How to Promote Business on Linkedin in 2019 – the untold secrets

linkedin marketing strategyKnowing how to promote business on Linkedin often involves paying huge consultancy fees with very little return.


Because LinkedIn means business.

This platform can is the modern day lead generation software that can replace most of your sales rep team.

Learning how to promote business on Linkedin is a must if your top funnel is drying up.

When people go to other networks, it’s for a little fun time. But when they log into LinkedIn, they mean business.

LinkedIn is the third fastest growing social network. Around half of LinkedIn users have household incomes over $100,000 (See SURVEY 49% of LinkedIn users have household incomes over 100k) and they are more likely to own a smartphone.

According to a report by Econsultancy LinkedIn is the biggest contributor to referral traffic. It sends more traffic than Twitter and Facebook combined.

According to the same report, the most in-demand content on LinkedIn is industry insights.

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If you learn how to promote business on LinkedIn the right way, then it can be a very powerful tool for your business promotion.

Let’s see how we can boost our LinkedIn for engagements and results.

How to promote business on Linkedin?

50% of consumers are more likely to purchase your product if they interact with you on LinkedIn. (See Set Your Company Up for Success with LinkedIn Company Pages [VIDEO])

That alone shows how powerful LinkedIn is when it comes to mastering how to promote business on Linkedin.

So, here are some ways on how to do that.

Rank higher on LinkedIn for who you are

According to Dave Ogilvy  “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” So pay attention to your headline.

If you are an SEO consultant the structure should be as follows:

    1. Headline: SEO consultant.
    2. Summary: I’m an SEO consultant in Georgia. Include LSI keywords. LSI keywords are sort of synonyms. You can express the same things about you in multiple words.
    3. Current & Past Titles: SEO consultant
    4. Description: I was a BI Specialist at XYZ company
    5. Specialties: SEO consultant, Social media expert
    6. Skills & Expertise: SEO, SMO, link building, outreach.

Complete your profile

Completing your Linkedin profile CORRECTLY is the most important step in mastering how to promote business on Linkedin.

It takes time, it’s sometimes cumbersome, but it’s worth it.

Imagine it this way, if your profile were a website you wouldn’t optimize it with succinct content. It’s the same here.

Also, don’t forget to keyword optimize your Job titles. Name them as they are known in the industry. Who knows, your next client may be keying in these very keywords.

  • Use Anchor Text When You Post Links

Replace the generic “My website” with an anchor text.

  • Use LinkedIn to make lots of connections

You won’t be able to expand beyond your tiny hole if you only maintain connections with people whom you know. Reach out and connect to the rest of people.

  • Use the customize your profile option

An anchor which says something rather than the generic URL link will attract more links as it generates curiosity. Even in anchors avoid being boring. Instead of saying your site, describe what your site does.

Andy, an avid LinkedIn fan noted that after adding 18000 connections his weekly search appearances rose from 773 to 1100. Making more connections does help you in some way or the other.

How to reach out to people so that they have to connect?

If you spend 5 mins crafting a personal message to the person with whom you want to connect on LinkedIn it would help you get more ROI than sending out dozens of random ill thought connect requests.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

See one of the requests that I got. The sender has spent at least some time getting to know what I do and appreciated the work I did on the CrazyEgg blog.

linkedIn connect request

I instantly responded to him because it has also a hook. The message has something in for me.

Keep collecting endorsements

Even a seller on Fiverr knows that positive reviews mean more business. Always ask endorsements from your past clients. Ask endorsements from friends and family. Another thing you can do is apply the principle of reciprocity. Endorse others. Not all will endorse but some will. This way you get endorsements from people who’d have never endorsed you otherwise.

The more endorsements you get the more frequently will your name appear in search results within LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn to reach out to relevant and influential people

Say you have written a great piece of content on SEO and want to reach out to industry experts or professionals in your local area. You may not always have their emails or even know who they are. But doing a quick search on SEO consultants followed by the city name would yield you results.

You can reach out to these people for marketing your content.

Often mail IDs on blogs are company emails which receive tons of spam. Reaching out through LinkedIn requires more effort and is subtle.

A simple search on LinkedIn with your industry keywords and place name would give you the list of professionals

Use the LinkedIn publishing platform to gain traction to your site

Earlier on, only highly influential people could use the LinkedIn blogging platform. Some of the likes include Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. Now everyone can use the platform. If blogging is already part of your business, definitely take advantage of learning how to promote business on Linkedin.

For example, not long ago LinkedIn sent me this invite to start writing on the platform.

how to promote business on linkedin

I have seen Linkedin articles with interesting headlines and content often perform well on LinkedIn. Just see this one which has garnered over 50,000 views and happens to be only the sixth post of the author.

article with lots of views

Plus, LinkedIn sends emails to its users based on their preferences and you could get a lot more traffic out of this.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

Now let’s move on to leveraging company pages for your benefit.

Build an active company page on LinkedIn

You are most likely not alone in your company, so this next step in learning how to promote business on Linkedin is to create a company page and involve your colleagues and employees to participate.

After seeing scores of company pages on LinkedIn I have discovered that the most popular ones have a few things in common.

The company pages that perform well illustrate what the company does through a mega image and one liner that says it all.

They have a dedicated team that engages with the followers and posts frequent updates.

People on LinkedIn are also job searchers and posting regular job openings on the page would be of interest to them and successful pages do that.

Have a look at Airbus’s LinkedIn page that has a tab for careers at the forefront and a very large image.

LinkedIn company page Airbus

Once you have your company page ready you can always monitor its stats to find out what’s working and see how well people are engaged.

For example, Mashable’s LinkedIn page has over 202,000 followers. Every time Mashable shares something, it goes out to all its followers.

linkedin reach Mashable

LinkedIn offers page stats where you can see how members are interacting with your company page. The followers acquired, clicks, shares, engagement etc. are a few of the stats that you can see.

But wait, there are even more ways to get more out of LinkedIn.

Start a LinkedIn group

People by their very nature are social animals, they need to have a sense of belonging. An active thriving community would drive a great deal of referral traffic to your websites.

As per Olivier Taupin of AccelSocial which has reached over 1 million members through its 100+ groups, one of the key ingredients in getting more people involved in your groups is by sending personalized invites to VIP members.

These include fortune 500 executives, pro bloggers, key social media rock stars etc. Once they join the groups, their social presence itself drives a lot of membership.

Here are a few things that you can do to bring attention to your site:

  1. You have the option of putting your website link and also your name as the owner in the group. When someone new joins the group this is the first thing that they see.
  2. You can always start discussions and include a link to your site.
  3. Being a leader will always get you connect requests from people in the group.
  4. Send messages to your group members. With over 550,000 members Robert Flemming’s group on LinkedIn marketing helps him sell products above $1000. It costs nothing to send messages to your group and with new members joining regularly this is a powerhouse where you can market yourself.

successful Linkedin page

As you can see there is a link on the right-hand side to Robert’s website.

You’re entitled to one free message every week.

Start your mailing sequence with LinkedIn’s built-in autoresponder

LinkedIn is smart enough to send mails automatically when someone joins a group. As the group owner, it can save you a lot of time and generate hefty traffic.

Create sub-groups

LinkedIn’s feature of creating sub-groups within groups is beneficial because it helps segment and target people more effectively. Think of sub-groups as a collection of people with different interests clubbed into different groups.

There are also other ways in which you can create subgroups:

  1. You can segment with the age group. In a professional group, people belonging to the same age group will find it more comfortable to share ideas.
  2. A large group can be divided into multiple segments based on their geographical locations, zip code, state, and country.

Even after creating a sub-group the members may not do exactly what they’re supposed to do there. Creating a discussion and opening a thread will be beneficial. You can list what the core goals of the sub-group are.

In terms of SEO, each sub-group has the potential to be optimized for many more keywords. If it’s a sub-group on marketing there can be lots of terms that can be further included in social media marketing, email marketing etc.

Whenever people join sub-groups, they’re tempted to join the parent groups. Hence each sub-group can serve as a referral engine for growth. The key is to be relevant in the choice of keywords.

Being a much more primitive search engine of sorts, the keyword density and variety does play a huge role when it comes to coming on top of LinkedIn’s internal search.

Advertise your content and business

Reach your ideal customers via sponsored content and inmail. Sponsored content allows you to promote your company updates to targeted audiences and drive awareness and leads. Linkedin Ads also gives you the option to reach your target audiences right in their LinkedIn inbox with sponsored inmail. You can deliver personalized messages that will drive more conversions than traditional email.

Consider getting an ad management tool like HubSpot. HubSpot uses your CRM and web analytics data to inform your LinkedIn ad campaigns so you can see exactly which ads are turning prospects into loyal clients.

Did you learn how to promote business on Linkedin?

On the mission to your business prosperity, you must already take advantage of some, if not multiple social networks.

With organic search engine traffic dwindling, LinkedIn seems to be a powerhouse of leads, traffic, and money. Make sure you include the learnings of how to promote business on linkedin in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

If you are trying to master other social networks guide on how to set up Twitter and generate leads might come in handy.

Now it’s your turn.

What methods work best for your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Share in the comments below.

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    Biggest takeaways for me:
    1. Expand my network beyond who I know. I bounce back heaps of connect requests because I don’t know them.
    2. You’ve got me excited about starting my own group. Linked In is going to be my primary driver for marketing it makes sense.

  2. Excellent article George, I got a lot out of it.
    I’m guilty of sticking just to people I know in my network. You’ve inspired me and I just sent off about 30 new requests.
    Also I love the connect request template you listed.
    I’m also keen on starting a group, I love your idea to invite some rock stars.

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