long tail pro review

Long Tail Pro Review

Keyword research is the backbone of all your SEO efforts. And in order to become a master of your craft, you need to know which are the best tools to use for each occasion. Today, the occasion is keyword research and we’ve got you covered with long tail pro review

Drum roll…

Introducing Long Tail Pro.

With this software, you can easily find keywords that have low keyword difficulty and high search volume.

High-quality keyword research is the first step for being successful with SEO and competitor outranking.

What You Will Learn Today?

Let’s take a look at the things we will cover today:

  • What is the Long Tail Pro tool
  • Why this tool is so great and why you should use it
  • Features of Long Tail Pro
    • Keyword research and project creation
    • How keyword difficulty is calculated
    • How to find your competitors keywords
    • Rank tracking explanation
    • Backlink analysis tool explanation

Enough of this, let’s start with this Long Tail Pro review.

What Is Long Tail Pro?  

If you found this post, you are probably already familiar with this tool, but just in case you are new, let me explain before we start this Long Tail Pro review.

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you find low competition keywords for your website.  In particular, the tool is built for people doing SEO (search engine optimization) as opposed to people doing paid ads (Google Adwords PPC).  

Here is how the LongTailPro interface looks like:

In this tab, you can see all the information related to your keywords, including difficulty, competition and volume.

In case you want to uncover more advanced metrics, there are also options to check the Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Site Age and Referring Domains. Of course, you can also simply copy a competitor’s page URL in LongTailPro to check their keyword strategy. More on this later.

Why You Should Choose This Tool

Ok, so why would you choose Long Tail Pro if there are so many keyword research tools that can be cheaper and possibly free to use?

The answer is simply – no other tool has the features of Long Tail Pro, and if any tool comes close to it, it is way more expensive.

Free tools are often concise when it comes to data and their options are limited.

Here are some of the reasons I created this review and why you should consider using this tool:

  • You get keyword suggestions in bulk. There is a possibility to add 5 seed keywords and get up to 400 related keywords per seed. Amazing right?
  • It offers great keyword difficulty scoring from 0-100, which is perfect. It will tell you how easy or difficult it is to rank on that keyword on Google
  • Add all your projects and organize them so that you don’t have all your keywords together in one place. They will be separated in project folders.
  • Long Tail Pro shows how likely it is for you to rank above your competitors.
  • And the best thing is, you can track your rankings for each site.

Keyword Research For Your Project

I mentioned this earlier, but let’s talk about it a little more, because this is one of the best features that this tool offers and that is why it’s worth mentioning.

Just click on the small “plus” button and add a new project:

Then, you are able to add your website so that long tail pro shows relevant keywords based on your domain authority and shows only those keywords that you would be able to rank for:

Then you will see the stats looking like this:

This also shows what kind of keyword difficulty you can try to target.

Then you can add seed keyword(s) (Up to 5) and click “options” to filter them as you need.

  1. Enter your seed keyword
  2. Enable advanced options so you can already filter them
  3. You can enter minimum and maximum searches per month if you need a specific amount
  4. If you are looking for paid advertisement keywords then you can enter the suggested bid that you are looking for
  5. You can enter a number of suggestions you want to see per seed keyword. This can be edited based on your membership plan
  6. There is an option to change the language for keywords and the keyword targeting country

For this Long Tail Pro review, I will leave all the default settings and just click “retrieve”

And there you go – you have keyword suggestions with all the data you need


The insights long tail pro offers are incredible when you think of the value you can get from it.

Other keyword tools that offer similar features are usually are very expensive and are starting from $99 a month.

See, I told you that this will be the most honest Long Tail Pro review.

Here is a quick Long Tail Pro review in the video of how keyword research is done –

Keyword Difficulty Calculations

Keyword competitiveness is a calculation of page authority +/- page title factor +/- keywords in domain factor +/- domain length.

If your goal is to understand if the keyword is worth targeting look at this chart here:

Find Your Competitors’ Keywords Fast

Yes, that is right – this tool also helps you find  your competitors’ keywords!

Click on “Competitors Keywords”, add your competitor’s link and click “Retrieve”

Then you will be able to see what keywords your competitor is using.

Another Cool Feature

You are able to delete, sort and move the keywords in your results.

Just check the small checkbox and then another menu will appear.

If there are some keywords that you don’t like you can just delete them from the list.

Or, if you see that the keyword could be a great addition to another project, move it to that project’s list.

On top of that, you can export all the keywords in an excel sheet.

Track Your Rankings

Yes – there is a possibility to go and find your website on Google, but why do so if you can just add your link in Long Tail Pro, add keywords that you want to explore and let the tool do the rest?

After you click on “Add”, you will see your site’s information and the keyword rankings for your chosen keywords.

Backlink Analysis

A keyword research tool that can analyze yours or your competitor’s backlinks is pretty cool if you ask me.

As I already mentioned – most tools that offer similar features are usually in the price range of $99-$900 per month (except Linkody, of course, :D).

Fun SEO Fact 😉

Linkody is one of the most affordable backlink trackers and link monitoring tools.

So, if you want to monitor anyone’s link-building campaigns – Linkody is the go-to tool.

On top of that, you can start using the tool for as little as $15 per month.

No matter what, you may want to familiarize yourself with tools to monitor your backlinks.

So how do you track and analyze the backlinks?

When you hit “Retrieve” you will see some important metrics that are pretty important and I want to talk about them a bit more, so you understand what they are.

  • Referring Domains – the Referring Domains metric is a direct measure of the number of websites that link to the target page. A high number indicates that the website in question is either immensely popular, has conducted a link building campaign, or both.
  • Total Backlinks – The Total Backlinks metric signals an active SEO campaign or a highly popular website. It measures the total number of backlinks that the target page currently has.
  • Trust Flow – In SEO, the Trust Flow or TF of a website is tied to its trustworthiness and rank worthiness in the eyes of search engines. This can be increased by acquiring links from websites that search engines also deem trustworthy.
  • Citation Flow –  While the TF is based on the quality of backlinks that a site receives, the Citation Flow or TF is more dependent on the quantity. A high CF is a strong indication of an active link-building campaign.

Under those metrics, you will see all of the backlinks that your competitor has.

And what’s more amazing is that you can contact all of them to ask for a backlink to your site.

Concluding Long Tail Pro Review

So as you can see it is pretty easy to find high traffic keywords with low competition that will increase your site’s ranking and traffic.

And of course, your sales too.

You don’t need to be an SEO guru to find value in this tool. When you initially create your account Long Tail Pro will guide you through the set-up guide with short tutorials to help you get started.

And the best part is – you can try Long Tail Pro for 7 days. Completely FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Join HERE.

And one quick question – how did you like our Long Tail Pro review? Let me know in the comments.