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8 Ways to Automate PR – & how PR Tracker is all you need

pr trackerWorking with journalists, other agencies and creating high-quality articles can be quite demanding. If only there would be a way (or two) to automate PR and take the weight off your shoulders.

A PR Tracker one might wonder?

Drumm-roll, please!

Now there’s a PR tracker that can automate 8 of your daily tasks that took most of your time.

Keep reading & think what you will do with all the free time.

As a PR person, you might not even know what is a PR tracker (or as we call it – backlink checker) and why you should get one.

Let me break it down for you.

Why every PR person needs a PR tracker


Whenever another site, journalist or an agency mentions your page – a pr tracker crawls the web and finds the mention.

Useful, huh?

In short, a pr tracker tool can do all the heavy lifting for you and automate a lot of your hard work.

One of these tools is Linkody itself and in this post, we will review all the things this piece of software can do for a PR agent.


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How to Promote Business on Linkedin in 2019 – the untold secrets

linkedin marketing strategyKnowing how to promote business on Linkedin often involves paying huge consultancy fees with very little return.


Because LinkedIn means business.

This platform can is the modern day lead generation software that can replace most of your sales rep team.

Learning how to promote business on Linkedin is a must if your top funnel is drying up.

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