SEO Tool Reviews – The tools We Use & Love

Team Linkody have been in the business for over 6 years and in this period we have tested a ton of tools – found some good ones and some bad ones..

So, to save your time and eventually also money – we will be reviewing the best SEO & marketing tools we have had the chance to work with.

Pretty neat, huh?

What’s more, all our failures and also success with the tools down below are yours for the taking completely for FREE!

We have tested these tools from head to toes – so, I’ll bet my lunch money that you will find something useful.

1. Long Tail Pro Review

Keyword research is the backbone of all your SEO efforts. And in order to become a master of your craft, you need to know which are the best tools to use for each occasion. Today, the occasion is keyword research and we’ve got you covered.

Drum roll…

Introducing Long Tail Pro.

With this software, you can easily find keywords that have low keyword difficulty and high search volume.

High-quality keyword research is the first step for being successful with SEO and competitor outranking.


The Best Mailchimp Alternative: Omnisend vs Mailchimp

MailChimp is known for its great drag-and-drop email composer, intuitive interface and strong brand awareness. These are the main reasons why thousands of users have chosen MailChimp to start their first email marketing campaigns. But what about others? For example Omnisend vs Mailchimp?

However, marketers who have already warmed up in sending bulk promotional emails and want to try something more sophisticated often look for a Mailchimp alternative.

Especially now, after MailChimp has announced their withdrawal from Shopify, a number of marketers are lost and looking for another great email marketing solution.

Here, Omnisend gets the spotlight. This solution has been tailored for e-commerce needs and is a groundbreaking tool for thousands of marketers across the globe.