How Instagram Can Improve Website Performance

How Instagram Can Improve Website Performance

With the growing digital age, people have shifted their focus on social media to drive business growth and reach out to mass prospects. Users have been highly influenced by social media and have been investing more of their time on platforms like Instagram. 

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms with 75% of Gen Z, 57% of millennials, and 47% of middle-aged people being active on Instagram. It is a powerful platform that holds the potential to make a huge impact on users.

By leveraging an Instagram feed on your website you provide a seamless experience to users where they can find everything they need in one place. You can drive growth and transform your website experience.

What is an Instagram Feed?

An Instagram feed majorly consists of photos, videos, reels, and highlights. Posting high-quality images that speak for your brand, they are vibrant enough to grab user attention, and can boost your user engagement.

Reels tend to get viral faster. Reels are an innovative and interesting form of offering visual content. You provide informative, entertaining, and product-related content in not more than 60 seconds. Your Instagram feed includes highlights too. If you wish to make your stories last longer than their usual 24-hour time span, you can convert them into highlights. Brands have been using a common strategy of categorizing their highlights and providing short content with powerful CTA using highlights and stories.

How Instagram Can Improve Website Performance

Apart from this, your bio, profile picture, and username are also major stepping stones to creating an attractive feed.

Instagram Marketing Ideas that Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Instagram can be beneficial for your brand if used strategically. Marketing on Instagram can help you promote your brand to a vast audience. Did you know that more than 500 million people are active on Instagram daily? If this is not enough, statistics show that 25 million businesses are on Instagram.

Reaching out to your targeted audience using Instagram and driving them to your website can be easy by following some basic strategies. Instagram has been constantly evolving in ways that help brands grow their businesses on instagram

Marketers pay close attention to the current trends, develop content as per what everyone is doing, and enhance their chances of going viral to boost their brand awareness. Instagram also offers you to promote posts or entire profiles via ads. These ads can be set up according to your budget, target audience, and duration for which you wish to run the ads. 

These features have been helping marketers for a long time, and more people are understanding the importance of Instagram marketing nowadays. With this, they also understand they can drive traffic to their website in order to boost sales. 

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We will understand a few strategies in detail about how brands can lure traffic to their website. So, let’s dig in.

9 Expert Ways to Drive Traffic From Instagram to Your Website

How Instagram Can Improve Website Performance

Let’s dive into the strategic approach you can leverage to drive Instagram traffic to your website.

1. Strategize your link in the bio

Provide not just the website homepage link in your bio. Strategize your links that coincide with your current campaigns and make it easy for your audience to land on the particular webpage. Keep on updating your links and let your users know that you are using stories and posts on your profile. 

2. Make Instagram shoppable 

Provide your users a seamless purchase experience by letting them buy directly from Instagram. Tag your products and make them shoppable, develop beautiful product catalogs and promote shopping on Instagram organically. You can incorporate these Instagram shoppable galleries on your website to enhance the website experience of people who are not aware of your Instagram presence yet. 

3. Link website to IGTV 

Add website links in your IGTV posts that link to the particular web page. Encourage your viewers to click on the link by adding a call to action in your videos. Post relevant captions and develop curiosity with your creative videos. 

4. Leverage links in your stories 

Add website links in your stories and send traffic to your website easily without having to close Instagram. They can tap on the “see more” button or swipe up to visit the website. Lure your users with innovative content that develops urgency and curiosity in them to see what’s more on the website. 

5. Curate highlights to promote your website 

Stories remain on the profile for 24 hours, however, Instagram allows its users to turn them into highlights which stay on the profile forever. Add relevant links according to the current trends, ongoing campaigns, product launches, and much more to your highlights. Add only relevant and significant stories in highlights. Sort them into categories to make it easy to navigate particular campaigns. 

6. DM your website links 

Start conversions and interactions with your audience by sending them direct messages that involve a link to your website. Curate personalized messages and send them according to your target audience, this strategy works best for startups and small businesses. Monitor your inbox daily and at the same time keep track of how many new visitors have come to your website. 

7. Enable push notifications

Enhance your reach by encouraging your audience to enable push notifications. This way your users will get a notification whenever you post something on Instagram. They need to follow you, tap on notifications and enable them from there. You can run monetary campaigns to encourage users or simply request them to opt for the same. This way you reach out to a vast audience and gather loyal followers. 

8. Get on with influencer marketing 

There are thousands of influencers out there with a huge follower count. However, reaching out to influencers who have a majority of your audience as followers is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website. Get on a deal with admissible influencers and get your product promoted with website links.

9. Embed the action button on your profile 

Adding action buttons to your profile like your email, number, etc. can help your users get in touch with you. These actions can be taken on Instagram making your brand easy to reach. When people have easy access to interact with the brand, users develop a sense of transparency and trust. Eventually driving more traffic to your website in order to boost conversion and sales.

How Does Instagram Benefit Your Website?

As we know, leveraging the Instagram feed on your website can be beneficial. Let’s see how it helps enhance your website performance.

How Instagram Can Improve Website Performance

1. Grow your audience with Instagram content 

Having an active Instagram presence can help you reach out to diverse audiences. Leveraging this feed on your website can help you reach people who are not familiar with Instagram. This also helps in channelizing various types of content between two mediums. 

You also expose your brand to new audiences who can advocate your brand and help with growth. Magnify your social impact and empower Instagram strategies by embedding them in your website. 

2. Build Trust by curating UGC from Instagram to your website 

User-generated content is the most reliable source of information for people. The amount of credibility and trust UGC provides to a brand is unimaginable. To counter the challenges like distrust, unreliability, and security issues, brands leverage UGC in their websites which ends up being a turning point for them. Displaying UGC curated from Instagram showcases content that is provided by people who have had an experience with you making it highly authentic.

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You can drive conversions up to 90% with just UGC. 

3. Amplify user engagement and website dwell time 

Social media content keeps your users curious to know more. Be it visual content or user-generated content, offering relevant and relatable content keeps them going. Which eventually leads to increased dwell time. When users find the reliability and transparency of social media on your website, it tends to reduce your bounce rates and drive better SEO rankings.

An Instagram feed that is filled with engaging content keeps your users hooked to the website which leads to higher repeat purchases. 

4. Transform your website design and vibrancy 

Readable content is an essential aspect that makes your website appealing. People get attracted to short captions that showcase what the image is about which is why leveraging Instagram content holds the power to spark their interest. But it’s also significant to follow web design trends to keep the edge on.

Social media helps you display interesting content on your website. You can customize the Instagram feed to align it with your brand aspects and design elements. 

5. Improve user’s website experience 

User experience matters a lot when it comes to building trust and enhancing user engagement. When you add Instagram to your website, your users get to see different, unique, and diverse content that amplifies their understanding of the brand.

With increased trust, you interact with your users and automatically drive conversion rates.

How to Leverage the Instagram Feed on Your Website?

You can leverage your Instagram feed on the website using social media aggregators like Taggbox, these platforms offer you seamless and effortless ways to embed Instagram feeds on the website. 

These platforms offer you various features and benefits like:

  1. Numerous possibilities to customize your widget using various themes, layouts, designs, fonts, colors, styles, and much more
  2. Automated and manual moderation feature that gives you full control over the content you wish to display on your website
  3. These platforms are not limited to Instagram, you can curate feeds from various platforms and display them in one place
  4. Add custom content like branding, promotions, announcements, and much more to your website easily
  5. These platforms automatically update new content to your widget and display them on the website without further manual updates
  6. You get an in-built rights management feature to avoid legal issues in the future
  7. These platforms offer you embed codes to integrate any kind of website like WordPress, HTML, Wix, Shopify, etc. 
  8. Analytics features help you curate a detailed report of insights about your widget performance

Benefits of Embedding an Instagram Feed on Your Website

A website is the first point of content between the brand and the customer. They get a thorough understanding of the brand as well as your products and services from your website. Displaying relevant and informative content on your website is the best way to provide your visitors with an understanding of what your brand stands for.

Making your website engaging enough to keep the visitors keep on going is up to you. Entertain the users, render them with fresh content, and make sure you do not waste their dwell time. They should get something relevant and useful at every stage of your site. 

Here is where the Instagram feed comes into place. Featuring an Instagram feed on your website not only develops a vibrant website layout but also helps your users engage with the brand. 

Embedding Instagram feeds can be easy with social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox. These platforms offer you customization, moderation, and analytics features. These features help you develop responsive, customer-centric, and innovative Instagram feed widgets. 

You’ve just learned 10 of the many benefits you offer your users by simply harnessing the power of social media and featuring an Instagram feed on your website. 

Let’s dig in a little more to understand how your Instagram feed benefits you. 

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1. Adds a shoppable factor 

Utilizing the shoppable galleries features and embedding them on your website helps your users get a seamless and uninterrupted purchase experience. Give your users the comfort of purchasing a product while looking at its reviews, making the final decisions, looking at similar/related products, and finally purchasing the product on one page.

2. Boost customer base 

Youth is engaged in social media 24*7. They enjoy Instagram the most, they feel curious and tend to spend a lot of time on Instagram. Embedding your Instagram feed helps increase your customer base as people on your website will jump to see your Instagram feed, if they like what they see they might hit the follow button as well.

3. Helps with user engagement 

Instagram offers fresh, unique, authentic, and diverse content that users love to see. It helps users understand your brand better, creates an interaction between the brand and your visitor, and allows your users to keep on going. This also enhances engagement and website dwell time. 

4. Keeps website content fresh

Something or the other keeps on happening on Instagram, with embedding an Instagram feed on your website, you are offering real-time updates to your visitors. They get fresh content exactly when it comes live. Not every website has a real-time display feature. 

5. Offers visually appealing content 

Your website leaves a unique impression on your visitors with vibrant Instagram feeds. You can transform their casual website visit into a complete engagement one. It is easy to encourage and influence people with vibrant and aesthetically pleasing layouts. 

6. Builds social proof 

Speaking of social media, the first thing that comes to a user’s mind is Instagram. Building a strong Instagram profile helps you develop trust and a sense of social proof within your users. They tend to make fast decisions, making conversions. People also tend to invest in the brand without thinking twice simply with a strong social media presence. 

7. Develops brand value 

With a live Instagram feed on your website, you create an exceptional image of your brand. You flaunt your confidence, user-generated content, and creativity, these factors add up to a positive brand value in the eyes of your visitors. 

8. Improves dwell time 

Dwell time is the aspect that is capable of boosting your sales and SERP performance. It is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. It is proven that people who spend more time on your website not only become your customers but are likely to come back for repeat purchases eventually turning into loyal long-term customers. An Instagram feed fosters a sense of curiosity in your visitors and they keep on going to see what your social media profile looks like.

9. Generates interaction 

Featuring your Instagram feed lets you take advantage of the social media platform as well as your website. Instagram feed when portrayed in a stunning manner interacts with your users which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. Although conversion depends on the worth of your product, enhancing the website experience helps develop trust within the visitors which automatically leads to favorable purchase decisions.

10. Cost cutting practice 

Content creation is visual and you must make your website attractive. It should create a connection and build a brand-user relationship. The content is usually created by getting together a team that demands a budget. However, with Instagram feeds you get UGC and other diverse content that does not require a lot of expenditure.

Final Thoughts!

Instagram comes with many opportunities for your brand to grow. The above strategies have proven to be beneficial for building a lot of traffic to your website. Developing a stunning website also counts, as simply luring your audience to your website isn’t enough. You need to develop a perfect website to influence them enough to invest in your brand. 

Follow as many strategies as you can to build the perfect Instagram profile and use this platform in ways nobody can imagine. Drive sales, conversion rates, and user experience by leveraging website links in your Instagram content. 

Embedding the Instagram feed on your website efficiently and effectively can help you build an appealing and attractive website that keeps your users engaged. 

Engaging a website holds the power to boost dwell time, reduce bounce rates, eliminate cart abandonment, amplify conversion rates, and provide your audience with a stunning website experience.

Author Elena Leeo

Elena is a digital marketer and creates engaging content with SEO best practices in mind for all types of marketing purposes.