33 Email Delivery Tools to Better Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Delivery ToolsEmail isn’t dead and it isn’t going anywhere, at least not for B2B marketers.  It’s a brilliant marketing tool that offers personalization, behavioral triggered automation, and sophisticated segmentation. There are various email delivery tools that help you deliver key content at the perfect time.

Email marketing software can help build up an engaged audience, nurture prospects, close sales, and make customers so happy they turn into loyal brand advocates. 

Email is the 3rd most influential source of information for B2B audiences, and according to Hubspot, 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. Even more impressive, Campaign Monitor reports that every $1 dollar spent in the US on email marketing shows a return on investment of $44, which is a statistic that has been going up drastically year-over-year.

So, what does that mean for your company? Simply put, it means you’re missing out on big opportunities if email and email delivery tools are not part of your overall marketing strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll break down 33 of the top marketing email delivery tools to help you decide which tool is the best fit for your specific needs and goals.

Let’s begin!

-> The Email Delivery Tools List <-

Mailigen one of the best email delivering tool


Mailigen is the easiest email delivery tool to create, send & automate email marketing and newsletters.

Mailigen’s features and tools will get your subscribers excited every time they receive an email from your company. This is the software to send relevant and triggered responses.

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Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor gives you full pack of marketing email delivery tools needed for an email marketing campaign in one place. Beautifully designed, professional marketing campaigns that will help grow your business. Their simple drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy for companies that don’t have experience in email marketing look like pros.


mail chimp

MailChimp is one of the world’s largest marketing automation platforms. This platform helps small shops to large online retailers find their audiences, engage with their customers through email tools and build their brand. MailChimp works well because their campaign builder can make personalized emails for selling products, sharing news, telling stories or reaching out to new leads.

Email on acid

email on acid

Email on Acid has a slogan of getting rid of the send stress. You know the feeling, hovering your mouse over the “send” button, but unsure if you should send it yet.

Maybe just one more read-through!

This tool helps eliminate the fear of sending an email with the help of great design, email testing and then sending the email off with new calmness. Email on Acid is used by developers and marketers alike and integrates with some of the major email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.  



HubSpot is a sales and marketing platform that offers powerful email marketing features such as automated workflows to help deliver key content to your audience based on their behaviors. It also makes it easy to optimize your campaigns through A/B split tests so you can identify the headlines and CTAs that get the best results. Use the deep insights Hubspot provides, along with intelligent personalization and segmentation features to develop a stronger relationship with your buyers, and wow them with custom tailored content.  



If the Litmus logo looks similar to Putsmail it’s because it is! Litmus bought Putsmail and continues to offer it separately to its own email marketing offerings. This is a great email delivery tool.

Litmus makes your email better. Since people open emails on many different devices, everywhere, Litmus is an easy way for teams to create great looking emails for every device.



Pinpointe is an email marketing tool that fits your needs. It has the largest library of pre-tested, mobile-friendly, ready-to-use HTML email templates. This will allow you to create fantastic email campaigns quickly, with the help of the responsive email templates. For Pinpointe, it’s important to get to the inbox. They monitor IP reputation with deliverability vendors to ensure that inbox acceptance rates are high.

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Postmark is about sending time-sensitive transactional emails to your customers. They know that reaching the inbox isn’t enough. The subscribers need to want to open up the email. When you use Postmark you’ll get detailed delivery, open and link tracking, inbound email processing and 45 days of full content history. This delivery tool focuses on data and you need to know data in order to see if your campaign is working or what needs to be changed.  



Mailjet believes that building together and sending smarter is the email solution for fast-moving teams. This tool allows all of your email needs to be on one reliable platform. You’re able to take control of your email strategy and send reliable and scalable emails with Mailjet’s SMTP and API. You’ll also gain access to real-time monitoring services for all your email traffic. Like we said before, data is knowledge.



SendGrid uses a cloud-based solution to send transactional and marketing emails to for over 58,000 customers. This allows the companies to focus on their businesses, instead of their email infrastructure. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, SendGrid has plans that will work for the number of emails you’re hoping to send every day.

Constant Contact

constant contact

Constant Contact doesn’t believe you need to be a marketing expert to see powerful results through email marketing campaigns. With easy step-by-step processes, Constant Contact shows you how to create a professional email in little to no time.


ConvertKit is email marketing for creators. Whether you’re a blogger, author, maker, YouTuber, designer or teacher, ConvertKit specializes in email marketing for you. One of the best features when it comes to this email delivery tool is that it explains easily how to switch to ConvertKit from other email marketing providers. So, if you’re ready to transition from MailChimp’s free option, ConvertKit will make it go smoothly.



This email delivering tool is for small businesses looking to build their audience, get more customers and go pro with their passion. Aweber allows you to set up automated email series to engage your subscribers at the right time with more than 700 mobile responsive email and sign up form templates to choose from.



GetResponse is another all-in-one online marketing platform with the promise to grow your business. When using GetResponse, you’ll learn when your contacts are most likely to engage, which means that’s exactly when your email should go out! Not only that but, you’re able to create autoresponder emails that have a personal feel, and don’t sound like an automated email.  



ActiveCampaign is an email delivery tool that seems to have it all. In terms of Email Marketing, they break it down into different sections: email segmentation, subscription forms, dynamic content and split testing. In addition to that, there’s marketing automation to help automate your marketing, emails and sales.

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ReturnPath’s data-driven solutions help email marketers understand their deliverability, which helps them take action to reach the max number of customers to better their ROI. ReturnPath partners with more than 70 providers of mailbox and security solutions, covering 2.5 billion inboxes.



Mailgun is the email service for developers. They use powerful APIs that enable developers to send, receive and track emails effortlessly. With searchable logs, you’ll be able to always know what’s happening to your email while tags make it easy to A/B test and report on your data.


mail tester

Mail-tester is a simple email marketing delivery tool that allows you to test the “spammyness” of your emails. When I say simple, I mean simple. You first send the email that you’re planning to send out to a mail-tester email. Once you hit the send button on that email, you’ll be able to check your spammyness score.



GreenArrow’s core deliverability features allow for speedy performance and actionable analytics. GreenArrow uses powerful segmentation rules, A/B testing, remote lists and special sending rules to help you deliver the right message… at the right time.



With trusted email delivery, in-depth analytics and easy integration, email is made fast and easy with SocketLabs. The platform APIs enable fast and powerful integration with different applications, servers and devices for sending emails.



Sendloop is a simple, affordable and effective email marketing software. This tool automatically follows up with leads and customers, so you don’t have to worry about sending out a manual email. Sendloop also promises increased email response rates with tailored content and professional looking emails.



Spark is a mail app that gives you back the time that you lose when you live in your inbox. This tool has a smart inbox, which helps you see what’s important in your inbox and cleans up the rest. It sorts out personal, notifications and newsletters into different lists.

As a company sending out emails, it’s important to consider if your leads are using a tool like Spark. This should change the way you write and send emails.  



Emma is an email delivery tool that doesn’t just hand you the keys and waves you off. They provide custom onboarding that helps you get up to speed on the software right away. There are also in-house experts who are plugged in always to help you when necessary. Emma provides the opportunity to fully understand email marketing and lets you see the success since you’re in the driver’s seat.

-> Email Monitoring Tools <-



MxToolbox is a little different than the other email marketing delivery tools in this article. This tool supports internet operations by providing accurate network diagnostic and lookup tools. You’ll connect to the mail server, verify reverse DNS records and perform a simple open relay check and measure response time performance.

Unlock The Inbox


Unlock the Inbox is another tool for testing and monitoring emails. You’ll learn if your email is configured properly, how your emails look in someone’s inbox, if you are appearing on any blacklists and how many of your emails are being opened. This data is extremely useful when planning email campaigns.



Putsmail helps you test your HTML emails before sending them. This is a great tool because no one wants to open an email up to find out the code is broken, links aren’t working or there are spelling mistakes. That makes a business look unprofessional and no one wants to feel that way.

Putsmail makes sure your company’s name and unprofessional are never used in the same sentence regarding email marketing!

-> Email Automation Tools <-


250,000+ professionals use Right Inbox with Gmail for next-level email productivity. With Right Inbox, you can write emails at the time that works for you, then have them sent at a time that works for your recipients.

Write follow-ups beforehand and schedule to send them if recipients don’t reply to your first email. When they do, follow-ups are automatically canceled.



Email Tracking, Document Tracking or Mail Merge Campaign? SalesHandy DOES ALL! With SalesHandy you can engage smartly with prospects & close more deals.



Campaigner is an email automation platform focused on turning emails into revenue. Its’ easy-to-use marketing features include sharing email campaigns to different social channels to increase visibility, the creation of workflows, geolocation and localization that takes global campaigns to the local streets.  



Pardot is an automated email tool brought to you by Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform. It is built with ease of use in mind but doesn’t come at the cost of scale. And, if you’re a fan, you can combine your Pardot and your Salesforce account to create perfect harmony between marketing and sales.


base camp

Basecamp is a project management tool that has built in email functionality. What is worse than knowing you sent an email to a client, but not being able to find it in your preferred email client? To solve that struggle, Basecamp has created a feature called “Clientside” where you can send emails to your clients, request approvals and schedule emails with dates all in one place. This means you will never lose another email. It will live in Basecamp until the project is completed and archived.



Drip is email delivery tool that uses personalized emails to drive first-time and return buyers. This email delivery tool makes it easy to send an abandoned cart email to show leads you’re interested in knowing why they didn’t purchase. Not only will you learn more about your lead, but it will help drive sales and deepen your customer relationships.



Yesmail is a part of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The Yesmail360i platform helps brands develop and implement lifecycle email marketing programs that are designed to engage the audience and successfully move them through the buying cycle. Yesmail’s key email functionality is targeting.


mass mailer

MassMailer is email delivery tool that allows you to take control of the number of emails you send and make smart decisions on your communications with in-depth reporting. One of the best features of Mass Mailer is that there are no email limitations. Send emails beyond batch or per day limits like many email marketing delivery tools have.

Which Email Delivery Tool Should You Use?

There you have it, 33 of the best marketing email delivery tools on the market. So which marketing email delivery tool is right for you? It’s important to consider what all of your email marketing functionality needs are, determine the number of emails you’ll be sending, and of course, your budget, as these tools can range anywhere from free to tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Once you find some potential matches, be sure to give the company a call so that you can be confident they have all of the features you require. This is also a good time to ask them about their company roadmap, as even if they’re missing something you’d like, it might be coming up in their next update!

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