43 Case Studies on Marketing and Traffic Acquisition from The Top Experts

digital marketing case studiesThere are super successful people who have accomplished mind-blowing things & to help you not to make their mistakes – they are sharing the key to their success. Well, this post is exactly that – 44 digital marketing case studies and tutorials from the top experts.

These fellas can turn dirt into bars of gold. So, you might want to consider spending a couple of minutes of your time going through these digital marketing case studies.

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The True Power of Evergreen Content

Nick EubanksNick Eubanks

Is there a formula to make Evergreen content? There are a few things to which all generations of mankind need answers. From tying shoelaces to learning how to kiss, there are things that are not going to change by a very big margin for the near future. Identifying those and writing on them makes for evergreen content. Nick also shares examples of bloggers who are continuously leveraging this method to get new traffic.

The Great Google Shitstorm of Our Time

Glen AllsoppGlen Allsopp

Glen went to great pains collecting data to support his claims. Google seems to be really messed up right now and it shows through Glen’s post. Glen used some sample queries like Bluehost review, web hosting etc. to show how spammy sites with thin content and lots of low quality backlinks have taken the top spot.

Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog

Dan ShureDan Shure

By the end of 2011, there were 70 million WordPress blogs alone. But all hope is not lost as Dan explains how you can be successful with blogging. He takes the live example of a site called Noahsdad.com where Noah’s dad Rick documents the journey of the kid as he fights Down’s syndrome. Even in this mishmash of the ever exploding blogosphere, many of the posts on the site receive over 10000 Facebook shares, likes and tweets. This case study on his success is really inspiring and sweet.

Our Logo Looks Like Underpants: A Case Study in Internationalization

Robert J. MooreRobert J. Moore

Unveiling a hackathon project that would end up impacting our entire organization: a new visual identity. New colors, new fonts, and, most importantly, a new logo: the dodecahedron.

5 More Provocative and Daring Marketing Campaigns So Far in 2013

Dayna RothmanDayna Rothman

Many of the marketing campaigns described above brought millions of views and publicity for the brands. All of them were daring.

How Content Marketing Saved this Brick-and-Mortar Business

Beth HaydenBeth Hayden

It’s probably less obvious how you might go about doing that with a more traditional brick-and-mortar business. But those under-explored territories can be particularly fertile ground for a solid content strategy.

How One Man Saved the Family Furniture Business, Then Built a Wildly Successful Online Fitness Company

Beth HaydenBeth Hayden

Beth shares the story of Ryan Masters who not only saved the family business but also became wildly successful with his fitness project Workout Corner. It now boasts over 4 million views and 39k subscribers on YouTube.

How Wistia Uses Gated Videos To Capture Leads

Ezra FishmanEzra

Ezra shares the story of how Wistia went from very few leads to over 2000 with the help of gated content. They realized very quickly that all may not be interested in going for the 15 day trial. This is one of those digital marketing case studies that show how creativity pays off.

How Do You Know If Your Data is Accurate?

Matthew PetersMatthew Peters

According to Matthew Peters in the inbound marketing world, we have access to backlinks and anchor text, traffic and click stream data, search volume and click-through rate (CTR), social media metrics, and a lot more. But how much of this data is accurate. He shows what he does to get the most out of data. This is one of the digital marketing case studies that try to make success repeatable for other people. He also introduces some tools like Univariate Analysis that help in the process.

How Walmart.ca’s Responsive Redesign Boost Conversion by 20%

Linda BustosLinda Bustos

Linda describes how Walmart boosted its conversions by 20% and mobile orders by 98% with a simple responsive re design. They found that mobile users preferred just 6 to 8 products per grid and they made room for it. At the same time, they did away with grey buttons(that the product was out of stock) and replaced them with whitespace. This clearly showed that the product was not available.

How A New Blog Brought In $2,000 in Revenue—and Attracted 800 Readers—In A Single Day

Derek HalpernDerek Halpern

It’s hard to get readers if you’ve just started a blog. Well, you’re wrong!

 25 Indian Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Sorav JainSorav Jain

Details of how 25 companies successfully used social media to promote themselves. Most of these are on SlideShare.

Link Building Examples

Carter BowlesCarter Bowles

Carter Bowles shows examples of how Distilled, BuzzStream, Social Triggers and two other websites did link outreach when they started out.

How I Fast-tracked My Blog to 10k Subscribers and $15k Revenue in a Month

Alex BeckerAlex Becker

A refreshing example of how to get traffic and subscribers without doing any of the usual things like “Guest-posting”, “commenting” or even “SEO”.


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 12000 Outreach Emails Got Me This

Josh HaynamJosh Haynam

Just the lesson on sending outreach Emails that you always wanted. Not many digital marketing case studies show how to get the email outreach right. This one is different. Definitely, a must check to avoid failure.

101 Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Staff to Grow Your Business!

Chris C. DuckerChris C Ducker

While you may generally hire Vas to clean up your inbox or write articles, you would’ve never thought that you could train your new virtual staff by asking the ones whom you’ve trained. What about travel arrangements and planning? There are at least 99 more that you definitely can’t miss getting done by a VA.

Build Responsive Emails | Tutorial | .Net Magazine

ElliotRossElliot Ross

The design challenges for mobile email are similar to those on the web. With this in mind, the best approach is to design a campaign that works well on both desktops and mobiles, and then use media queries where they’re supported to add an extra layer of optimization for smartphones.

Creating and Promoting Linkable Assets, the Ultimate Guide

Pratik DholakiyaPratik Dholakiya

Pratik tells us the science behind creating a viral asset and gives various examples of how others have achieved that. A must-read if you want to promote something online.

The Definitive Guide to Paying Home-Based Filipino Virtual Assistants

Chris C. DuckerChris C Ducker

The blog post is short but there’s everything that you need to know in the 200+ comments.

Free Twitter Analytics Tool: The Ultimate Guide

Ian ClearyIan Cleary

One of the best social media marketing case studies is RazorSocial’s guide to free Twitter Analytic Tools is a guide to a lot of extremely powerful Twitter tools like Twitonomy that can be used to analyze any Twitter account, TweetLevel that analyses hashtags and 14 other tools that can make you a Twitter king.


Infographic Promotion – The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Promoting Your Infographic

John PringJohn Pring

An excellent guide covering everything from social media promotion to reaching out to relevant bloggers. I would’ve appreciated a slightly bigger font though as most people wouldn’t bother with Ctrl +.

Call to Action Buttons: The Ultimate Guide on Which Ones Convert and Why

Smriti ChawlaSmriti Chawla

Smriti offers relevant insights on factors that affect CTA button conversions. She takes into account the color, size, placement, and some other factors and their role in conversions.

The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging

Pratik DholakiyaPratik Dholakiya

An extremely good guide that goes into every detail to finding guest blogging opportunities and making the most of it.

The Ultimate Guide to Speeding up your WordPress Site

James BrobergJames Broberg

An incredibly fast loading tutorial on speeding up your WordPress site.

Content Curation In the Content Marketing Mix

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen

How to curate content the right way and the stats behind content creation and curation. A study by Curata found that around 58% of the respondents curated at least 10 pieces of content every day. Including content curation in the content marketing mix will definitely help get more social shares in 2014.


The Superhuman Guide to Keyword Research

Glen AllsoppGlen Allsopp

There’s hardly anyone who matches the research skillsets and the extensive depth with which Glen can cover something. Ever wondered what Wikipedia, Microsoft Excel, and Market Samurai can do for keyword research. Find out now!

Scraping Online Communities for your Outreach Campaigns

Matthew BarbyMatthew Barby

A detailed guide by Matthew Barby on scraping Twitter, Inbound to find targets for outreach campaigns. Matthew goes into a detailed run on about using Xpath for finding details on targets from social media sites. 


The $100 Link Building Challenge

Matthew BarbyMatthew Barby

A lot of creative things come out when experts are told to build links on a $100 budget. It’s definitely not what you think it is.

17 Things the Best Blogs Have that Yours Might Not


Ramsay aka. the Blog Tyrant explains what your blog lacks compared to the big bloggers around. If your blog is missing a good content plan, a killer about us page, long term goals, then it is far behind already.

Which Ecommerce Sites Are Getting It Right? Here’s 21 Of The Best…

Graham CharltonGraham Charlton

21 eCommerce sites that have got it right in terms of design user friendliness.

Responsive Web Design: The Ultimate Guide for Online Marketers

Slavik VolinskySlavik Volinsky

Slavik reveals why responsive design is of such importance today and how to go about it. He goes over both the advantages and disadvantages of responsive website design.




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How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too!

Matthew WoodwardMatthew Woodward

I have been following Matthew since when he started his blog. It was just a year ago and in that time he has managed to make over $70,000 in profit and snag 3 awards. The content that he produces is awesome and fully based on research.

One of the content marketing case studies is so epic and detailed that you might not need to read anything else. It shows the entire story of him getting started and building everything up from scratch. What’s even more awesome is that the whole blog has been a zero link-building case study. He hasn’t built a single link to his site, everything came through referrals.

1k In 5 Days From Dinky Ass Site

Alex BeckerAlex Becker

In this video, Alex Becker explains how one tiny site that took him just a few hours to set up and rank makes him $1000 residual income every month.


The Open-Book Sale of My $600K Store (With Complete Financials)

Andrew YouderianAndrew Youderian

Andrew goes into the gory details of selling a profitable eCommerce store on his blog. He quit his corporate job in 2007 so it’s nice to hear him reach all this way with just a $1500 deposit.

How I Increased My Search Engine Traffic by 13.15% in Just 30 Days Through Google’s In-Depth Articles

Neil PatelNeil Patel

Neil is at it yet again, with detailed stats he drives the point home. Pay heed to the new features of Google.

How to promote your blog?

Richard MarriottRichard Marriot

50 experts are given a scenario where they can just use three tools to promote a blog. What will they be? I was not surprised to see that most answers listed similar tools. The beauty of the post is that it reinforces some of the most basic things we have been told from the beginning.


43 Split-Tests That (Almost) Always Boost Conversions

Ryan DeissRyan Deiss

From font size to adding a shadow in text and measuring the effects of what it does. Ryan has written one of the best digital marketing case studies and A/B testing.


How We Grew a Blog to $6 Million+ in 12 Months

Ryan DeissRyan Deiss

Ryan started a site “Survival Life”. It was ugly, it challenged every known rule of blogging. Now it does $1 million in sales every month.


How to Hit 4 Million Users in 6 months

Howard KingHoward King

Howard King shares how he grew “I Am Player”, the first game of their social gaming startup to over 4 million users in just over 6 months.

Five First-Year Posts that Led to Over 6 Million Views

Darren RowseDarren Rowse

Darren tells the story of the five posts on Digital Photography School that managed to attract a huge readership in its first year, and why he thinks they were so successful at driving traffic.

How to buy websites and profit?

Chris GuthrieChris Guthrie

A look at how Chris Guthrie bought a website turned it into a profit of an extra 3000 with 5 minutes of work.

Expanded Guest Post: How to 100x the effectiveness of your next guest post?

bryan Bryan Harris

This is one of the best digital marketing case studies for people who want to improve their guest blogging skills.

Bryan shows an in-depth analysis of what goes into making a guest post that is 100 times more effective than what you have been doing until now. Simply adding, ” For example”, is an effective way to pique the attention of readers as they often love cases, studies, and examples. Your post is now in front of an audience that doesn’t know you. They don’t know if they should like you or hate you. Creating a climax, building an expectation of greater good things are some other ways on how you can engage them so that they happily give you their email ids.

No more spoilers. Read this for yourself. It’s fun and the best from our content marketing case studies list.

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