Landing Pages On-Page SEO (New Linkody Feature)

We are pleased to announce a new feature that makes Linkody an even more powerful and unique SEO tool.

The new “landing pages” section displays your domain’s landing pages with their status, meta-data (title and description), and the number of backlinks pointing to them.

landing pages SEO

Let’s have a closer look at how to use this information.

Landing page status

If you have backlinks to a landing page that does not exists any more or that is broken, that’s wasted backlinks. The more a website becomes complex and the more these sort of issues can happen without your knowledge. A change to the URL of a landing page without the proper redirection and that’s potentially precious backlinks wasted. So it’s important to be notified of these issues.

for this reason, on top of monitoring your backlinks, Linkody now also regularly monitors your landing pages. On the screenshot above you can see that 2 backlinks point to a landing page that returns a 404. If you click on the number, you can see these backlinks and asses if they are valuable or not.

If your landing page status is not OK, this status is reported on it’s backlinks. So you will be informed of the problem in your backlinks email reports. The screenshot below shows these 2 backlinks with a status indicating that the target page returns a 404.

landing page issue

On-page SEO

This new feature also make it easy to work on your on-page SEO. Define your focus keywords (the keywords you are optimizing and trying to rank for) for each of your landing pages and their meta data will be displayedwith the keyword in bold, like a Google result snippet.

landing page snippet

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

You can instantly see if your focus keyword is present in the url, the title, and the description.

Linkody also shows you when your meta-data is not optimal. It indicates when the title or the description is missing, or when the text is longer than the recommended length. In the following example, the description is missing and the title is too long.

on-page seo

Managing your landing pages

With this new feature, Linkody replaces Excel spreadsheets or other inadequate solutions for landing page and focus keyword management. Contrary to these kind of tool, Linkody updates the meta-data and the status of your landing pages regularly. This makes landing page management much less time consuming. And the number of backlinks of each landing page is updated in real time as more links are monitored. You can sort your landing pages on this number to see which of your landing pages are more linked.


Linkody makes it easy to visualize and manage in one place all your landing pages, their meta data, their focus keyword, and their backlinks. Combining backlink and landing page information in one easy to read page is what makes this new feature so powerful.

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  1. Francois, I’m really enjoying Linkody, and these tips certainly make utilising the tool a lot more powerful!

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