35 Public Relation Tools Every PR Expert is Missing Out On

public relations toolsExperts reckon that PR has always been about building good relationships with journalists and content creators of reputed news agencies. But we say if you have the public relation tools listed bellow – PR will be a piece of cake.

While the goals of a marketing professional are comprehensible to most businesses, PR professionals have a whole different story to tell. Their promises usually go along the lines of –establish brand name in the respective industry, increase authority, drive traffic and leads, and score huge backlinks etc.

With this curated collection of Public Relation tools most of the PR experts are massively missing out.


It’s simple – if you could be more productive, automate portion of your work, do more with less, and do it better than most – wouldn’t you do it?

Exactly – this list is all about that. These tools are here to help you be a better PR expert.

Best Public Relation Tools



Prezly provides PR Software for busy communications teams who want to do more. Manage your contacts, publish your stories, and distribute your content all from one place.

Aidem Network


It’s a platform which can give a huge shout-out to your new product on the launch date using manual submissions to communities, and custom pitches to journalists. There are 3 packages to choose from, namely beer, wine and champagne.

Once you’ve decided, you fill up a form that provides relevant details of  the product. The best thing about this is that you get to see which communities and media outlets are part of the packages. And, they don’t use bots for submission.



Their tagline reads, ‘Find journalists by what they tweet’ and that’s exactly what it does. It’s a mini search engine for finding influencers, online profiles of journalists, bloggers and celebrities who tweet about different subjects.

They even have a detailed list of journalists by niche, ready to be exported to spreadsheets.



Babbler serves as an intermediary between companies and influencers. It has reinvented the PR approach and significantly reduced time spent for collecting prospects, looking for emails and crafting custom pitches to be sent out.

The interface looks sleek and navigation is pretty simple. This is a must-have tool for organizations that constantly develop products.



A platform designed for small businesses to get PR links; includes a straightforward, 3-step process that’s transparent.

Hackathon PR

hackathon PR

This is exclusive to the Product Hunt Global Hackathon conducted every year. It takes your project on a free spin on its roulette wheel. If you win, you get free press. Simple!

Or if you don’t want to wait for lady luck to shine upon you, go ahead and buy the PR package.



Being an acronym for ‘help a reporter out’, HARO is a convenient tool to get notified about PR opportunities. Select a few industries and 3 mails are sent daily to your inbox after you’ve subscribed to the service,

While you’re doing this, ensure that you create a custom label for all HARO emails to prevent your inbox getting flooded.

Hey Press


A premium directory of niche journalists. I love its simple UI.

It doubles up as a mini search engine and shows you details of the journalist like full name, website or publication, recent articles. Emails are a premium feature.

Howler AI


A platform that uses AI to design outreach pitches. If you’re highly skeptical about the quality of content created by AI, this isn’t for you.

It certainly saves a lot of time.



It’s a versatile all-in-one tool that lets you create customized PR campaigns, and get people to collaborate. That’s quite handy.

Jona 2.0

jona 2.0

They have a database of over 10000 journalists you can access, free of charge for 7 days.



They specialize in helping you find the most relevant journalists as opposed to PR firms that just provide you a bulk number of contacts.



Helps you frame highly personalized PR pitches by answering a few questions, lets you import the contacts and track the response rates.

PR Stack


It would be appropriate to call this the wise, old, grandfather of PR websites. There’s just so much information including details of tools, how-to-guides, simple hacks to automate workflow etc. And, it’s crowdsourced.

Press Hunt

press hunt

They boast one of the biggest database with over 500k journalists. From the creators of Howler AI, they’re working hard to expand this database.

Recent updates from their website informs visitors they’re hiking the charges due to popular demand. It means two things- they’re using a neat marketing strategy or the tool is dope.



It’s exactly what it says on the front page. You gain access to a large database and it’s quite economical for startups. The basic subscription also covers submission to over 20 startup directories and review websites.



If you ever had a thought about hiring a PR agency, it’ll disappear once you start using this tool. It’s a fully fledged software that can be used by your whole organization- helps you create customized templates, add contacts, maintain a database of all published stories, add team members and many more.



It’s a journalist database having a list of over 2500 continuously updated media outlets. You can also get their staff to do email prospecting which eases a primary burden.

Promotehour 3.0


It used to be another directory with over 1000 media contacts but now they’ve upgraded to v3.0 and offer services ranging from directory submissions, to writing press releases and creating custom pitches to send to journalists.

Prowly PR


It’s a complete software that consists of a PR kit, CRM and an interface called the Brand Journal that monitors all your live links. This is definitely the mother of PR tools. Because of its extensive features, it’s on the expensive side.

Publicize Zero


Now, here’s a worthy competition for Prowly. PR campaign management made easier for organizations!



The starting monthly subscription will make your jaws wide open but it’s more than just a tool. Apparently, it’s the closest thing to an agency that lends you a helping hand in the form of a PR expert.

They’ve made quite a name for themselves and helped many brands grow. If you’ve got a budget, it’s worth a try.



Here’s yet another all-in-one software that has carved a niche in the PR sector. It does the three basic things- find journalists, monitors news alerts, and helps build customised reports. Campaign report creation is an arduous task that’s made into child’s play with this intelligent software. Ensure that you try out the demo version so you get a taste of the real deal.



It helps to streamline the workflow of your agency by defining user roles and processes regardless of where they are working from. This tool also lets you manage your press kits, and outreach to the most relevant prospects. Currently, it serves the needs of agencies, corporates, and even MNCs.

Press Pass


Another simplistic tool with just the right amount of features. It’s an open live directory where you can seek out journalists based on what they cover, the reputed media outlets and the region they lurk around.



As the label reads, Authory is purely for the journalist. Can you guess what that means? A bit of reverse engineering will help you realize that you have access to the entire list of articles written by journalists and those which they’re likely to write in the future. It helps personalization and outreach way easier because you know more about their preferences and what they’ll cover in the upcoming stories.

Ghost for Journalism


Ghost has devoted to create journalism platforms for businesses. The team is ambitious and hopes to build online platforms with ultra reach and huge amounts of traffic like GOOD, Vice, Bustle, Buzzfeed etc. powered by the Ghost engine. In short, they’re the equivalent of cryptocurrency in the financial world. If you’re still wondering, it’s a Web 2.0 like WordPress, Medium, Tumblr that has in-built PR capabilities- perfect for bloggers and news agencies.

Lead Hunting Tools

The following tools can aid your PR campaigns and processes. These are particularly useful when you’re running on a limited budget and can’t invest in a fully comprehensive all-in-one software. Read on!



A staple tool for every marketing and SEO professional. They even lend out an API so that you can automate the email prospecting process in a Google spreadsheet.

Hunter helps you find 100 emails per month.



One of the best Chrome extensions out there that integrates with LinkedIn and helps you scale the email collection process for B2B marketing. Load up the list of search results and export all the data with just a single click. 100 emails per month for the free plan and the best part is that it only uses up one credit if it’s a unique email.



FindThatLead is another email hunting extension that also has a verifier. Compared to Hunter.io, this gives you 150 credits per month, free of cost.


ContactOut is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn. It finds emails from 75% of Linkedin users (2x better than the next closest competitor) at a 97% accuracy rate, free trial also available with 50 credits for new users.



A very useful extension if you use Gmail for outreach. It integrates read receipts into your emails and tracks the open rate. You can get rid of the noisy signature by purchasing the subscription.



A strong competitor of Hunter and FindThatLead which is a Chrome extension that integrates with Gmail and Outlook. 100 free requests per month.

TIP: If you set up accounts in Hunter, FindThatLead and Clearbit, that’s about 350 free requests per month. Cheers!



It’s primarily a content research tool but it’ll also let you find what the niche influencers are talking about.

They also show a lot of useful metrics of Twitter prospects relevant to your search query. And then, it’s only a matter of some good old outreach to build professional relationship with them.



 Linkody is really versatile and can be used alongside Buzzsumo to find the most shared content.

Once you have the list, go ahead and perform an in-depth backlink analysis, or even uncover prospects by stealing backlinks of your competitors



You could also find out journalists using Twitter search with hashtags like #journorequest, #prrequest. These are generated by journalists on the other side on the lookout for interesting news stories and pieces to cover.

Similar to the above example, you can couple up those hashtags with keywords to find industry specific bloggers and journalists. Then, you can reach out to them on Twitter with a direct message.


So, there you have it- a list of 30 tools and websites that can streamline your PR activities and aid to the growth of your brand. I hope the next time you sign a contract with a PR agency, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what they intend to do.

Did you find this useful? If yes, feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

Are there any tools that you’ve used that’s been left out from the list? Please leave a comment below.

nLvKybQBio: Rahul V J is a content marketer at TechWyse, who blogs at The Two Sided. His passion lies in automotive journalism, dropshipping, online games and music. He hopes to create an online business and host a car show down the road.

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  2. Highly recommend trying Oxyleads lead-generation tool. The price per lead is lower compared to other similar tools. Oh and yes Chrom extension is an awesome nifty gadget.

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