google reviews, Yelp, Insider reviews etc.It would show you if any of these places do not have your listing. It helps determine if the information is correct and a lot more features.


When you connect a Google My Business account to Moz Local you’ll be able to:

  • Automatically match and sync your Moz Local listings with Google My Business
  • Create new listings on Google My Business
  • Easily import your Google My Business locations that aren’t already in Moz Local
  • Review and reply to Google reviews

52. Offline Conversion Tracker


When your phone sales team closes the sales, ask them to include questions like where did the customer hear about the business and so on.

With Offline conversion tracker all of this information can be saved in a database. From the database you can view,analyze and study the stats about which are the places from which you receive maximum business.

53. Google My Business


This tool allows you to find the correct category of your business.

As Google aspires towards relevancy the correct category is helpful to make you rank. Adding your business to Google My Business will add you to Google’s partner network such as Maps. This is huge.

A must for local businesses.

Which is your favourite SEO tool in 2018?

SEO isn’t dead. You just need the right approach. With the best SEO tools 2018, you will have plenty of help. Do share with us if you use some of the best SEO tools 2018 above or something else entirely.

Make sure to add in the comment section the Top 3 of SEO site tools we shouldn’t miss out on!


This article wouldn’t be possible without Stacey Marone.  She is a freelance writer for essays.scholaradvisor and a social media marketer. You can follow her on twitter.

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  1. Great long list of tools. Thanks for this. Another nice and useful keyword tool that can serve as an alternative for Semrush is Serpstat .
    The questions tracking algorithm is just amazing, coupled with the fact that you can use its rich database of keyword to build on your competitor’s game.

  2. George, thanks for this really huge list of tools!

    We use some of them at Chatra. Mention, Moz and SimilarWeb are all musthave tools for any online business. We also use instead of BuiltWith because it’s x5 cheaper and sometimes BW results are outdated).

    BTW Builtwith is not just a web technology information profiler tool, it also provides the lists of website of chosen technologies for your marketing needs. With this tool you can get the list of your competitor’s customers and try to steal some of them.
    Or for example, if you build apps for Shopify, then you can get the list of all Shopify-based websites and promote your app to them.

    We used it for a long time. Now we moved to (we was also thinking about Datanize, but Allora is significally cheaper).

  3. AS a digital SEO specialist myself, this post has my head spinning with what I can try! I am new at this, but the company I work for isn’t, so I’m trying to get some new ideas on my own. GREAT post.

  4. Hey George, your post is ranked number on when I was looking for another SEO tool so I decided to add a couple of my favorite tools. I found the Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer tool to be incredibly useful and it looks like my Analytics is finally free of spam traffic. And another one is an advanced SEO checker it is an SEO checker that can regularly crawl the whole website checking each page for SEO errors and notifying you if something is wrong or broken. It can also check for broken images, links, and more.Keep doing great 🙂 best

  5. Great list, George. Thanks for your experience. As you write, I suggest my seo tools for pros.
    – – for monitoring own positions
    – – for checking on page seo optimization
    – – for finding long tail keywords and market trends

  6. You have assembled all the most important SEO tools in one place. I use almost all of these tools in my work. In ane case, I want to recommend you a very helphul site with a lot of great tools for copywriters, freelancers, recruits etc – SimpleBloggin.

  7. Hey, George Mattew!!

    I just want to thank you for such a remarkable list and especially the tools were much effective and helped me improve my SEO and I have applied many new strategies through this. So thanks for sharing it.

  8. Provided tools are really good for SEO. But original content is also one of the factor to get high score, if content is original, it might take time but eventually it would pay off. Personally, I have been using Plagiarism Checker X software, it is quite handy and also free but with some limitations.

    The best thing about this tool is that, that it doesn’t even store users data unlike other plagiarism detection tools which silently steal data and later publish.

  9. Thanks for this Epic List of 52. You really covered everything here for SEO Tools I’m impressed. I’m familiar and use a lot of these but there’s some cool stuff here I need to check out!

  10. Wow George!

    This has to be one of the best software lists on the web for sure.

    I own a website called SupaGrowth where I make 100% free SEO and Internet Marketing tools. I’m told there is nothing else like it on the web.

    Anyways just thought some of my free tools would make a great addition to your article.

    Stay cool 🙂


  11. Scrapebox isn’t just one of the best SEO tools of 2017; it’s one of the best tools of all time. I’ve been using it for 6 years now… I believe I paid $67 for it way back then. It’s worth SO much more than that. But don’t tell them that!! 😉

  12. These tools are really helpful for keyword research, position monitoring, web crawling, and more to help businesses gather SEO data, rank higher, and execute effective digital marketing strategies. Thanks for sharing the tools list.

  13. Scrapebox is s*** software. It is very unstable and crashes all of the times. It is full of bugs. I am always using DeepMiner. It is 10 times faster than sh** scrapebox.

  14. A very great list of SEO tools indeed but if most of the tools are just for showing progress or SEO position of your website then it won’t help beginners to move fast forward towards higher rank in search engine results.

  15. I think my tool deserves a mention in this list 🙂 Not only is it updated with the latest google pixel based limits for title and meta but it also sports some pretty cool features. Pretty please? 🙂

  16. You’ve made a great job to make that list. Some of them I haven’t tried and I need to fix that Thank you for sharing!
    But I would also recommend one tool I use for a long time –, it’s one of the best SERP checkers and really useful keyword clustering tool. Either way, it would be great to hear your opinion.

  17. Thanks for sharing the list of best SEO tools. I have used many of these tools. These are very useful to improve ranking of any website. Keep sharing more articles related to SEO. These are very informative.

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