How To Make Reddit Posts that Boost Sales & reasons why Reddit Rocks

How To Make Reddit PostsHave you ever wondered how to make Reddit posts that boost sales? Do you know that famous brands like IKEA and Adam & Eve use Reddit for their products and brand promotion?

Well, this is my 10th year in digital marketing, and honestly, I never took Reddit seriously until one day I saw this on Reddit,

“Hi, I’m Barack Obama, President of the United States. Ask me anything. I’ll be taking your questions for half an hour starting at about 4:30 ET.”

Proof it’s me:

We’re running early and will get started soon.”

The Former POTUS Barak Obama used Reddit’s AMA or “Ask Me Anything” feature which is a perfect option for any famous public figure, celebrity, brand or company to connect directly with their followers or clients without any potential communication barrier. However, you can’t compete with POTUS or Former President Obama in particular. As I remember that the traffic that day on Reddit was so intense that it had to shut-down temporarily. (But I can’t promise such a thing in case of Trump, jk)

What is Reddit?

I guess the slogan of Reddit says it all, “The front page of the internet.”

Reddit is a social networking website and what makes it different from the rest is that you can create your personalized web forum on Reddit. It is different from other popular social networks, and despite having a relatively smaller pool of audience, it provides certain advantages in many ways.

For instance, an idea shared on Facebook among the friends or groups can wipe out soon as these social networks reach saturation quickly. Contrary to Facebook, Reddit connects strangers; the users get connected to various communities so the idea spread on Reddit’s page can reach thousands of different groups of friends on Facebook.

There are 128 marketing tactics – why Reddit?

Importance of Reddit for Marketers- Benefits and Pitfalls

Reddit has successfully emerged as a vital key node in online activism. The website showcases popular links and information, and the best thing is that it ensures transparency and authenticity from the advertisers. That’s why brands find it hard to navigate because one cannot post spam or hard selling content and get away with it. If you get cocky and try to outsmart people, you are certainly going to damage your brand’s reputation and may end up being banned, or in the worst case, your website can be blacklisted.

The front page of Reddit is far more coveted than any other user-generated web. There are small communities on Reddit called as sub-Reddits that connect people with similar interests and aptitude. The users are allowed to discuss and vote on content submissions by others, so you cannot approach Redditters (a cool word for Reddit users) the same way you that for Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. If you post content blindly, the Reddit Police is there all ready to down-vote any dubious submissions will also limit your frequency to submit any content on the site.

This means you have to be very very careful with your submissions, however, once you learn the right way of doing it, you will surely see an increased stream of the targeted audience.

How to Make Reddit Posts?

The content is hosted outside of Reddit, and the user submits a link to that content to the “Subreddits.” There are subreddits for almost anything you can think of, and if it’s not, you can create a new one by yourself.Register2_0

To kick off with Reddit, you are required to register an account, and it’s up to you to either verify it by your email or not. However, it’s always good to go ahead by verifying it first because as you start to get along by comments and posting links, you will build up “Karma.” Reddit’s karma works a bit differently than the orthodox karma mythology. It is a reflection of your reputation and goodwill in the community based on the links you have submitted and the comments you have made. It has no organic value and building up karma does not help your posts to get to the front page.

So what is the purpose of Karma then? It is more of an indicator of your status among fellow redditors, and they consider it. Once you submit a link and the other users visit the link and they can either “upvote” or “downvote” your link and also add their comments to it. Rise or all fall of your submitted posts is proportional to the number of upvotes which also increases your overall “karma” score of the post. Downvotes on the other end have a negative impact on your karma, and the number of downvotes deducts your overall karma score accordingly. The Redditors or OPs are awarded an accumulative Karma score for all their posts submitted to Reddit.

How to use Reddit for Marketing?

Redditors are in search of good stuff. Anything unique, entertaining, sarcastic or motivational is appreciated unanimously because it’s not about whom your friends are or how diverse your social networking circle is, it’s a direct measure of one’s utility in a conversation.

Contrary to other social networking sites, surveys reveal that most of the redditors are educated males having a bachelor’s degree or at least have some college education. The majority of these users come from the United States and Canada, aged between 25-44 years and with an average income level around $25,000-$50,000 per year.

With this increasing number of educated people using Reddit, any advertising done the right way can drive far more traffic than the advertisements on Facebook or any other networking channel. What makes Reddit more compelling is the access to the experts on any topic one can imagine.

Regardless of the fact that Reddit is a powerful sharing community, average marketers can find it pretty hard to endear. The reason being is that time and time again, users register with new accounts and post articles, sales pitches and make desperate attempts to muster some of the Reddit’s traffic. This pratic makes you vulnerable, and you can get completely thrashed in the comments, submitted to abuse or flagged as spam.

This isn’t a place where you can get away by manipulating the system or by posting half-baked content. If you want to get the limelight, you must know the right way of doing it. Now you have fully understood the basics, let’s see how to post and develop a lead generation campaign.

Step 1: Find Relevant Subreddits to Join

Your brand requires creating an account for joining Reddit. It is strictly recommended not use any alternative names other than the brand’s name as your username. Once you register, you are now an official part of Reddit community; now the next thing is to search for subreddits relevant to your brand, services, and products. Depending on the keyword you use, the search will show a list of subreddits in results.

For instance, I used the keyword web development.


To find out which subedits fits perfectly for your brand, you must click and check out all the links. On the right sidebar of the subreddits, you will also find descriptions, community stats and a set of rules to that specific subreddit.  

It’s entirely necessary that you find a promising subreddit and sort its posts by Top and All Time. To get the better understanding of the community’s conversations, you must read through the most active posts and identify if it’s the relevant niche.

Step 2: Create a Multireddit

You will have to create a multireddit if you want to search and monitor the conversations in your subreddits. Multireddits make it simple and easy for you to have a quick access to the subjects or subreddits by making a custom list.

To create a multireddit, find and open the left sidebar on the homepage. If it’s not there, it probably has been minimized which happens many times. Afterwards, click the create button and insert a name for your multireddit. Click the create button one more time, and this will enable you to set the security and privacy level of your multireddit, and you can now populate it with subreddits.


Your newly created multireddits will appear on the left-side bar of your homepage, and now you can keep track of subbreddits most relevant to you.

Step 3: Spot Engagement Opportunities

By using multireddits, you can now find the conversations to join on multiple subreddits at the same time. All of your subreddits feeds are now merged in a single feed, and you can see it by clicking on the multireddit.

A yellow box will appear when you click the search box. Reddit’s search query operations are pretty similar to Google, and you can search multiple subreddits by using one keyword. By spending time on searches, you will find a lot of opportunities for discussions and marketing.

If you spot any appropriate opportunity submit your content by providing insightful answers, asking relevant questions and engage with the people who respond you.

The key here is to participate as a Redditor, not as a marketer.

Your first purpose must be to respect the community values and norms. Then you will receive good comments and upvotes in each subreddit you participate.

The Orange alert on the top right corner will notify you when you are having comments on your posts so you should check it frequently and respond to the comments soon as you find the time.

Step 4: Generate Leads and Traffic by Advertising

Once you have done the research and figured out the best engagement opportunities, your ads won’t seem irrelevant in the subreddits. So as of now, you have gotten into the community, earned a respectable position, and the members have also responded to your products and services; now you can pay to advertise your content on the site. Again I remind you not to even think of ads until you earn a good position in the community, it will backfire.

The purpose of your advertising is to generate organic traffic and leads; there are three options available for advertising on Reddit.

1. Sponsored posts:

The benefit of purchasing a sponsored post ad is that it will pin your content to the top of a selected subreddit. This will increase the content’s exposure so that it is visible to everyone who visits that particular platform. The ad’s charges are per thousand clicks, so you are only supposed to pay if there is enough audience that actively engages with your posts.


2. Display ads:

It is a bit risky maneuver as the users have the right to upvote and downvote display ads. They appear on the top or the side of the subreddits main page. High-quality banner content will get you upvotes and appreciation. Whereas the low-quality content will do more harm than benefits for your brand. The Reddit team determines the timing and pricing; so to set up a display ad you will have to contact them directly.


3. Sponsored Q&A:

It is quite similar to “AMA or Ask Me Anything,” however, a sponsored Q&A session will allow you to host a live chat with a subreddit’s community members and actively engage with anyone who joins. You can communicate directly and display your product and brand more efficiently as you and your brand remain the center of discussion. Just like display ads, you will have to contact with reddit’s team directly to set up one of these sessions.

Now it’s your turn!

It takes a lot of time and efforts triggered with a good marketing plan to create a community on Reddit that will help you generate leads.

Reddit is a broader platform with a blend of quirkiness; and if your brand thrives on interacting and gaining feedback from the audience, Reddit is the perfect platform to do it.

Many business owners and marketers perceive Reddit as another social networking site where you run generic ads and post content without much research. Reddit demands you to push an extra mile; but once you get there, it promises more leads, conversions and increases brand reach.

This article was created by Paul Simons. He is a professional eCommerce and a digital marketing expert. He currently works for FME Addons, a company that develops extensions for popular shopping carts like Magento, WordPress and Woocommerce.

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