Google Algorithm Updates That Destroys Rankings In 2018

Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest (and never-ending) mysteries of the marketing world. It is a concept with many theories, yet very few guarantees. To make things more complicated, the search google algorithm updates change by the day and Google is famously quiet about what exactly goes into the updates.

Hence, the list of Google Updates from 2018.

The constant job of an SEO specialist is to conduct research and make inferences as to how businesses can go about improving their rankings on the search engine results pages.

Over the past several years, Google algorithm updates have seen a fair share of changes. Many businesses and industries have taken massive hits in their rankings, leaving their SEO agencies to scramble in picking up the pieces.

2018 was certainly an interesting year in terms of updates.

While some changes had little to no impact on certain corners of the business world, others forced many to ditch their current playbook and start from square one.

For the most part, companies in Your Money Your Life industries (health, wellness, law, finance, etc.) were the ones who were forced to revamp their SEO approaches in 2018.

In this infographic, Jaykishan Panchal, SEO and Content Manager at E2M Solutions, has outlined the highlights of Google’s many algorithm changes throughout the turbulent year of 2018.

Google Algorithm Updates 2018

Some of the major changes include: The “Brackets” Core Update in early March, which put a heavy emphasis on content relevancy; the Mobile-First Index Roll-Out, which addresses the growing usage of mobile versions of websites; the Snippet Drop Length; the infamous August 1st Medic Core Update that changed the game for many YMYL organizations, and much more.

Several of these Google algorithm updates were predictable, such as the ones related to mobile search and video. Others, however, hit us completely out of the blue as we opened our emails to a slew of messages from frantic clients.

Having a firm knowledge of what these updates are and what they mean is critical in building out your strategy for 2019 and beyond.

We need to take a step back and evaluate how we can use them to influence our game plans. Check out this infographic to learn more about the key updates to Google’s search ranking algorithm throughout the past year.

google algorithm updates

I hope this list of Google Updates from 2018 helps to see what has changed and what you need to up your game.

Stay on SERPs 😉

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