What is a link bait? – SEO FAQs Simply Answered

If also you wonder what is a link bait and how it can help you to get backlinks – read this.

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What is a link bait?

Link bait is an article, landing page or a free tool created for the purpose of getting links from other websites, most frequently – blogs.

How link bait can help to get links?

When you create interesting article, tool, an eBook that’s FREE for everyone, you are are also creating an online community that advocates on your behalf. The fans if you will.

The fans if you will.

These Fans wonder around other websites, create content and articles where they spread the word that others also should see what you have created.

This probably is the best long-term link-building strategy.

What are different types of Link baits?

Here are some of the best link baits you can consider on your hunt for backlinks:

  1. Great content always serves as link bait. 
  2. Breaking news is a timeless link bait.
  3. Timeless content is lasting link bait. 
  4. Widgets and gadgets make great link bait 
    1. Industry-specific calculators (e.g., a energy-efficiency calculator for home buyers)
    2. Embeddable sidebar widgets (e.g., a feed of upcoming events in your industry)
    3. Daily deals widgets (e.g., Groupon’s embeddable deal widget for referrers)
  5. Quizzes and games are another great link baiting avenue to explore. 
  6. Images and infographics attract references and links from many industry publication links and social shares.
  7. Whitepapers and eBooks, along with other downloadable resources, can make great link bait as well. 
  8. Video content can also be an incredibly effective means through which to attract links. 
  9. Contests, especially ones that feature user-generated content, provide users with great incentive to link to your page.

How to create a link bait?

Most often than not, this will be a time-consuming process but it starts like this:

1st Step – Decide for whom you are making the link bait

Create the user persona of the customer group who will be using or reading the link bait. Be as specific as possible.

Here is a buyer persona template that you can use.

2nd Step – Research the topic

Decide what this buyer persona would enjoy talking about – what would be this link bait that he/she would be eager to share.

The best way is to see what your competitors have been up to. See what companies with similar buyer persona have created to attract “this specific” buyer – that could be a FREE tool, large eBook or maybe a webinar?

  1. Tools like similar web can help you to find other companies that are targeting buyer persona like you are.
  2. And SemRush can help you to see which page on their page has been able to get the most traffic and with what keywords.

3rd Step – Design and create something better

There is no magic sauce in this step.

You must figure out in what way you can add more value to your link bait than you competitors.

Once, you do that – you must allocate time to outperform your competitors.

4th Step – Market and build links to your link bait

More often than not if you have found a good niche for your link bait – it will take off.

Good luck.

I hope now you know what is a link bait!

To recap – see this Infographic:what is a link bait

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