Website Traffic Secrets: 24 Traffic Generation Tutorials [from experts]

website traffic secretsEver wonder how all those Superstar Marketeers know any website traffic secrets?

Actually they do!

In this article you will find 24 case studies and tutorials with more website traffic secrets than you can handle.

No detail is spared.

Everything you have ever wondered about website traffic secrets is on of detailed blog post.

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The Actual Impact of PPC on Sales

traffic generationMelissa Mackey

PPC can be one of the best website traffic secrets if executed properly. Moreover, some of those visitors are likely to convert, says Melissa Mackey. She shares how to make it happen.


Driving Search Traffic to an Affiliate Site in No Time


Despite the negative impact of Google’s algorithm updates to many affiliate sites these past 3 years, many experts still believe that affiliate marketing will still be a very profitable online business model.


How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days

Brian DeanBrian Dean

Brian calls his link building method the skyscraper method. It consists of finding link building assets with the help of Google, Topsy etc. One he identifies those assets he makes them better, we can also say longer, better designed, up to date and then he reaches out to the right people.


The Story Behind our Infographic Going Viral

Stephen MartinStephen Martin

The aim of the infographic was to provide an easy-to-digest graphical representation of the facts from the Budget while raising awareness of our own brand. But then it went viral and now there’s a case study on it.


8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 YouTube Views in 10 Months

Josh CoffyJosh Coffy

Josh Coffy talks how he decided to attempt a different marketing tactic for their (slow) growing drumming education company. The techniques worked for him so well that he generated 500,000 video views. From ideal posting times and ideal setup for the videos to taking inspiration from the big guys, Josh doesn’t spare a single detail when it comes to teaching you how to do it yourself.


9,000 Uniques in One Day: A Viral Marketing Case Study

Glen AllsoppGlen Allsopp

Glen takes various examples of how simple ideas and websites have gone viral in the past. He made a Feedburner mini-site and emailed a mere six people about it and tweeted the link once. The site had made to the HackerNews homepage the very next day, garnered 500 or so back links in a single day and the domain is now a PR 4. The whole thing was made in less than a day, looks ugly and is not even properly optimized for mobile.

Hats off Glen.

How Google Authorship DECREASED Our Traffic by 90%

Alex YAlex Y.

Thousands of webmasters have reactivated their dead Google+ profiles and associated their pages with their Google+ accounts hoping to improve their CTR (click-through rates), but this hasn’t helped at all.


Going Viral on Pinterest: Driving Big Traffic

Colby AlmondColby Almond

It was in one month that Pinterest exploded from a casual social network to an absolute powerhouse of over 10 million users. By this point, Pinterest was generating more referral traffic than Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


From 0 to 1.4 Million Visitors in 6 Months: A Lesson in Building Organic Traffic

Nick EubanksNick Eubanks

Growing a new website to over 100,000 visitors per month is not an easy task, let’s see how they did it.


My $45,300 Mistake: How Text Drives More Traffic Than Video Content

Neil PatelNeil Patel

According to Neil Patel, videos are one of the biggest website traffic secrets. Nevertheless, spending money on videos without considering various factors that help traffic generation can prove to be futile. Learn how to change that.





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How to Increase Search Traffic through Keyword Audit on GA | Kaiserthe

Jason AcidreJason Acidre

Determining variations of search queries that are sending highly qualified traffic to the site and optimizing the pages/posts to match and be ranked/served on those long-tail searches is one of the most hidden seo website traffic secrets.


How to Get More Pinterest Traffic and Links – Triple SEO

Chris DysonChris Dyson

Pinterest is a fast growing platform and it has provided some successes with getting more Pinterest traffic and even some great links from bloggers by using Pinterest as an outreach tool.


How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Andrea VahlAndrea Vahl

One of the key takeaways from this post is you can learn the best way to optimize your Facebook posts. This is where Andrea’s websites traffic secrets are revealed.

Most bloggers just copy paste the link from their blog to Facebook. This isn’t the best way to do it. If you rather upload a picture from your post and add the link as a description there’s a higher probability of the post being noticed.


How to Use Data to Improve Your Traffic

Jason AcidreJason Acidre

The amount of raw data you have doesn’t help you much. Jason tells you how to convert all that data into money. You can learn which landing pages are driving less traffic and are low on conversions. You can find out which mobile platforms are driving the most traffic to your site and optimize accordingly. Also, you can see your referral traffic sources and invest in them more.


How To Increase Traffic With My Custom Google Analytics Profile

Matthew WoodwardMatthew Woodward

While Google Analytics is pretty robust and feature rich. It does overlook some of most basic features and reports. Matthew Woodward helps you identify these Google Analytics mistakes.



Video Content Marketing: Drive More Traffic with Video

Tara PickardTara Pickard

According to Tara Pickard, Video marketing isn’t just about getting your name out there and getting people to convert, it can also be a great way to build and maintain relationships once a prospect turns into a customer.


How To Increase Traffic & Build Links Automatically In 60 Seconds

Matthew WoodwardMatthew Woodward

In less than 60 seconds you can increase traffic to your site and build backlinks automatically all day every day without spending a penny?


How to Explode Your Traffic and Branding with Blog Commenting

Zac JohnsonZac Johnson

There are many different ways that blog commenting can work for building traffic to your site, but too many comments are looking for a quick link and using short cut methods that end up hurting their brand rather than helping it.


11 Ways to Drive Gobs of Traffic to Your Website

John DohertyJohn Doherty

Traffic generation should be a piece of a larger marketing strategy that includes email, possibly paid search, social, content, and even display and print.

All of the website traffic secrets in one article.


Lessons in growth marketing

CaptureDavid Kosmayer

David walks you through some tips for growing a small business website’s traffic that have worked for him. He primarily focuses on making your website’s brand stand out, leveraging the power of reviews, and promoting content effectively on multiple channels.


Using Google’s In-Depth Article to Increase Traffic 13.15% in 30 Days

Neil PatelNeil Patel

10% of searchers use Google to find more detailed content which has the detailed content that contains stats and data and can be used for traffic generation.


21 SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Get More Search Engine Traffic

Brian DeanBrian Dean

Identifying SEO techniques that fetch results and putting 100% of the resources into executing and scaling those techniques is extremely productive says Brian Dean.





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Free Beer at the Daycare! (“More Traffic” is Not a Goal)

Joel KlettkeJoel Klettke

Joel tells you why you don’t need more traffic and what happens when you seek website traffic secrets for traffic’s sake.

Only traffic that is relevant to your niche is going to help you with your business. Now to do that you need to create content for the right market. The free beer at the Day Care example is hilarious.


Double Your Traffic in 30 Days

Neil PatelNeil Patel & Sherice Jacob

Writing a list post on your blog, a life lesson, publishing a roundup, focusing on a money keyword and writing tons of posts around are some of the tactics that can double your traffic generation efforts. You will also find tips to convert one blog post idea into 10, the optimum length of the post to drive more clicks and links and much more in this Neil Patel and Sherice Jacob’s guide.


Why Google Plus is a Great Traffic Source

Matthew BarbyMatthew Barby

Instead of having a terrible interface that you can barely navigate around (LinkedIn) or a ton of ads asking me to buy the latest “miracle muscle growth supplement” (Facebook), Google+ makes for an awesome user experience and tons of opportunities for marketers, says Matthew Barby.

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