Free Social Media Marketing Software – 30 tools you MUST try

Social Media ProgramsSocial networks have revolutionized the way we sell. With these free social media marketing software, not even the sky is the limit.

Single moms, handicapped people, school dropouts, and many other whose odds of making it big have been heavily lifted by the World Wide Web. Nowadays anyone can make their dreams come true. This list of free social media marketing software is for the hustlers and their businesses to grow even bigger.

Now, getting customers has become a lot easier thanks to great social media tools that can help you put your customer acquisition on autopilot.

Here is a selection of the 30 free social media marketing software for companies.

These free social media marketing software help you to market your services without any kind of effort. Moreover, they have a free version as well as premium paid versions.

Go through a detailed study of these 30 free social media marketing apps to pick up the one you need.

Feature summary

ServiceSocial Media ChanelFeature
Postplannertwitterexclusively for posting content on Facebook automatically by scheduling it
Rignitetwittertwittertwittertwittersocial media sharing
Tagboardtwittertwittermonitor social media conversations from a single dashboard
Hashatittwittertwittertwittersearch hashtags on social media networks easily
Zoomspheretwittertwittersocial media management tool
Swayytwittertwittersocial media sharing
Addictomatictwittertwittertwittertwittertracks the mention of your brand
Buffertwittertwittertwittertwittermanages all social media networks
Social Passporttwittertwittertwittertwitterprovides a single login feature to access all social media networks and share content across them.
Social Mentiontwittertwittertwittertwittertracks the mention of your brand
Tweetreachtwittermeasures how far a tweet has travelled
BrandMentionstwittertwittertwittertwittermonitor your brand or product on the Internet
ManageFlittertwittermanage posts on Twitter
SocialCentivtwitterMarketing on twitter
Tweet Decktwitterschedules tweets
Keyholetwittertracks hastags and URLs
Icerockettwittertwittertwittertwittertracks mentions across social channels
Zapiertwittertwittertwittertwittersocial media sharing
Sparksflytwittertwittertwittertwittermanage posting across social media networks
ServiceSocial media networksFeatures
MentionAlternative to Google Alertstracks brand name everywhere and alerts you
CompfightGooglesearches for free images
KomfoFacebookFacebook analytics
Yodlemarketing companybuilds an online platform for local businesses
Vertical Responseself service marketing solutiononline surveys, email marketing options, direct mail etc.
Pushup socialfree networking sitehelps build a community around your site
IFTTfree site that works with 132 social networking sitesautomates the internet for you
Rapportivepluginfind social profiles of email contacts
Easelfree sitecreate infographics for free
SumAllGoogle Analytics, Paypal and social media Monitor the notifications across all these sites
Socialbakersanalyticsanalytics on social media

Free Social Media Tools –  Marketing Software

Post planner 

free social media marketing software

Post planner is free social media marketing software that works specifically with Facebook. This is one of the most effective free social media marketing software that is used to schedule the posts and is a massive time saver.

The improved features and the performance of the tool will help you to manage your company Facebook account in an automated way. This is the place where you can search for the best trending content and also schedule posts from all the sources. The Pro app is free but if you need the better features, you’ll have to go for the $29 plan.



Rignite lets you control multiple social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The tool works with social media websites together at the same time. It can help you interact, talk and work with all of your team users with the help of instant messages and also create forums.

This free social media marketing software has been designed keeping the concept of teamwork in mind and one of the best social media tools there is.  It is one of the free social media marketing software that can help you top work as a team. The tool is free for 14 days during which it is fully functional. The paid plan is cheap and comes at $19 per month.

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Tagboard lets you monitor on all the social conversations, search hashtags in media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is the best free social media marketing software that can help in monitoring the brand and also selecting the appropriate content very easily. The tool is very much effective in lead generation and showing the most relevant hashtags. You can contact the customers very easily with the help of this tool.



Hashatit is a social search engine for Hashtags # in most of the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. It helps in sorting out hashtags, bringing in all the conversations in real time. These hashtags identify specific topics in different social websites. It helps you gather information in regards to metadata tags.

Through the sponsorship of Hashatit, a company will be able to collect all the relevant information worldwide as it happens in real-time. You will be able to use Hashatit to edit your own custom made hashtags and easily share on your personal social sites or networks.

Next one on our social media tools list is Zoomsphere. This is an online tool that helps you manage all the social media profiles of a company effectively. Zoomsphere it is commonly used to manage a company’s Facebook, Delicious and Twitter accounts.

It is a tool which gives users the insight about the specific actions on the business social network. These actions result in an interesting profile for people to look at which is an important tool for marketing in a company.

Companies need good profiles in order to attract the prospective customers. You are also able to manage all the social profiles in your company.


Buffer is one of those social media tools that is designed to manage social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It is one of the easiest ways to promote your company on the social media. You can easily share contents about your organization to the three social websites. This means that you will be able to reach a wide audience at the same time.

It tracks all the results and gives you a comprehensive report after analyzing you have shared on the different social websites. Through the use of Buffer, you are able to schedule Facebook updates and tweets easily. It will give you comprehensive information about the shares, likes, mentions and retweets hence enhancing the performance of your business.


This is a simple way of measuring how a tweet traveled on Twitter. This is an important marketing tool that provides you with a set of metrics. It generates a detailed report about the keyword on Twitter and the hashtag. Additionally, it will give you information on tweets and the people who tweeted about the topic.

It is an ideal tool for branding, PR/Marketing campaigns, sponsorship, events, and advertising.

This tool will help you to see how many people tweeted about your brand giving you detailed information about the effectiveness of your twitter handle.


BrandMentions is a very effective method of monitoring your brand or product on the Internet. It is also a tool that measures the buzz around your brand, product, or keyword.

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The tool is designed to effectively monitor your brand on the Internet. It searches the whole internet for your keyword/brand to find relevant information and insights about your brand and where people talk about it. You can easily get the tone of the conversation using sentiment analysis, find out who’s talking bad or good things everywhere on the web and social media. Plus get real-time notifications and see historical data, perform efficient social listening and reveal competitor’s marketing strategies.



ManageFlitter can help you to manage the posts on Twitter and get the perfect audience to whom to market your services. Twitter plays an effective tool in marketing, thus Manage Flitter can help you to schedule tweets, monitor hashtags, and search for specific keywords for effective marketing. The tool also provides Twitter analytics and helps you to avail three of the facilities of the tool. There is a basic plan which is for free, a pro plan for $12, and the business plan with all the features at $49.



SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that helps you reply to tweets related to your business. It is mostly geared at helping businesses to get new customers quickly. This free social media marketing software helps businesses to establish connections with prospective customers on the social network. The software facilitates the engagement of prospective customers with the business.

SocialCentiv provides tips for keeping your customers engaged on social media. The software provides four main tips. First, constant posting about your product. Second, making sure that you interact with the followers. By interacting with the customers, they feel connected to your enterprise on a personal level. Third, replying naturally to the organic tweets of your followers. Lastly, meet directly with the needs of the target audience.



It’s a cool tool for marketing on Twitter. You can schedule tweets, customize your searches on Twitter and set alerts to keep yourself updated.

With TweetDeck, you can also search and keep track of hashtags and events. It’s arguably one of the best tools for Twitter.



Keyhole helps in tracking hashtags, URLs, and keywords in real time. You will be able to get news stories and trends that your prospective readers and customers are interested in. Thus you will make sure you write on the things that interest them more. This will make sure that your target audience is catered for and you are able to get more sales for your products. Its analytical dashboard is beautiful, comprehensive, and clear.



Zapier helps you integrate the entire popular social media channels in one place. The tool integrates Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and provides you with the best platform for digital marketing. This is the best tool where you can control and automate blogs and posts on Facebook and Twitter. Zapier connects web apps and makes tasks automated for you. The tool is working with more than 300 services and is the best place for marketing and branding your company.



This is one of the most effective and the best alternative to Google Alerts which gives you the best results in a very short time. It will give you the results according to the conversations and you can stay informed on the popular and trending topics that are being mentioned everywhere. You can combine this tool with other social media platforms without leaving the application. This platform is efficient in providing you the best extensive analytics for your marketing needs and has the great ability to export data. The tool has a basic free plan along with a 14-day trial service including an alert for tracking the results related to your business. You can also get the paid versions which can start at $29 for three users.



Compfight is the best tool to you find quality images for marketing. It can help you get images from the vast repository from free sites like Flickr. Also, you can get the HTML codes for attribution which will help you to stop worrying about searching the links.



Komfo can help you get the best Facebook analytics data regarding your content. The tool helps you in understand insights and gives you the best ideas regarding Facebook campaigns. It has features like viral amplification, spam score, fan penetration etc.


Yodle is an online local marketing company that helps businesses to keep and reach their customers in the simplest way possible. It reviews the best way to build an online platform for local businesses. Its automated technology makes the system easy to use for the local business owners.

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Yodle offers three main products for the local businesses. First, Yodel ads advertising is an important tool for the success of any business. Second, marketing essentials is mainly a complete suite of solutions. It includes email marketing, social media management, and social media management. Lastly, lighthouse 360 automates most of the daily consumer interactions and helps in the improvement of operational efficiency.

Vertical response 

Vertical response is a self-service marketing solution. It provides a full suite of online surveys, event marketing, email marketing, social media and direct email services. Its main goal is to empower nonprofit organizations and empower businesses to easily create and share their marketing campaigns.

It helps a business or organization to keep in touch with their customers by easily creating professional emails in few minutes. You will be able to benefit from many features including 700 free email marketing templates. It also helps you to share the content on different social media networks.



IFTTT allows you to make Recipes for actions. For example, a recipe would be “getting an email alert” whenever some mention your brand on a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Or getting all of your feed posts as an email.

Or you can set a recipe such that whenever you publish a new post it gets shared automatically to both Facebook and Twitter.

IFTTT works with 132 sites for social networking— Facebook profiles, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Twitter; Google services like YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Talk.

With IFTT you can automate a lot of tasks that you have been doing manually.

You can also use IFTT recipes along with iOS and Android

See 20 best IFTTT recipes to simplify your life

Also, see this article which tells you how to make your life easy with IFTT The 101 Best IFTTT Recipes



Rapportive lets you view social profiles of the people associated with their email ids on Gmail.

Everything can be seen including the links they have shared on their Google plus page, public status updates, and tweets.

It also allows you to search the web for people with similar interests as yourself. The addon is compatible with Crunchbase, BatchBook, BookingBug, Brightpearl, and MailChimp. Create your own infographic


Infographics have been going viral all over the place. It’s one of the best ways to get a ton of links and social shares legitimately. helps you design your own infographic for free, without spending a dime on it.

Select a  free template from the list and then input your data to create your own infographic in a matter of minutes.



Socialbakers provides you with the best analytics and valuable opinion on channel growth along with providing valuable guidelines on social relationship building and engagement for your business.

You can actively use the tool to curate the best content from interviews and conversations.

The tool has a basic free plan and also a plan for $120 for people who want the better features.





Use this tool to shorten, brand, and track every link that you create and share on your social media channels. By using branded links over generic links click-through rates can increase by up to 39%. Rebrandly also provides a detailed analytics feature that allows you to learn about who’s clicking on your links, such as what country the clicks are coming from, the most popular times and days and what social media platform the clicks originated from.

Did we skip any free social media marketing software that has saved your biz?

These free social media marketing software will cost you 0$ or come with free trials. Do let us know about your favorite social media marketing app in the comments below.

To add to your list of tools, check out the best seo tools 2017. Getting organic traffic has never been that easy.

And of course, share your experience with using these free social media marketing software.

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