How to use Linkody’s Prospect Link Feature and Save Time

Linkody can notify you when a link you’re expecting from a specific page gets live. More than that, Linkody allows you to manage easily these links by allowing you to associate a status. This short guide explains what there is to know about this feature.

What is a prospect link?

A prospect link is a potential link from a page you have identified as a good candidate, or a link that your have already negotiated and waiting for inclusion. Linkody will check for you every 24h if the link has gone live and notify you in your email reports. This feature saves you a lot of time as you don’t even have to login to know when one of these links goes live.

Prospect link status

You can associate a status to each prospect link to help you track at which stage of the acquisition process it is.

prospect link

The various status are explained below:

  • candidate: potential page for the inclusion of a backlink.
  • requested: owner contacted or content submitted.
  • pending: request accepted or content waiting moderation.
  • declined: link inclusion rejected.

Use cases

Let see when prospect links can be very useful.

  1. You have contacted a partner and asked him to include a link to your site from one of his page. Create a prospect link and set the status to requested to help you remember you are expecting an answer. If he replies positively and promises you to add the link, set the status to pending and Linkody will notify you when the link goes live.
  2. You have posted a comment on a blog that is waiting for moderation. Create a prospect link and set the status to pending. Linkody will notify you when the link goes live.
  3. A webmaster has declined your request to add a backlink. Set the status to declined to remember you have already contacted him and should not do so again, at least for some time.

 Visualize your prospect links

You can filter your links to display only the prospect ones. You can also sort your links by status.

prospect links view filter and sort

What’s next?

We are thinking of adding:

  • A requested date field so you can remember exactly when you sent a request.
  • A due date field so Linkody can send you a notification when the link has not gone live after a due date.

Let us know if you think these additions would be useful to you.

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