58 Best SEO Case Studies and Tutorials – A Mind Blowing Free Knowledge

best SEO case studiesThese are 58 best SEO case studies from the best in their fields.

It’s as if David Blane would be sharing his Magic secrets.

These fellas are putting it out there, for you to make the SEO magic to happen.

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White Hat SEO Study: 348% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days

BrianDeanBrian Dean

Brian shares his story on how he went about increasing organic traffic by identifying the content gap in his niche. Once done he created a relevant post surrounding that keyword and then reached out to influential people about the post. In a few days, he saw the fruits of his hard work. His way of generating backlinks is an SEO case study for everyone.

White-Hat Link Building in the Gambling Industry

SamMirandaSam Miranda

The gambling industry has been facing the daunting task of restructuring its content marketing and SEO initiatives. Abusing article directories and paying for guest posts with keyword rich anchor text no longer cut the mustard.

Getting Authorship to Work: A Moz.com SEO Study

RuthBurrRuth Burr

Having author markup working on your site is important. It builds trust with users when they see an author they already know and respect has written a piece of content.

Negative SEO Results


Is negative SEO possible in the current climate – Jammy felt it was important to know whether it was possible for a site to be negatively affected completely by outside influences. One of the best SEO case studies to read if you feel that someone has a grudge against your Biz.

How to Build Links to Your Blog

MatthewBarbyMatthew Barby

Whilst paid advertising and social media were a huge part of the strategy, I knew that appearing in the search engines for a wide selection of long-tail phrases was going to be instrumental to the blog’s success, says Matthew Barby.

The Impact of Company Investment on SEO – Link Building Case Study

MattRidoutMatt Ridout

According to Matt Ridout, there are certain landmarks for businesses which are considerably large in value, these can come in all shapes and sizes but generally cover; mergers, investment, rebranding, share pricing, being bought by another company or going public on the stock market. Matt’s SEO case study looks into the corporate way of doing search engine optimization.

How We Got Our Penalty Revoked Using the Disavow Tool

SanderSander Tamaëla

Can you help me with trying to revoke a penalty? It happened to be that Google had just released their link disavow tool and this penalty was link-based. Sander shares how.

Post-Penguin Anchor Text Case Study | SEOmoz

CourtTuttleCourt Tuttle

Court Turtle explores if one could take a brand new domain (with no links obviously), and get it to rank for a decently competitive term, in an oft-spammed niche by getting links (mostly non-exact match keyword anchored) from relevant pages of relevant sites.

Offline is the New Online Link Building Tutorial

MattRidoutMatt Ridout

Times have changed in SEO, more so during 2016 than ever before when it comes to link building. The SEO “sphere” of knowledge is awash with good advice from respected SEOs on how people and brands should be building links moving forward, says Matt Ridout.

An SEO Fail For Candie’s – A Big Brand Audit

BillsebaldBill Sebald

Bill Sebald explains how a big brand can also fail if it does not carefully analyze its marketing strategy, through various examples that throw light on what happened to Candie.

Parasite SEO Tutorial Where I Attack 110,000 A Month Search Term With Parasite Pages (Day 1)

TerryKyleTerry Kyle

The name says it all. Spread over 11 part series Terry manages to dominate a massive search term “Paleo Diet” with only parasite sites like Buzzfeed, Rebelmouse etc. His parasite SEO tutorial shows how on a very low budget, using some private blog network SEO link building and press releases you make big things to happen.

How I Built My Private Blog Network for Less Than $500 and How You Can Too

SteveRendellSteve Rendell

Building a private blog network is not cheap, this one goes into the gory details

I Learned From Scraping SEOmoz’s Active User Base

MichaelKingMichael King

The author shares his experiences from scraping SEOmoz and how he had the idea to scrape all its publicly available profile data on active users. Michael scraped the details of around 14000 active users on Moz and found out many interesting stats. The largest segment of users on Moz spent more than 50 hours/week on it.

How I Made Over $150,000 in this Niche?

ChrisGuthrieChris Guthrie

An info product in which he taught people how to play Halo and made over $10000.

You might be thinking, “I came here for the best SEO case studies”. Well, have a look – it’s a good one.


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Private Blog Network

TungTranTung Tran

One of the most in-depth tutorials on building a private blog network. Truly private blog networks are one of the easiest ways to rank. Many of the best SEO case studies mentioned later employ them to rank their sites.

Get Started With Mobile SEO | .Net Magazine

AleydaSolisAleyda Solis

If you’re not currently preparing your website to make the most out of mobile search, then you’re missing a trick, but don’t worry, there are a number of steps you can begin taking right now in order to rectify the situation.

E-commerce SEO case study – How to 3X organic traffic

David SheppardDavid Sheppard

Every SEO knows getting results for big brands is easier than for small businesses with low Domain Authority. Learn how a niche e-commerce store in a “boring” industry earned high quality links and outranked Amazon and other large retailers.

Top YouTube Tutorials For Social Media Tools | Social Media Sun

BenBeckBen Beck

Managing social media is hard in corporate situations where many people may be attempting to maintain a consistent brand image across multiple platforms at the same time. And here is how to make it easy.

Link Building Outreach

VenchitoTamponVenchito Tampon

A Fantastic tutorial on getting to the right people the right way.

Ethical Wikipedia Link Building Strategy

WilReynoldsWil Reynolds

Will Reynolds feels that Wikipedia is a top destination for research and that as people find information there, a fraction of them end up having that research ends up on the web and in other trusted sources.

The New Facebook Timeline – Video Tutorial

CianMurphyCian Murphy

The new Facebook business pages have taken away the custom landing pages and replaced them with the cover photo which is a good thing because it brings your custom advertisement into constant view rather than needing a separate landing tab.

Google Analytics Tutorial: 8 Valuable Tips To Hustle With Data!

AvinashKaushikAvinash Kaushik

Avinash teaches you how to create a customized dashboard, leverage your custom alerts, use inline analytics and finally how to quit Google Analytics and export all the data and play with it. Pretty advanced stuff.

6 Ways to Use Advanced Segments with Simple Tutorial

Tom ThirskTom Thirsk

Google Analytics is a powerful tool but without advanced segments you aren’t even using half of what it can do. You can view the operating systems that your readers use. You can view traffic by landing page and separate the highly engaged traffic, also find out bounce rates and load times.

Excel Bubble Chart Tutorial: How to Make an Excel Bubble Chart for PPC

ChadSummerhillChad Summerhill

The Excel bubble chart is often overlooked by PPC advertisers because it can be tricky to set up. However, when used properly, a bubble chart lets you clearly present and compare categorical data, says Chad Summerhill.

An Advanced Keyword Competitive Analysis Tutorial

MatthewBarbyMatthew Barby

Mathew Barby feels that Keyword analysis is an incredibly important part of any SEO campaign, therefore, understanding how competitive any given keyword is. After reading this SEO case study, you will have to agree.

SEO Video Tutorial for Co-Citation Link Building Understanding

AdamChadAdam and Chad

In this video tutorial, HubShout executives Adam and Chad answer the question – What is co-citation? Otherwise known as citation SEO, SEO citation, or co-citation analysis. Co-citation is done by earning links on websites that already have links pointing to other respected websites as well.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tutorial and Giveaway

MatthewBarbyMatthew Barby

Here is a full SEO tutorial that showcases some of the ways that you can use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to boost the performance of your on-page SEO, find link building opportunities and also improve user experience across the site.

Magento SEO tutorial for Magento Extension Users & Developers

ToniAnicicToni Anicic

A tutorial on Magento extensions that can influence on-site SEO. This tutorial is both for Magento merchants as well as extension developers. These often get overlooked from the SEO point of view because they tend to get added to the project in the later stages.

Google Did Not Want Us to Use the Keyword Planner This Way

DanShureDan Shure

The post is a real treat. Some sneaky ways in which you can use the Keyword Planner to get more out of it. You will get to see what happens when you put Wikipedia into the Keyword Planner. You can create as many highly profitable niche sites out of it, it’s the gold pot of the best SEO case studies.

Also, see the keywords that your competitors are ranking for with the help of Keyword Planner. There are a lot more things like seeing the keywords of Pinterest and Reddit discussion boards etc. I will spoil the surprise.

How to Rank: 25 Step SEO Master Blueprint

Cyrus ShepardCyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard created this SEO blueprint. It’s meant as a framework for newer SEOs to build their own work on top of it. This basic blueprint has helped hundreds of pages and dozens of sites to gain higher rankings.

Excel for SEO

WillCritchlow&DuncanMorrisWill Critchlow & Duncan Morris

This is one of the best SEO case studies where guys are laying it out for you why Excel is one of the best tools for SEO and how to use it.

A Very Advanced Guide on SEO

NeilPatelNeil Patel

Neil went overboard with this epic SEO study. He covers everything from Whitehat SEO to Blackhat and everything that goes in between.

The Ultimate Guide To Local Schema

AshwinRameshAshwin Ramesh

An advanced guide to the local schema and why on earth is schema important.

The Ultimate Guide to Phone-Based Link Building Outreach

StephanieStMartinStephanie St. Martin

With people increasingly turning a blind eye to link prospecting emails, a simple phone call may be the way to go in the future. Stephanie tells you how to remove your fears and get more links.

How To Build The Ultimate PR Network (Rank For Anything)

AlexBeckerAlex Becker

Written in an uber cool way, this guide covers almost everything about building a private blog network the right way.

Ultimate Guide to Google Penalty Removal

LewisSellersLewis Sellers

With Google dishing out penalty after penalty, it’s now a tough world to survive. Learn how to fight back.

The Biggest SEO case studies – eCommerce SEO Guide

CharlesFloateCharles Floate

In this mammoth 12000 words guide, Charles Floate covers everything from choosing the right theme for your eCommerce site and properly optimizing it to achieve high rankings. He gives you one of his example sites, tells you about the outreach steps that can land hundreds of links in 5 minutes and covers every link-building tip on the planet. The cool thing, though is that he’s only 17. This is an SEO case study from the God of SEO himself.


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5 Unexpected Link Prospecting Tools, and How to Use Them

PratikDholakiyaPratik Dholakiya

Did you ever think of Amazon as a link prospecting tool? Hmm, what about Bit.ly, a little shocked, right? Find out other shocking ways in which you can use some commonly known sites for something entirely different.

Scale SEO – Tools to Getting More Done

ChrisDysonChris Dyson

A lot of time is wasted in generating fancy reports for clients if it is done manually. On the other hand, Raven Tools does it in minutes.

Link prospecting by itself would drain hours of your time. Employing Scrapebox for doing some of the tasks takes the pain out of the process. Plus, there are a lot more things that you can make the tools do for you and save you time.

7 Alerts to Monitor Your SEO Process Opportunities and Issues

AleydaSolisAleyda Solis

Receive an SMS whenever your site is down. Also monitor organic search rankings, international traffic, conversions and receive mobile alerts on all of them on a weekly basis. Receive an alert whenever your competitor gets a new link. There is no limit to what Aleyda can do with Google Analytics and a bunch of other free tools.

The Ultimate Guide to Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder

MichaelSmithMichael Smith

Michael Smith’s tutorial on using Whitespark for local citations is incredibly detailed. You can search by key phrase, phone number etc. with this tool and you also get a lot of citation sources.

SEO Tools Plugin for Excel – An Advanced Tutorial [VIDEO]

MatthewBarbyMatthew Barby

SEO tools plugin for Excel is another must-have swiss army knife for SEOs. It makes life so easy with all the time-saving attributes. Above all the tool’s 1c00% free.

The Ultimate Guide to Scrapebox

JacobKingJacob King

Scrapebox is a versatile tool. Most people know just one of its functions. It can be used very creatively for many tasks including finding link prospecting targets, finding expired domains, backlinks, local citations. The list is fairly exhaustive.

121 Best Link Building Posts of 2012

WayneBarkerWayne Barker

Wayne Covers 121 of the best posts on link building from 2012. Be sure to check out the very useful section on link-building tools.

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