How to Set up a Business Twitter Account [Donald’s Way] – Complete Guide

how to set up a business twitter accountDid Donald Trump make you reconsider Twitter and learn how to set up a business twitter account?

And you here because you are struggling to get it done Donald’s way?

Well, You are not the only one.

We have also been there – so we called in for a favor from the best in the field to explain how to get it done (unfortunately Donald was not available).

If Are you an online marketer who is thinking of adding Twitter to the marketing arsenal?

Or maybe you are already using Twitter, but now with an intent to maximize its potential, you are looking for ways to give the bird one last shot.

You landed on the right article and you will find what you were looking for.

A lot of people thinks that Twitter is dead. But it is not if you learn how to set up a business twitter account the right way.

It is undeniable that Twitter is one of the biggest players out there. According to surveys conducted by Ragan Communications, Twitter is a goldmine for brands.

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*Almost 80 percent (79 percent) of Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow.

*Sixty-seven percent of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

*More than 70 percent (73 percent) of followers want updates on future products.

*About 60 percent (61 percent) of followers want to offer ideas and feedback to brands.


(See Infographic: 67% of people are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter)

Whatever your goal is when using Twitter, this guide will help you on

  • How to set up a business twitter account that rocks,
  • Step by step to write tweets that get re-tweeted many times over,
  • & how to engage your audience more effectively and build a massive following.
  • Plus, you get a list of tools that will help you maximize all of your Twitter efforts.

How to set up a business Twitter account that Rocks

You will need to optimize your profile in order to build a successful Twitter presence. The good news is with these tips on how to set up a business twitter account – you will be off to a good start.

Let’s look at how we can do that with you username and profile.

Your username

Your username is the @username that people will reference you for. You can use your own name or the name of your business. If you have the opportunity to use a better username for your account, with a keyword in it, use a keyword that is short and simple, catchy and something that’s easy to remember. But you can basically use whatever you want your audience to know you for.

Your Profile

Customize your profile by going to the settings tab which you can find at the top right of your screen. There are a few things you can do here that will help in optimizing your impact on your audience.

Let’s work on your profile photo first. This should be an image that best tells your audience the kind of person you are and the business that you have. Use an image that displays a kind of personality that is likable and invites trust. This bit here should be common sense, but a lot of marketers still fail to make use of an image more effectively.

One more thing— Use a profile picture that you use regularly across your other social profiles so that your clients and audience will easily recognize you.

I’d suggest keeping the same profile picture across all social networks.

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Look at the example below from Kathryn Aragon, the editor at CrazyEgg. She keeps her bios and profile pictures identical across every social network.

setting up a profile

Also (See How did these 11 internet marketers get started?)

Header Photo

Next is your header photo. This is the image that appears on the top of your Twitter page, just like a banner. This bit here must carry your brand or logo. Make one that stands out and is professional looking if you want your audience to take you and your business seriously.

If you are an independent business person and do not know how to create one, get a gig on Fiverr and have your header image in less than 24 hours for a very small amount of $5.

Setting up your Profile Bio

Last but not the least, you need to set up your profile bio. Write about what you do or whatever your business is all about. It is best to use keywords about yourself and your business since these are searchable on Twitter. With your bio already telling a little bit about yourself, it is also good to make some room where you can place your website address.

ProTip: Keep your tweets consistent with your brand messaging. On the left, you can see GetResponse’s bio sharing how they help small businesses and on the right, they have tweeted a post on the very same topic.

consistent branding

How to Tweet Content That Gets Traffic and Re-tweeted Many Times Over?

It is considerably easier to produce content on Twitter since you are only allowed a maximum of 140 characters to tweet.

But to have a content that engages your audience, a general principle that is followed is that you tweet content should be 80% about others while 20% about you and your business, though sometimes this depends on the kind of business that you have. The key is to really know what your business is all about and work on achieving that balance.

The goal here is to provide more value for your audience. You will have to know what your target audience is more interested in knowing about and how you can position yourself to provide what they need. You can also do some research on your competitors within your industry. There are many tools now that actually shows you which tweet get retweeted more so you can have an idea of what your audience really care more about.

10. Hacks to Engage Audience and Build a Massive Following?

1. People like to follow profiles which seem to be real.

2. A bot like existence that only tweets company’s links isn’t all that great when it comes to engaging an online audience on Twitter.

3. Follow the 80/20 rule which implies that 80% of the time you need to share other people’s stuff and yours only 20% of the time.

4. Tweeting consistently puts you before your audience many times over. Remember how on the television they show you the same adverts over and over again. Consistency is the key.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

5. Don’t spam by sending out 5 tweets every 10 minutes but spend two to three minutes on a tweet every 2 hours or so.

6. Choose topics that are relevant to your industry and break interesting news related to that industry consistently.

This gives an air of freshness to your profile. People like to stay updated and a profile that makes the task easy would certainly be followed. Thus. you would appear as an expert or the go-to guy who keeps himself/herself abreast of the latest happenings.

7. Twitter ads help you to promote your tweets to an audience and you can target people in specific locations or even target other similar brand followers.

twitter ads



8. There are many ways to engage your audience and stay connected with them. One powerful and literally cost-effective way is to reply to any tweets that mention your name or business in a post or a respond to any direct message you receive.

According to the same survey quoted earlier in the post, the Twitters are most engaged on Saturdays and Sundays.

9. Moreover, you can increase the potential for engagement by 200% using images in your tweets.

10. Asking followers to retweet, increases engagement by up to 4 times.

Analyze your engagement

If you still have a small following, start searching for people that are active within your industry. Follow them first, and they will normally follow you back. Immediately distribute and implement your content strategy making sure that it delivers valuable and helpful insights for the people involved in your line of business.

Learning how to set up a business twitter account is a trial/error game.

Monitor activities on Twitter by doing searches about your business, products or brand in order to have an idea of what your target audience is talking about and respond appropriately. It doesn’t matter whether they are positive or negative. What matters is that you respond to them.

ProTip: Never ignore a bad tweet. It is best to respond to it as quickly as you can and handle it as professionally as you can.

Maximize Your Marketing Activities by Using These Tools

The tools below are only a small selection of the tools you can use to effectively manage your marketing activities on Twitter. That being said, don’t automate everything on Twitter.

In a previous post, I listed over 30 tools to effectively grow your presence on social media( See 30 free social media tools for business). I am sharing here some tools exclusively for Twitter.

These are tools that can help you grow your audience, monitor your brand and analyze your results. Use them wisely.

Earlier in the post, I mentioned that you should space out between tweets. These tools can be effective in scheduling your tweets and make the internet work for you.

Followerwonk – This tool will help you find more people to connect with based on keywords in their bio and location. You can also do an advanced search where you can filter based on a number of followers, the number of people they follow, or the tweets that have an authority score.

HootSuite – This useful tool allows you to manage your Twitter profiles by using tabs and column layouts. Monitoring searches about people talking about your business, product, your industry, your Twitter lists, home screen and so on.

BufferApp – This tool allows you to set up scheduled updates for your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles. You can simply save a lot of time for those updates and Buffer will send them to their destinations like clockwork. What’s more amazing about this tool is it gives you an analytics report of each of the activities on your account.

Ready to Set up a Business Twitter Account & Give The Bird One Last Shot?

Twitter was and still is a powerful marketing tool.

Applying what you have learned from this guide will surely increase your followers on Twitter, help you engage your audience more and maximize your marketing efforts with the tools suggested here.

All of the above outlines how to set up a business Twitter account that rocks.

I hope now you know how to set up a business twitter account Donald’s way.

Twitter is a great place to find people who want to buy your stuff and promote your brand. It needs to be kept in mind that while marketing yourself, don’t get too Spammy. Engaging with humans in a real way is the key to business success.

So take your time to learn how to set up a business Twitter account properly.

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    What do you think of the spammy WordPress plug in Revive Old Posts (Former Tweet Old Post)? I have one set up that tweets a blog every hour. But it seems to be getting zero interaction from my 11,000 followers and my followers have flatlined. I suspect it’s because Twitter has decided I’m some kind of spammer.

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