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SaaS Affiliate Program – Become Linkody’s Affiliate [& Get Recurring Commission]

This is the SaaS Affiliate Program that will get you excited!

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Earn 30% Monthly Recurring Revenue For Each Customer You Refer!

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Each Month!

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For the rest of customer’s lifetime!

I bet, this sounds almost too good to be true.

And I’m 100% sure that now you think that this is the best recurring revenue affiliate program ever!

And to join Linkody’s affiliate program all you have to do is, email us.

How Linkody’s SaaS Affiliate Program Works?

oneStep 1: You contact us at Include in the subject line “Me Your New Affiliate”. twoStep 2: We review your application and the potential traffic you could bring.

three (1)Step 3: We launch our affiliate partnership and you start earning monthly recurring revenue.

Simple, huh?

Why Linkody’s SEO Affiliate Program?

We automate as much as possible to make your life easier so you can focus only on marketing.

Our saas affiliate program is one of the most automated SEO affiliate websites, to make your life easier so you can focus only on marketing.

We manage all our Affiliates with FastSpring so you can follow your recurring revenue on the spot. See what you make each day, week and month.

Moreover, this allows you to withdraw the money by the end of each month.

The signup process is pretty much the easiest out there. All you have to do is – already what you do the best, market the socks of the Linkody tool. And, of course, enjoy the commission 😉

On top of that, you get the exclusive promotional deals from one of the best SEO intelligence softwares out there.

Who you are?

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Consider this as a SEO experts club – only the best are accepted. With this, we want to make sure that your time won’t go to waste.

Before we accept the Affiliates we want to know how exactly you will market & promote Linkody’s backlink checker.

Sounds Interesting?


And you want to become part of an elite SaaS affiliate program. Don’t wonder about “what if” – email us and see for yourself.

SaaS Affiliate program that will make you money EACH MONTH is just an email away.

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