World’s Best SEO Experts To Follow In 2021

Are you into SEO and looking forward to taking your SEO game to the next level?

Do you want to learn SEO tips and tricks from the best in the world?

If your answer to the above two questions is yes, then I have curated a list of 20+ best SEO experts that you must follow in 2021.

  1. Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin

When it comes to the best SEO experts, Rand Fishkin will always be on top of my list.

Rand Fishkin is a legend in SEO. Whether it is on-page, off-page, technical or any other stuff related to SEO, Rand Fishkin kills it.

I have seen many people sharing SEO tips and tricks, but Rand Fishkin is above all those. The magic tricks, tips and advice which Rand shares will surely make your website zero to hero.

Not to forget, Rand is also the brain behind a famous SEO company, now tool, Moz.

Why should you follow him?

  • He gives modest and genuine advice on SEO
  • His whiteboard Friday lectures are very insightful.

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  1. Brian Dean
Brian Dean

Next to Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean is my favourite SEO expert.

If you are into SEO for a long time, then you might have heard about the “Skyscraper technique”, “Moving man method” and “Guestographic”, Brain Dean has invented all these SEO techniques.

His techniques and preachings are followed by millions of SEO experts and bloggers across the globe.

Hence, if you want to take your SEO game to the level of awesomeness then follow Brian’s blog Backlinko, a most recommended source for learning off-page SEO.

Why you should follow Brian Dean

  • Entrepreneur magazine calls brian SEO genius.
  • Forbes says backlinko is the best place to learn SEO.
  • His tips and techniques will surely improve your site’s traffic and rankings.

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  1. Marie Haynes 
Marie Haynes

If you want to know and understand about search engine algorithms, then start following Marie Haynes.

Marie Haynes is one of the world’s most sought SEO experts who is having deep knowledge and understanding of search engine algorithms, especially Google.

Marie started her career in SEO in 2008. She came into the limelight by sharing her knowledge about SEO on forums, groups and many other places.

Today, Marie speaks at various SEO conferences, helps people through her blog and runs her own SEO agency called MHC.

Why should you follow Marie?

  • Understand how search works.
  • Learn about key Google algorithms like E-A-T.

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  1. Neil Patel
Neil Patel

Neil Patel needs no introduction.

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The entire blogging, SEO and marketing industry knows him and follows his blog. Even I follow his blog every day to learn more about SEO and digital marketing.

Neil is the only SEO expert who correctly defines the relationship between SEO, content and marketing. His knowledge with regards to SEO is tremendous.

Why should you follow Neil?

  • Learn how to increase your organic traffic instantly.
  • Tips on link-building, blogging, affiliate marketing and more.

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  1. Michael King
Michael King

Michael King is another SEO expert to follow in 2021.

He is the founder of iPullRank, a digital marketing agency that is involved in SEO, social media marketing, CRO, analytics, content creation and much more.

Michael has planned and executed SEO strategies for many organizations such as Publicis, Modem, and Razorfish. He specializes in creating audience focused SEO campaigns that deliver maximum ROI.

Why should you follow Michael King?

  • 10+ years of experience in SEO.
  • He is the founder of NYC’s best digital marketing agency.

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  1. Cindy Krum 
Cindy Krum

If you are struggling with mobile SEO, then start following Cindy Krum right now.

Cindy is considered an expert on mobile SEO and app store optimization. Her specialities lie in mobile app marketing and ASO, international ASO, deep linking and PWAs.

I am personally following her on Twitter and learning a lot of valuable mobile SEO lessons from her.

Why should you follow her?

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  • Learn mobile SEO in detail.
  • Tips and tricks about app store optimization.

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  1.  George Freitag
George Freitag

Do you want to take your local SEO game to the level of awesomeness?

If yes, then follow George Freitag on LinkedIn, Twitter, or start reading his blog.

George has a lot of knowledge and experience with SEO. He is constantly helping small and medium-size businesses to increase their presence on search engines.

Within SEO, George is more specialized in local SEO. He has helped more than 1000 small shops with local SEO.

I personally follow his blog and have learnt a lot of new and interesting things about local SEO. 

Why should you follow George?

  • Learn amazing SEO strategies.
  • Know the secrets of local SEO.
  • Learn about SEO keywords and more.

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  1. Bill Slawski
Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski is another big name in the SEO industry.

If you want to learn advanced SEO, then start following Bill Slawski blog, SEO by the sea.

On this blog, you’ll learn about search rankings, SEO algorithms, named entities, semantic search, structured data, link building strategies, local SEO and much more.

Why is Bill the best SEO expert ever?

  • Bill has been involved in internet marketing since 1996.
  • Extensive experience with SEO.
  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies.
  • He actively publishes research and white papers about search engines on his blog.

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  1.  Lisa Paasche 
Lisa Paasche

Lisa Passche is the founder and CEO of an award-winning SEO agency called Verve search.

She has been involved in marketing since 2001 and SEO since 2005. She is surely one of the most talented SEO experts in the world. I like the way she makes SEO simple for the common man.

She constantly shares her knowledge and insights with regards to SEO on Verve Search’s blog and at various digital marketing conferences.

Why is Lisa the best SEO expert?

  • 10+ years of experience.
  • Founder of an award-winning SEO agency.

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  1.  Nathan Gotch
Nathan Gotch

Do you want more organic traffic?

Do you want to build more backlinks?

If yes, then start following Nathan Gotch on YouTube or start reading his blog every day.

Nathan has been involved in the game of SEO since 2013. Since then, he has helped many webmasters, bloggers and businesses to grow their organic traffic in no time.

I would personally suggest you follow him on YouTube where he shares amazing SEO tips and advice.

Why should you follow Nathan?

  • Learn amazing link-building techniques.
  • Master the art of on-page.
  • His SEO tips are simple and easy to implement.

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  1. Ross Hudgens
Ross Hudgens

Next on my list of SEO experts is Ross Hudgens, founder and CEO of Siege Media, a digital marketing agency.

Prior to starting his own agency, Ross has worked as an SEO manager for Full Beaker, Inc and Media Boost-

His expertise lies in developing SEO friendly content marketing strategy. Also, he is capable of ranking any website for competitive keywords.

What makes Ross a great SEO expert?

Ross Hudgens work and content has been featured on SEO Moz, Forbes, Search Engine Land, AOL and many other media outlets.

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  1. Natzir Turrado
Natzir Turrado

Technical SEO plays an important part in improving your site’s ranking, hence you cannot ignore it.

If you want to learn technical SEO then start following Nartzir Turrado’s blog or follow him on Twitter.

When it comes to technical SEO, Natzir knows what Google loves. He knows the actual crawling, indexing, rendering and ranking process of Google.

He also knows about how to recover a website from Google’s penalty, site architecture, design and how to migrate a CMS without hurting the website’s current SEO ranking.

Why should you follow him?

  • Learn technical SEO.

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  1. Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan

If you are new to SEO, then you must follow Danny Sullivan.

He is the co-founder of Search Engine Land, one of the best blogs on the internet about SEO, SEM and related topics.

Currently, Danny is associated with Google Public Search Liaison, where he is responsible for making people understand how search engines work, especially Google.

Why should you follow him?

Danny, through his Twitter account, constantly keeps on sharing important information with regards to changes in Google’s algorithm. You can not afford to miss such information.

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  1. Britney Muller
Britner Muller

The next in this list of SEO experts in Britney Muller. She is having deep expertise in how machine learning can be interrogated with SEO and digital marketing.

She is also an expert on link-building and speaker at various SEO and digital marketing conferences across the globe.

Why should you follow her?

Britney can help you in learning how to integrate machine learning and advanced technologies in SEO and digital marketing.

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  1. Christy Correll 
Christy Correll

With expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, and writing/editing, Christy Correll is a 360-degree internet marketing expert.

Christy is a community specialist at Moz and believes organizations succeed in today’s marketplace by connecting with consumers on a personal level.

Why should you follow him?

  • Learn proven SEO techniques.
  • Learn how to create unique and shareable content.
  • Get tips on personal branding and much more.

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  1. Vanessa Fox
Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox is an SEO expert and CEO at Keylime Toolbox, a tool that provides data for a better understanding of how audiences reach you through Google organic search.

Her tool also analyzes the crawling behaviour of search engine bot and gives detailed technical SEO insights.

Why should you follow him?

Vanessa Fox is having the upper hand in technical SEO. So, by following her you could learn A-Z of technical SEO.

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  1. Aleyda Solis
Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is an international SEO expert and founder of Orainti, a top-rated SEO agency.  She has also been awarded as the European Search Personality of the Year in 2018 and included in Forbes top 10 online marketing experts to follow in 2015.

That’s why I have included her name in my list of SEO experts to follow in 2021.

Why should you follow her?

Aleyda is having 10+ years of experience in SEO, therefore it makes sense to follow her.

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  1. Eric Enge
Eric Enge

Eric Enge is another known personality in the world of SEO. He is technically skilled, which makes him apart from other SEO experts on this list.

He was also the founder of Stone Temple Consulting, an award-winning digital marketing agency that was sold to Perficient.

Why should you follow him?

Apart from SEO, Eric is highly skilled in content marketing, social media and paid ads. This makes him a 360-degree digital marketer and that’s why you should follow him.

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  1. Harsh Agarwal
Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a top-rated blogger and SEO expert from India. He started blogging in 2008 and took it as a full-time career in 2009 by leaving his high paying job in one of the most reputed tech companies in India

Today, Harsh is making around $30,000 to $40,000 per month through blogging and affiliate marketing.

Why should you follow him?

  • Learn how to become your own boss.
  • Get tips and affiliate marketing and blogging.
  • WordPress SEO tips and a lot more.

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  1. Marshall Simmonds
Marshall Simmonds

With 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, Marshall Simmonds is surely one of the best SEO experts to follow in 2021. He is also an international speaker and has deep expertise in audience development, institutional search engine optimization, and tactical application of search and social marketing strategies.

Why should you follow him?

Marshall is having 20+ years of experience in digital marketing and SEO. Hence, it makes sense to follow him.

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  1.  Barry Schwartz
Barry Schwartz

When talking about the best SEO experts, this blog post cannot be complete without mentioning Barry Schwartz. He is the contributing author on various SEO blogs like search engine land, search engine watch and a lot more.

He is also the founder of a popular SEO blog called Search Engine Roundtable. 

Apart from this, Barry also runs a web consulting firm in New York.

Why should you follow him?

Barry is a master in technical SEO and knows how to tackle Google’s algorithm. He also runs a YouTube channel where he shares news and updates related to SEO and Google algorithms.

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  1. Jon Cooper
Jon Cooper

When it comes to SEO, link-building is surely one of the most important but difficult tasks. Many bloggers and webmasters find link-building the most complicated task in SEO.

Hence, if you want to master the art of link-building then start following Jon Cooper.

Why should you follow him?

Jon is having extensive knowledge of how to build high-quality backlinks at ease. 

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Author Bio:

Niket Sharma is a blogger from Mumbai, India and Founder of The Digital Skipper, a digital marketing blog that covers topics like SEO, digital marketing, blogging, making money online and more.