Track the cost of the paid links with Linkody

After receiving numerous requests from our customers we realized that this feature is a must! Now you can manage your paid links and avoid spending more than you should. Linkody will update you 24/7 and make sure that the cost of the paid links doesn’t exceed your budget.

You can now associate a cost to each link and a budget to each site. Linkody shows you how much you are spending per site compared to the allocated budget. This short guide explains how to use this feature and keep track of how costly your paid links are:

manage links budget & cost

1. Associate a budget to your sites

edit website budget

Go to the Manage sites page and edit the site you want to associate the budget to. Enter a value in the budget field and save changes.

2. Associate a cost to your links

When you add a new link, or edit an existing link, enter a value in the cost field at the bottom of the form and save changes. The cost should represent your monthly expense for this link. Linkody will sum up all your links’ cost for each site and display it beside the budget in the Manage sites page. If you are spending more than the allocated budget for one site, the cost will be displayed in red.

3. Visualize your paid links

filter links menu



You can filter your links to display only the paid one.

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edit link cost


The cost will be displayed in the link’s expanded view.


We are constantly working on our software and evolving to suit your needs. Your feedback is what runs the company. All we are asking is that you let us know what you think about this feature and if there is something else that we could do for you – let us know.

Leave your comment and we will make it happen as soon as possible!