Moz Alternatives – Which Link Monitoring Tool to Choose?

Moz AlternativesToday, we are going to compare two tools that you may have heard of, searching on how to track and manage your link building strategies.

In this day and age, having a good overview of your SEO efforts is imperative for your company’s success and, without it, you will probably never see over Google’s horizon.

We have talked about why it is important to monitor backlinks and the benefits that come with it.

But with so many options out there, choosing the service that works best for you can become a real challenge.

Today we will compare Moz against Linkody, focusing on their backlink monitoring capabilities and seeing which tool will help you crush your competition.

Let’s get an overview by comparing the tools side by side.

DescriptionMoz is an SEO software that builds tools to improve and automate SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing.Linkody is a complete SEO solution specifically focused on link building and monitoring.
For who?Digital marketing agencies & freelancersDigital marketing agencies, freelancers, businesses & webmasters
Competitor research and monitoringYesYes
Recognises spammy linksYesYes
New/lost links trackingYesYes
Breaks backlinks into categoriesTrust & Citation flow
Do-follow vs No-follow
Text vs image
Alexa ranking
Grouping by domain / anchor / url
Spam score
Trust & Citation flow
Do-follow vs No-follow
Alexa ranking
Grouping by domain / anchor / url
EFL of competitor
Spam score
Identifies high authority domainsYesYes
Analysis of top anchor phrasesYesYes
Automated backlink reportingYesYes
Competitor’s referring IPs and domainsYesYes
User Interface9/109/10
DatabaseMozscape indexMajestic
Pricing$99-$999 pm$15-$150 pm

MOZ Backlink Checker

Moz offers a backlink tool feature that helps agencies and freelancers alike to discover links for them and their competitors.

Only there is one small problem.

If you have used several backlink monitoring tools you will realize that MOZ gives you less links when analyzing your competitors.

Many were put off by this until Moz explained that their Mozcaping Index, which is being updated monthly, includes only seemingly high-quality links.

The idea here is to focus more on the highest-quality links, coming from the most prominent pages of authoritative websites.

So, while you may not see every link for a site the ones you see are the most valuable ones.

Since Moz is focused on quality over quantity, you will only see the most relevant links for your, or your competitor’s domains.

Lower-quality links and no-follow links are not included.

And so are other links too, which Moz’s algorithm finds not important enough to mention.

And while this may seem like a Pareto-principle categorization, it is not something that most SEO experts want.

This is because it limits link building opportunities and strategies for those looking to get information from all possible sources.

Moz Pricing

A paid subscription at Moz starts at a relatively expensive $99/month and includes access to Moz Analytics and Moz Research Tools.

For some, quite understandably, the tool is too pricey – so, let’s look at what Linkody offers and if it’s the Moz alternative you are looking for.

Linkody Backlink Checker

Linkody is an easy-to-use and very affordable backlink tracking and monitoring tool.

What makes Linkody unique is that it is suitable for many more sorts of professionals.

Digital marketing agencies, SEO experts, but also business owners and startups that want to improve their link monitoring efforts can use Linkody.

It also shows way more links than Moz.

Linkody uses Majestic as a link database, which offers a lot more links, compared to Mozrank Index.

This, of course, has its perks, as more links, with more categorization options, help SEO experts formulate better strategies.

Overall, the backlink monitoring features and reporting options of Linkody are better than Moz.

You will also save a pretty penny investing in Linkody since it is much cheaper than Moz.

Linkody Pricing

Linkody is a great backlink monitoring tool for many reasons, not only for professionals but also for webmasters who want to improve their game.

Not just because it offers great value for your money, compared to Moz, but also because of the additional features it offers when it comes to link building strategies.


Both tools offer a complete solution for backlink monitoring.

However, Moz is an all-in-one software that offers more tools for SEO experts to help automate and manage their Content, Keyword analysis, and Ranking, apart from backlink monitoring.

If you’re looking for a detail oriented, inexpensive backlink monitoring tool, Linkody is most likely the tool that you need.

Linkody is also easier to use for both webmasters and agencies, offering a very simple and responsive design.

Large scale agencies that need an all-in-one solution for their digital marketing will find more value in Moz.

But if you are a small scale agency, you will most likely not need Moz.

Therefore, wait no more! Make use of Linkody’s FREE trial plan and start building your own backlink strategy.

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