What is Deep-Linking? – SEO FAQs Simply Answered

Despite the first impression of something complex, deep linking is actually a really simple endeavor. But to understand what is deep-linking, first, we must explain what is a deep link.

A deep link is a link that points to specific content on a website instead of the website’s homepage.

It is that simple!

Here is an example to give you an idea of how a deep link looks like:


Therefore, deep linking is the use of a specific link that directs the user to a particular piece of content.

Deep linking as SEO strategy

Deep linking can be a successful SEO strategy if you use it right. Basically, it means creating backlinks to a specific page on your site. And as it is widely known, backlinks are crucial Google ranking factors.

Pages that receive a significant amount of backlinks tend to have higher positions in search engine results. This is because backlinks are considered as votes for a specific page in the eyes of major search engines.

By getting deep link backlinks to your website, you are ensuring that the authority that gets passed to your site via backlinks is spread evenly across your site. This, in turn, helps to increase your chances of ranking all of your pages instead of solely your homepage.

So, to get the most out of your link building efforts, you should build links to the internal parts of your website. The best part is that people who choose to link to your site naturally, will most often link to a particular content page on your site. And the good news is that natural deep linking is a strong signal of content relevancy for Google.

So now you know what is deep-linking as well as how it is a useful SEO strategy. That being said, there are some methods that could help you increase your chances of getting deep links pointing to your site. To read more, head over to our Linkbait Content Guide.