Agency Analytics Alternatives – Which Link Monitoring Tool To Choose?

Agency Analytics Alternatives

Monitoring links in 2019 is both a challenge and a necessity when it comes to your SEO efforts.

As your work is slowly paying off and your (client’s) websites are growing, keeping track of backlinks becomes harder.

For that reason, link monitoring software has made its way into the digital world, to easily keep track and build upon backlinks.

We have talked about why it is important to monitor backlinks and the benefits that come with it.

But with so many options out there, choosing the service that works best for you can become a real challenge.

Today we will compare Agency Analytics with Linkody, analyzing their backlink monitoring capabilities and seeing which would work best for your needs.

Let’s dive in and compare the tools side by side.

DescriptionAgency Analytics is an all-in-one SEO platform that helps businesses generate reports and dashboards for SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Backlink monitoring, Review and Call Tracking.Linkody is a complete SEO solution specifically focused on link building and monitoring.
For who?Digital marketing agencies & freelancersDigital marketing agencies, freelancers, businesses & webmasters
Competitor research and monitoringYesYes
Recognises spammy linksYesYes
New/lost links trackingYesYes
Breaks backlinks into categoriesTrust & Citation flow
Do-follow vs No-follow
Text vs image
Alexa ranking
Grouping by domain / anchor / url
Spam score
Trust & Citation flow
Do-follow vs No-follow
Alexa ranking
Grouping by domain / anchor / url
EFL of competitor
Spam score
Identifies high authority domainsYesYes
Analysis of top anchor phrasesYesYes
Automated backlink reportingYesYes
Competitor’s referring IPs and domainsYesYes
User Interface8/109/10
Pricing$49-$499 pm$15-$150 pm

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a software that helps small to large sized agencies automate and manage their digital marketing efforts.

When it comes to link monitoring, the tool has all the features necessary to track and improve client’s backlink strategies.

It also offers more than 30 integrations with other tools often used by digital marketing experts.

This gives a very organized overview of all the client’s channels and analytics.

The tool also presents a number of different pricing options, allowing you to choose the one of your preference for a 14-day trial.

Agency Analytics Pricing

Since this tool is meant for professionals, and because it offers a complete one-stop SEO solution, Agency Analytics pricing goes from $49 to $499 per month

Depending on your needs there are different pricing models you can choose from.


Linkody is an easy-to-use and very affordable backlink tracking and monitoring tool.

What makes Linkody unique, except of its great value for money, is that it is suitable for many more sorts of professionals.

Digital marketing agencies, SEO experts, but also business owners and startups that want to improve their link monitoring efforts can use Linkody.

Daily or weekly emails notify the users about recent changes in the status of their own (or competitor’s) backlinks as well as reports on:

  1. Backlinks status
  2. New links
  3. Competitors new links

Linkody also often updates their platform, adding new features that can help you do a better job.

Overall, the features and reporting options are as good, if not better than Agency Analytics.

However, with a much lower price Linkody makes a much better option when it comes to link monitoring tools.

Linkody Pricing

When it comes to backlink monitoring capabilities, Linkody is a great choice not only for professionals but also for webmasters who want to improve their SEO game.

Not just because of its more affordable, but also because of the additional features, it offers when it comes to link building strategies.


With little differences in their design and usability, both tools offer a complete solution for backlink monitoring.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, inexpensive backlinks checker and monitoring tool, Linkody is a worthy contender.

Linkody is also cheaper and easier to use for both webmasters, businesses, and agencies.

Agency Analytics is better suited for large scale agencies that are looking for an all-in-one digital marketing software.

So, if you want to know more about how Linkody can help you to grow your SEO – here are few interesting guides:

  1. How Linkody can help in creating linkbait content
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  3. And here are all the competitor monitoring capabilities Linkody offers

Make sure you get your FREE trial of this awesome link building tool by clicking here!