7 Reasons Why to Use Linkody for Backlink Monitoring

Linkody is probably the best cloud-based tool for backlink monitoring that allows business owners and SEO agencies to keep track of their SEO efforts. There are a wide variety of reasons to keep a close eye on link profiles in the modern SEO world, from keeping link partners honest and accountable through to ensuring links you build aren’t putting you on a one way track towards harmful Google penalties. Let’s explore some of the biggest advantages Linkody provides and how it delivers those advantages more effectively than alternative software.

1. Fighting ‘Link Churn’ and Monitoring Paid and Reciprocal Links

One of the biggest problems SEO agencies face is creating, trading or buying links for clients, only for those links to be removed or disappear without the SEO agency’s knowledge. Indeed, large agencies are typically creating many thousand of links on a monthly basis, and it’s virtually impossible to keep track of even a handful of those manually without a huge time commitment. Linkody gives you the tool for backlink monitoring and allows you to see at a glance if a link has been removed or if a web page that was previously linking to you has disappeared from the web. If trading reciprocal links or buying paid links is an essential part of your strategy, this is a function you will find extremely useful to ensure you’re getting the best return for your clients.

2. The Importance of Link Quality

Following the Google Penguin update, the quality of your links has become more important than ever. Gone are the days when thousands of spammy article links with identical anchor text could lead to a number 1 ranking – the Penguin update represented the first time Google officially backed away from their previous stance that ‘bad links can’t hurt you.’ Now, too many malicious links can actively affect your rankings in a negative way, so it’s important to monitor exactly who is linking to you and how often.

3. Protecting Against Negative SEO

Following this new development in SEO – that bad links can now actively harm a site – the prospect of a new dark side of the business reared its ugly head: negative SEO, where a competitor can deliberately spam bad links to your site in order to hurt your rankings. While this is relatively rare, it is now happening – and Linkody can help you defend yourself against it by alerting you when large quantities of undesirable links are being pointed towards your or your clients’ websites. Linkody is the backlink monitoring tool that one day could save your business.

4. Analysing Anchor Text

Not only is it important to know where your links are coming from, it’s important to keep an eye on how different anchor texts are distributed across your link profile. This is because one of the factors the Penguin update took into account was the ratio of different types of anchor texts across a link profile. For example, if a page optimised for ‘red shoes’ has several thousand links pointing to it, all of which use ‘red shoes’ as the anchor text, this is very unnatural and will set off alarm bells. A natural link profile has a mixture of different types of anchor text – brand name links, keyword links, links where the anchor text is simply the URL, and random words like ‘visit site’ or ‘click here.’ Linkody allows you to effectively monitor the distribution of different types of anchor text so your link profile doesn’t become too heavily weighted towards exact-keyword links, which can get your site penalized.

5. Getting a Clearer Understanding of Ranking Problems

Most SEO agencies have been in a situation where a particular site seemed unusually difficult to rank, or refused to recover from a previous penalization. This can be highly frustrating – there are so many variables at play in SEO, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem is. Often this is because you only have a fraction of the necessary information available to you – for instance, you can easily check and fix on-page optimization problems, but the reality is that many penalizations happening these days are a result of subtle problems that can only be recognized by taking a look at data relating to the link profile as a whole. By using Linkody for backlink monitoring, you’ll be better able to recognize what causes penalties, how to fix those situations, and how to avoid raising red flags with Google for any site your company is working on.

6. Now Backlink Monitoring Takes 5 Minutes a Day

It’s an old adage, but it rings true perhaps now more than ever in the Internet age – if you’re wasting time, you’re losing money. Where previously you might have used manual methods, such as spreadsheets, in order to keep track of links, Linkody can now handle those time-consuming tasks automatically, updating every 24 hours. This frees up more of your time to focus on actually growing your business and delivering a high quality service for your clients. The reality is that most SEO business owners are savvy when it comes to automation, and the software you decide to use can have a significant impact on the competitiveness of your business now and in the future. By using a frequently updated, online software to keep track of links, you’re giving yourself a competitive advantage.

7. Return on Investment and Client Retention

Let’s face it – it’s difficult to make a profit in the SEO industry if all your new clients drop off after a month or two. In order to survive and thrive, you need to focus not only on bringing in new clients but also ensuring the clients you already have stay with you as long as possible. Linkody allows you to do that by making sure that a) any links you build stay live and are effective in moving the rankings of your clients, and b) avoiding penalization, which are virtually guaranteed to lose you any client overnight.

This provides an introduction to how Linkody can help make your business processes more effective and allow you to deliver a more streamlined, cost-effective SEO service. 8 out of 10 of our customers recommend Linkody – all you have to do is try and we are pretty sure you will love it. Start backlink monitoring simply by clicking here.