How to Make an Extra 1000 a Month Online – Must See Tips

how to make an extra 1000 per month onlineHave you been wondering how to make an extra 1000 a month online?

You are not alone – most of us have been there, done that.

So, in this article, we detail the methods that will help you get there with strategies that are proven to work.

Many of us have thought about creating a stream of income by utilizing the powers of the web, right?

In a world where “making 6-figures online” sounds like a phrase you’ve heard a few too many times, some of us simply want to get started with an income as low as $1000 per month.

But is it realistic?

And will it be possible for people who do not have much of an experience in the digital world?

I say Yes, and in this post, you will learn how to do that!

As we have tested numerous affiliate models, worked with talented freelancers, and have almost 10 years of experience building a digital business.

The tips we share, are practice-based and guaranteed to help you on your journey to make extra $1000 a month.

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So, buckle up and grab a notebook – it’s wisdom time.

How to make an extra $1000 a month

It is not too hard to make $1000 online, but you need to know your ways around the web.

Except for that, you also need a lot of discipline and patience.

Just like with every other side hustle, you’ll need to work hard to get what you want.

This is not a “get rich quick scheme” or a way to make money without any effort.

But don’t worry.

Bellow, we will talk about a few of the strategies with detailed steps of how to make it work.

Choose the one option that excites you most and you’ll be on your way to earn that $1000 within a few months of starting out.

Different ways to make $1000 per month online

There are many ways to start earning online. Some ways require special skills, while others need a creative mind. The best you can do here is to scan each section and find which you identify with the most.

Once you find an option that “clicks” go ahead and create an outline for yourself, based on the steps you’ll have to follow.

So, let’s find out how to earn an extra 1000 a month online.

1. Affiliate marketing

how to make an extra 1000 a month - affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best money making opportunities in 2019.

Fortunately for you, the majority of entrepreneurs and people looking to make money online have failed to notice the power of this method.

The advertisement method has been proven to work better than CPA networks like Google Adsense, because, if done right, individuals can earn a lot more money with little effort.

And when talking about $1000 per month, it should be as easy as a walk in the park.

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Well, kind of.

But what exactly is Affiliate Marketing and why does it currently have a bad reputation?

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing, where companies reward you for helping them sell their products.

Essentially you become a middleman and get paid a commission on your sales.

For example, if you get 18 people to sign up on a paid plan of Shopify through your affiliate link, you will receive a total commission of $1044, or $58 per sign up.

Done, huh? Your $1000 goal a month would be reached.

If you manage to repeat this each month, you will be ahead of your $1000 monthly goal.

What’s more, affiliate marketing is an acknowledged business model and you are guaranteed to receive your money since your commission is automatically received upon the sale.

So how should you go about this?

Before you start earning money through affiliate marketing you need to set up a strong foundation that will support and guide you throughout the process.

Step 1: Define your target group

When building an online business, you’ll need to clarify your potential customers. To do this, start by choosing a niche that you can identify with.

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Pets

And the list goes on…

Expert Tip 😉

To find an industry where you have the chance to rank your website and attract visitors from Google – you have to do keyword research.

  • Find keyword with High Search Volume
  • And low SEO Keyword Difficulty

The best tool to do that is KWfinder.

So to start your Affiliate Business – start with Keyword Research:

Then when you choose your niche, the next step is choosing the sort of blog you want to run. A good idea to help you discover what truly fits you is to answer a few questions:

  • Do I enjoy writing about this topic?
  • How many people are already making money through this type of blog?
  • Are there affiliate marketing opportunities in this niche?
  • Which products and/or services can I review in this niche?

Successful affiliate marketing does not only depend on the amount of content but also the quality, so make sure you know what you are talking about.

Check Your Backlinks

Get an Instant Insight Into Who Links to Your Site

Step 2: Create A Blog

Affiliate marketing without a blog is like a car without wheels.

If you want to run a successful affiliate site, easy to build and customize website builders, such as WordPress can offer you a wide array of benefits and unique features that will help you create much better articles than if, for example, you were using Medium or other free blogs.

Expert Tip 😉

WordPress has one of the easiest Website builders on the market and here are the benefits:

  1. Multiple ways to monetize your blog.
  2. WordPress blogs come with an option to add numerous plugins that will help you along the way.
  3. You can choose from a large range of beautifully designed themes that serve the purpose of your business.

The best part is, it only takes 5-minutes to start your website.

So what are you waiting for?

With this in mind, let’s bring “starting an affiliate business” to the next level.

Down below you will find our strategy on how to create content that brings 20k visits to our blog month-over-month.

Step 3: Start Writing The Content

The most time-consuming step is actually writing the blog’s content.

Thus, focus on writing content that solves the problems of your audience and helps them find solutions through the products you want to sell.

To further improve your chances or ranking in the top page of SERPs, write posts that are longer than 2000 words and rank for keywords that your audience is looking for.

The easiest way to find really good topic ideas is to see what works for your competitors.

Expert Tip 😉

You can use a tool called SERPstat which will help you to find keywords that bring the most traffic to your competitors:

  1. Head over to SERPstat
  2. Paste your competitors URL
  3. And you will see which are the pages that bring them the most traffic


And this is the secret how you can find topics that bring traffic to your competitors!

And a good headline for your first posts could be something along these lines:

  • Create 5 list posts (Google loves these!)
  • Create 5 detailed how-to guides that relate to your niche.
  • Write 5 posts reviewing popular products or services that relate to your target group and run high-paying affiliate programs.

Which takes us to the next step…

Step 4: Register For Affiliate Programs That Your Audience Needs

Now that your content is all set up, it’s time to sign up for some high paying affiliate programs related to your niche. Some of these programs do not only offer you a single payout, but rather a monthly retainer.

You can find some great affiliate programs here.

It would be better if you have used these products yourself, in order to give a first-person experience and offer better judgment when referring them to your audience.

2. Make 1000$ a month with self-publishing

Self-publishing has been around for quite some time. Ever since Kindle got introduced to the modern world, more and more people decide to write e-books and sell them through the popular merchandise platform.

But what we love most about self-publishing is not necessarily the alleviation from the middleman (publisher).

It is rather the approach one takes to turn writing from a side-gig to a full-time job.

And how many people wouldn’t wanna know how to make an extra 1000 a month doing just this?

I dare to assume that you are not ready to write the next Harry Potter book. You are just looking for ways to make a few extra bucks on the side.

And while there are many ways to write books to achieve this number, there is only one that you could start using right now, to maximize your side income.

Write A LOT of short books that your audience loves.

These don’t have to be the best books on their topic.

For example, I often read through science fiction books that are very similar to their more popular alternatives. Or non-fiction books that teach exactly the same as the top 5 of their category.

And yet… all of them sell.

So here is how you can implement this method to make $1000 per month.

Step 1 – Select your Niche

Select an audience that is laser-focused. And by laser-focused, I mean people with a very, very specific taste in books. A great example here is erotic books, where authors usually focus on one, very specific fetish.

But what is a promising niche?

In simple terms – that’s the niche where you have experience writing in.

The best way to assess what you could write about again is by researching books in similar or the same niches where you want to write about.

Expert Tip 😉

Nowadays authors also make websites for their books and so you can see which are the keywords that bring the most traffic for their site:

  1. Head over to SERPstat
  2. Paste the URL
  3. And you will see which are the keywords that bring them the most traffic
  4. Then back to KWfinder and check their SEO Keyword Difficulty


Keep doing this as many times as it takes to find a niche that would bring the most readers to your book.

The more topics you have – the easier it will be to compare.

Next, you will actually have to write the book.

Step 2 – Write 10.000 words… repeatedly

There are no limits for the size, content, and design of your books. After all, they are self-published.

Many authors that write shorter books tend to stay between 10.000 – 12.000 words, to make readers start and finish a book in one sitting.

And 10.000 words is not all that much. If you want to get a quick idea, it is about 3 times bigger than this article.

You could write one 10.000 word book per week easily, even with a full-time job.

Start writing your content after you find the ideal topic.

And if you don’t have enough time, or creativity, to get things done, there is software that can help you write parts of your book faster.

WordAi, is a blog post rewriting tool, that will create original content out of existing blog posts, in order to help you get ideas and possibly chapters of your book, written completely on auto-pilot.

Step 3 – Design your ebook

Once you have written the content, its time to turn your document in an actual book. Here are some things that will help you improve the look of your book.

  • Use two types of headers and lots of paragraphs, lists and breaks
    Readers of short e-books hate digesting large lumps of content. While writing long-form posts is getting more popular when it comes to blogging, it needs to be formatted in a scan-able way, so it becomes easily readable in all devices.
  • Use simple fonts and colors.
    Many ebooks look great before you buy them, only to realize that the author has spent little time to make it visually appealing. There is no need to make things fancy here. Simply use a font like Arial, Georgia or Verdana, 14-16 size and a simple color scheme comprised of two colors.
  • Get it proofread by a professional.
    After your eBook is finished, send it to a professional to proofread and offer feedback. The point here is not necessarily to find grammar or spelling errors (that is also important) but to see if your content has a flow, and solves the problem of your audience. You can find great proofreaders for a cheap price through Fiverr.
  • Make an eBook cover to use on your site
    While no one should ever judge a book by its cover, I think we can agree that it does play an important role in the process. Create a nice eBook cover to promote your eBook.

STEP 4: Convert to a PDF file and give it away

Your book should now be ready. The final step is to create a digital format that will allow people to download it and read it.

  • Convert to PDF
    All eBooks sold online are in PDF format. This is because the format is recognized by both PCs and Macs and works on all eBook readers. Apart from that the document is not editable, makes it perfect for documents that are meant for reading and printing.
  • Get the settings right.
    In order to make the books easily readable, you can adjust the zoom levels to 120% to induce smoothness to the text. This, of course, depends on the visuals as well. Try to use vectors to make sure that by zooming in and out the quality will remain unchanged.

STEP 5: Time to sell

Its time to let the public discover and purchase your ebook. Our favorite way of selling this form of digital product is through the following platforms:

Of course, in order to reach your $1000 per month faster, while building your brand’s authority, it might be a good idea to create your own website with an e-commerce plugin.

Doing so will allow you to sell your eBooks directly from your page, without being dependent on 3rd parties.

3. Make $1000 per month with dropshipping


I am sure you have heard that one before. Dropshipping is one of the rather popular ways to make online for young, millennial entrepreneurs. And that is because it is very cheap and easy to get it started.

How to make an extra 1000 a month step by step?

STEP 1: Find a product you wish to sell

Much like above, the process starts by selecting your specific niche and understanding their problems. You will need to do in-depth research in your niche and compare what already exists, in hopes of finding a gap in the market.

STEP 2: Contact suppliers

After you discover the product you’d like to test, start communicating with suppliers of the product to learn more about the pricing, logistics and customization options.

Don’t be afraid to order samples if you want quality assurance.

The best place to start looking for suppliers is through Alibaba, DHgate, and Aliexpress.

There are always options to check for the supplier’s trust score as well as his years of experience. Therefore, finding a partner shouldn’t be all that difficult.

STEP 3: Create an online store

The next step is to create a selling platform of your own. While selling through Amazon, Etsy and others could potentially be beneficial, having your own website helps you build a brand and adds to your authority.

Thus, the best option to kickstart your e-commerce business is by using Shopify.

Not only do you have a lengthy FREE trial upon signing up, but you also have a broad range of features that will make your store truly unique. 

Expert Tip 😉

Shopify offers easy to use interface and ready-made plugins that helps anyone to create e-shop in a couple of days.

But the best part is – the user experience.

Shopify simplifies the user experience allowing anyone to purchase products with a couple of clicks.

So, if you need easy to use e-shop builder, that offers gorgeous designs, and flawless user experience – Shopify is your best bet.

When looking at how to make an extra $1000 a month by creating a dropshipping business – using Shopify is probably one of the quickest ways to get started.

On top of that, we have written an in-depth guide on how you can create a Shopify store. 

4. Make $1000 per month with eBay

sell through ebay

This one is an oldie but a goodie.

Selling through eBay may have become relatively competitive, especially when it comes to popular products, but you can always use it to further supplement your income.

What we love about eBay is its freedom of choice when it comes you preferred method of selling.

  • You can sell your own products by simply listing them.
    If you have your own product that is already selling through your own website, consider adding it to eBay to generate additional sales. Of course, with eBay being a super competitive environment, you will need to conduct proper keyword research to get the most out of your listing. This is why we are using SEMrush and SEOmator. These tools will help you write highly targeted titles and descriptions for your products so they can be found by your audience.
  • You can buy products off auctions and resell them in order to make a profit.
    Very often, products on eBay are sold for way less than they are actually worth. This happens during auctions where not many participants are willing to make an offer. You can easily purchase these products (which often come with free shipping) and list them once again on your own website for the highest price.
  • You can visit garage sales or thrift shops and sell your findings for a higher price online.
    Garage sales have become quite popular for entrepreneurial purposes, ever since Gary Vaynerchuk started promoting its effectiveness in his Youtube channel.If your area has these types of sales more often than not, consider checking them out and see if you can find some rare collectibles that a certain audience is willing to pay a lot of money for.

Create An Exceptional Traffic Strategy

If you are wondering how to make an extra $1000 a month online, this chapter will offer you the most value.

So choose one of the options above, you are ready to take things to the next level.

And by that, I mean starting to make sales. Without traffic, you’ll never earn any income because people won’t know your store exists.

The importance of SEO

Proper Search Engine Optimization will help your blog posts rank on the first page of Google for the keywords that bring you traffic.

Start by doing some keyword research and explore what your competitors do to rank their posts. Not only will this save you time, but it will also help you use methods that are proven to work.

The way we used to access this valuable data is by using a tool called SEMrush. This tool will show you everything you need to know about your competitors, including their top pages, backlinks and focus keywords.

Once you know what you need to focus on, its time to get our hands dirty.

  • Write lengthy high-quality articles (2000+ words)  by using your inner creative author.
    And if you can’t really find your way with words, don’t stress it, use WordAI instead.
  • Publish those articles on your blog and start working on your backlink strategy.
  • Discover your competitors’ backlinks and steal them the smart way.
  • Collect all the information you need through backlink monitoring software and reach out to them with an email outreach tool, like Ninja Outreach.

We have created a guide to help you master this strategy and rank your page in Google the fastest way possible.

Utilize Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to create a loyal following and get more people to read your blog posts.

Of course, you don’t have to email each and every subscriber individually. Simply automate your email marketing strategy with Getresponse.

Create Social media channels for your website and offer value to your followers, pointing them towards your mailing list. The more subscribers you get, the more opportunities to make money through marketing emails.

Write guest posts

You can benefit from writing guest posts for other websites in order to receive backlinks that will help your website increase its authority.

On the search bar of Google, type: “[niche name] blog” + “write for us”

This search query will show you all the available options which you can use to write and publish your articles.

Select websites with a higher Domain Authority than yours, to help your website climb higher in the Google ranks.

It may take time to write good quality content, and sometimes it may even cost you, but getting backlinks from high authority websites can help you rank your website in no time.

Get more sales with PPC

If the quality of your product is good and you believe many people would buy it, you can even consider implementing Google Paid ads to drive traffic to your blog or directly to your product.

But remember that with paid ads, you’ll need to allow some testing flexibility.

To get a good idea the % that actually converts, you’ll have to run your ads for different keywords and for (relatively) long timeframes. I’d suggest you start with at least 60 days of ads to get a good overview of key metrics, like your CPM and CTR.

Summing it all up

If you have reached this point, you are ready to take action. Remember, there is not one mold that fits all. Making $1000 online is easy to do if you choose a path to follow.

The great benefit of our digital world is that you can focus practically on any specific subgroup and find monetizing opportunities.

However, to reach this point you will have to study and practice the basic over and over again, creating effective systems along the way.

This article outlined:

  • How you can use Affiliate marketing, Self-publishing, Dropshipping and eBay to make $1000 a month online
  • How to generate sales by creating a traffic strategy (digital marketing)

Now that you got a shiny glimpse of the opportunities available, start making some side income from your laptop.

Whether that be on a sandy beach with an ice-cold cocktail, or at home, after a long workday, online work can easily supplement your income.

What are your current biggest struggles when it comes to making money online? Let us know by leaving a comment.