What is a ghost writer? – SEO FAQs Simply Answered

Well, to answer what is a ghost writer? – No, it’s not a writer who happens to be a ghost.

what is a ghost writer

Nevertheless, it’s not far from that.

In this guide, you will find out everything about ghost writers:

  • What is a ghost writer,
  • What it’s like being a ghost writer according to experts,
  • How also you can become a ghost writer,
  • Where can you find a ghost writer.

So, let’s dig in.

What is a Ghost Writer?

A ghost writer is a person who does the main writing of anything that needs writing but is not given the credit for it. This also has an upside, the ghost writer isn’t criticised if the work s*cks.

Ghost writing gigs typically include the creation of a slogan, a script, a story, a whole novel, an ad campaign, a poem, a marketing plan, a report, a song lyrics and similar.

What it’s like being a Ghost Writer?

We questioned 4 ghost writers to see what they have to say about being a ghost writer. See for yourself:

Mary E Tyler

High-tech journalist & best-selling tech book author. 

Ghosting is very much like writing anything else.

In the business, we have an acronym for this:

BITCH OK: butt in the chair, hands on keyboard.

At its basic level, Ghosting is work, like any other work. You sit down at the keyboard and do the work.

Depending on who you are working with, you may have different levels of interference, annoyance, and amateurism from the people you are ghosting. More than anything, this underscores the need for a good contract, a good editorial relationship, and for a strong sense of professionalism on your part.

Brian Palmer

I make a full-time income writing fiction.

My experience has been mostly nothing but a joy.

Now I ghostwrite fiction, so mostly what I do when it comes to the author is take an outline, brush it a bit, ask them about their characters, the theme, coach them a bit at times about what makes a good story, and in the process I learn a lot myself about perspective I wouldn’t otherwise have explored.

Denis Rubin

Sells screenplays.

On one hand, it felt great to be showered with praise when they saw their ideas turned into something they could submit proudly.

On the other hand, they often couldn’t resist adding something of their own before sending it in, presumably to justify taking credit. Sometimes these additions were grammatically incorrect or otherwise cringe-worthy. Thankfully, the worst would be excised by an editor before publication.

How do you become a ghost writer?

Becoming a ghostwriter isn’t actually that difficult, provided you’ve got some prior writing experience.

To begin with, draw up a portfolio of what gives you credibility as a writer in the field you’re trying to write in.

Don’t have any?

Write some. They don’t need to be published to look convincing — remember that.

Next up, target some places that you want to write in.

I usually create a little ‘profile’ of the client I’m looking for.

Things to make a note of: What the topic you want to write about, what medium you want to write in, why they’ll want you as a writer!

For example, if you wanted to do some ghostwriting on medical subjects — maybe you could reach out to a doctor that has a blog that doesn’t seem to be updated consistently.

Then you send over a small pitch, providing your PROOF (portfolio, certifications, etc.) of skill/knowledge. If you do a good job, and they actually need you, you may just find yourself hired!

It gets easier the more you do it. If you’re trying to become a book ghostwriter, it would be a similar approach — but you’d be looking out for publishing companies needing you. (You could try contacting them too.)

Where can I hire a ghost writer?

You can find ghostwriters on Freelancer and Upwork and try them out, so to speak.

Ghostwriting is ideal for anyone who has amazing blog or article ideas that can help with business growth or personal branding, but doesn’t have time or skills necessary in order to actually make their idea real.

Although some people may think ghostwriting is unethical don’t let that bother you. Ghostwriters made their own choice when they decided to write for others and after all, they are paid for their services.

I hope now you know what is a ghost writer

In short ghost writer is someone who writes for someone else and gets zero credit for the work. But also doesn’t get criticised if the work happened to be terrible.

I hope this helps.

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Sounds impossible?

See for yourself ;p